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Email from Earthfiles Viewers about Aerial Triangles,
Metal Sounds and High Strangeness

© 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe


“I see what appears to be a large whitish-grayish triangular shape
several hundred feet above us ... I could see through it- the stars were visible —
although muted somewhat through this triangle. It appeared to be enormous
as it took up about 1/4 of the night sky view above us.”

- Eyewitness northwest of El Reno, Oklahoma

“I am sure the trumpet sounds and ripping metal sounds are coming from
the supersonic jet (Aurora). ... The large triangles that move slowly and seem
to blend in with the sky are American military experimental blimps that are
outfitted with light alloy engines that are silent.”

- Military Airplane Mechanic, Baltimore, Maryland

April 8, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico - In my Earthfiles news reports and Coast to Coast AM Radio broadcast on March 27-28, 2014, I featured two eyewitnesses of unidentified aerial triangular craft. One triangle over Wyoming wilderness seemed to make a loud trumpet sound; another triangle estimated to be 200 feet long and silent appeared “translucent, see through” to a Virginia resident. The following are more reports about triangular craft, strange metallic sounds and other high strangeness from viewers and listeners beginning with another “translucent triangular craft” description northwest of El Reno, Oklahoma. See: 032814 Earthfiles.


Subject: Translucent Triangular Craft in El Reno, Oklahoma Region
Date: March 28, 2014

Red circle in upper left corner marks lake region a half-hour northwest of El Reno, Oklahoma,
where a couple and friends saw a large, triangular craft several hundred feet in altitude,
whitish-gray in color, slowly moving, and translucent so that stars were visible through it.

Hi, Linda,

After reading your Earthfiles article, I felt I had to write to you. My husband and I have had an experience with a translucent triangular craft, as well. We were at a friend's lake house about a 1/2 hour NW of El Reno, Oklahoma, at the end of August 2013, seven months ago. It was just after midnight and we were out on the deck watching for shooting stars. All of a sudden, I see what appears to be a large whitish-grayish triangular shape several hundred feet, maybe even a thousand feet, directly above us. For a minute or so, I tried adjusting my vision thinking I was just tired. I said nothing and just watched whatever this was move ever so slowly southward. A plane would not move this slowly and it was too large to think that it was any aircraft I'd ever even heard of.

I could see through it - the stars were visible — although muted somewhat through this triangle. It appeared to be enormous as it took up about 1/4 of the night sky view above us. It also had two different levels of transparency.

After that first minute passed, I said to my husband, "What the hell is that?" He quietly said, "I have no idea, I thought I was hallucinating!" My husband is a scientist, so you can understand that he needs proof to be sure of outcomes. This sighting was beyond his capacity to prove what he saw and make sense of it.

We watched the object move across the sky very slowly for another 30 seconds or so and then suddenly it took off faster what I can imagine is possible to the south and disappeared.

We went directly inside and both of us drew what we saw separately and it was exactly the same image. It appeared to be a triangle within a larger wider triangle. Both were transparent, but the inner triangle was more transparent than the outer one. It had no lights and it made absolutely no sound, not even when it took off quickly.

In the morning, we told our friend about this experience and told him that he may think we're crazy, but we both saw this. He was not shocked. He told us of a time when he was a kid about 10 or 11 (so mid-sixties) when he saw a UFO at the same location - this house had been in his family for over 60 years and they spent most weekends there while he was growing up. He had never told anyone what he saw until this moment because he didn't think anyone would believe him.

We're sure of what we saw. We're not sure why we saw it or if we will see it again, but we continue to watch the skies with the hopes of seeing something again.


Subject: Skyward grinding noises
Date: March 28, 2014

I heard your C2C show the other nite and your request for reports on
metallic or strange grinding noises from above.

I'm +60-yrs-old and a suburban Chicago area resident my whole life. I
live in the Southwest suburbs around the area of I-294 & I-88, but not
physically close to those highways. I am fully aware of jet
aircraft (OHare & Midway Airports) trains, trucks, etc. and this was not any of
those, nor frost quakes (which I have never heard around here in my long
lifetime here).

It was Valentine's Day morning, February 14, 2014, at 2:30 AM. Both my wife and I were up and it was dead quiet outside, the usual for our very quiet suburb
neighborhood. It was a cold dry nite, overcast, no fresh snow with just a moderate breeze.

The sound we heard was like a snowplow scraping on a dry asphalt street.
The pitch was a bit higher though, as if it were a plastic blade instead of
steel. There were a dozen or so of these noises, each lasting 5-10
seconds, spaced maybe 10-15 seconds apart, but not rhythmic. I sat up
in bed and moved my head around to try to find the direction of the noises and
they were sequentially moving from one side of the house to the other.
East to west it seemed trending northward.

I was able to get outside in the driveway for the last two sound
sequences and the final accurate direction was a movement to the
northwest. But what threw me was the noise source — it was definitely
from above
not ground level, perhaps 30-45 degrees from horizon and
getting fainter. It was overcast and I have no visual on the source of the noise as it
was above the clouds.

At that time of the morning, I saw no other lights on nor did I see
anyone outside to 'check it out', and again it was dead quiet out there.

I am an Earthfiles member and I have enjoyed you 'forever', keep up the
fine work.


Subject: American-Made Experimental Aircraft
Date: March 28, 2014

I'm a military airplane mechanic and have worked at some top secret bases in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Back in 1993, I was privileged to see some very interesting pictures of an experimental jet that was being developed to replace the SR 71 spy plane.This experimental vehicle looked almost completely round with two jet engines that sat on top of the craft. Pictures from the bottom made it look like a saucer-shape because the engines were not visible.

Later on around 1999, I was on a job in the Adelphi, Md. area. I had to respond to an emergency at the base offices due to a water leak. I was allowed access to the area in which development and testing took place.
In the one office I had to go in, there was a picture on the wall of a jet that
looked like a large triangle. Again the engines were on top of this
jet. The officer that allowed me in this office told me that this was
the fastest jet that was in testing phase. He told me then that this
thing could reach speeds of 4,500 miles per hour.

Since that time, I have been on many other jobs that deal with the Dept. of Defense. Many different people I have talked to about this triangle jet have verified that it does exist and is all our own American technology. I am sure the trumpet sounds and ripping metal sounds are coming from the supersonic jet (Aurora). It uses a pulse wave detonation engine that would cause these strange sounds and deep vibrations. This is what most people see and hear when they spot a fast, black, aerial triangle shape.The large triangles that move slowly and seem to blend in with the sky are American military experimental blimps that are outfitted with light alloy engines that are silent. They use sophisticated cameras and a screen to show what is above them or on their underside.You should do more research on these items to let more people know what our technology is capable of.


Subject: Slow Triangle Visible in Night Vision Goggles by Police Officer
Date: March 28, 2014

I believe it was summer 2010. I am a police officer and have access to night vision goggles which I used to observed the sky that night and immediately saw several shooting stars that you could not see with the naked eye. A few minutes into watching this, I saw a large chevron shape approaching from the south traveling north directly above State Route 356 in southern Butler County.

The chevron shape was moving extremely slowly and when I lowered the night vision, it was invisible. Holding my arm out at a 45-degree angle and extending my thumb and pinky, the chevron was approximately 9 inches as the size of the craft from my perspective. Unknown how high this craft was, but it did not make a sound. I could have attempted to hit it with a laser from my tazer, which would have given me an idea, but I never thought of it at the time. I could have called my Police Control Center to ask why I had an aircraft with no lights and if they could check to see if there was a radar hit for this aircraft from the airport. But I didn't think of that either at the time. The chevron traveled due north right above 356 until I lost sight of it.


Subject: Triangular UFO Over Phoenix, Arizona On November 2, 2012
Date: March 28, 2014

First I would like to thank you for your research and information on UFOs over the span of your career. It is done with a serious and scholarly fashion that gives credibility to a topic many still believe is simply science fiction. Something which I have witnessed first hand.

I just happened to catch your interview last night on Coast to Coast am. I was fascinated with the story told about the gentleman in Reston VA who had seen a translucent triangle shape fly over him. You see, I too, saw something described in much the same way.

Here is my story...
On Nov 2, 2012, at about 6:15 PM, I had decided to take my dogs out for their evening walk. I live in a neighborhood which is located right in the middle of Phoenix AZ in central
downtown. In fact, I live just 2 miles directly north of Sky Harbor Int. airport. We are known as an irrigated neighborhood, which means we irrigate regularly which unlike other ares of Phoenix and its suburbs, we have large old trees and much more vegetation. I bring this up because it was through the trees that I first spotted what I saw.

As I was walking north with my three dogs on my street, 25th Place, I was just about to reach my property on the west side of the road when I suddenly saw what looked like a fleet of helicopters coming towards me from the east flying low in the sky. In fact I could clearly hear the sound of a helicopter. There was no mistake in that.

I turned to look and was seeing through the trees bright spotlights aimed right in my direction. Now, because I'm just north of the airport and am fascinated with aviation, I always find myself plane spotting out on these walks in the evening as well as the occasional meteor. This, however, became evidently more than just that very quickly.
I started to pull my dogs ahead so I could see more clearly these helicopters beyond the tree
line in a clearing-approximately 50 ft. This is when I realized I wasn't looking at
helicopters. What I was seeing at first was a horizontal line of three very bright lights moving my direction, which from my perspective, looked like it was a couple hundred feet up and and few blocks away. The lights were bright in the way a stadium
light would be. Within almost an instant they turned upwards which showed me they where actually at three points or at the three corners of something triangular. Then I noticed a helicopter flying directly to its right moving towards or along with it.

As it it bounded upwards in my view it seemed to turn due north before it flew over
me. This all occurred within about 30 seconds. But in that time it was when I realized it
wasn't a group of helicopters, but something else that I stood in the middle of my street frozen. I literally couldn't comprehend what I had just seen. It was as though I went into momentary shock. As I snapped out of it, I continued to watch it fly due north towards what is known as Squaw Peak, a mountain reserve in the middle of town about 5 miles north of me. I watched it continue on until I could no longer make it out.

My wife had just driven up as well and saw it from a tail end perspective miles away. What struck me odd later was that at no time did I think to run in my house, which was just
feet away to grab my camera or phone or whatever to record it. Never crossed my mind. I
just seemed locked on it when it was happening. This was Friday, which left me in a fog all weekend wondering what I had seen until suddenly on Sunday evening I realized I should check for other witness accounts somewhere online. I simply googled and quickly learned there were others who saw it.

I first read a MUFON report that described a man with his wife up north coming down Highway 51 southbound seeing it as it came over the mountain I witnessed it fly behind. They where seeing it from the opposite perspective. Interestingly enough, he too described it as what he first thought was a group of helicopters. He pulled over and watched it from the side of the road. Then, I saw a report which included video shot with an iPhone by Lisa Davis. The quality was not very good, but if you knew what you were looking at it made sense. She then noted that another person had filmed it further up in north Phoenix. His video was much more clear and is on YouTube.

If you notice right behind the three lights there is a blinking light. This was the helicopter

And the first video by Lisa:

For two years now, this has played out on my brain over and over again. I have studied other sightings, but none have struck me the way your story did with its similarities to mine. I know what I saw and it was amazing. Thank you for your time and continuous journey in your efforts to report what's out there.


Subject: Water Vision Like Lady in North Carolina Described To You
Date: March 28, 2014

See: 032814 Earthfiles for original report with mp3 audio.


I am in Bedford, Texas. Near Fort Worth. I was listening to you on Coast to Coast AM this morning at work, via the podcast.When you talked to the lady who talked about visions of water across the planet after her experience with a triangular craft, I stopped everything I was doing at work and came to the computer to send you this email.

I have had visions of the same thing. The most vivid vision came in the form of a dream. In the dream, my girlfriend and I were wandering the U.S. searching for food and work. We were avoiding the implants needed to acquire work — like RFID chips. So for us, finding work was extremely difficult. We came up on a factory. I told my girlfriend to hide by some bushes and wait for me. I was going to go into the factory to try to find some work. I left her my other handgun just in case.

As I reached the entrance of the factory, a large garage door like opening, I saw soldiers inside wearing full body armor and carrying assault rifles, they were wearing all black. I froze, thinking I need to find a way out of here quick. They noticed me and demanded to scan my wrist to verify I was allowed to be there. I ran back towards my girlfriend's position, when the soldier's began shooting at me. I took cover behind some pallets of boxes. My back to the boxes, looking at my girlfriend yelling at her to run away, I looked to my left towards the horizon. This is where the water in my vision came. In my flood dream, I cant exactly recall where I was, except that we had been travelling on foot for many miles away from our home area.

Towards the horizon, it looked like a giant wave was coming. It was crashing everything in sight. The soldiers noticed it coming, too, and ran back into the factory and began shutting all the doors. I ran to my girlfriend and we huddled together waiting and watching the water get closer. As the giant, horizon long wave hit, I awoke from my dream in a cold sweat.

My girlfriend in the dream was my ex-girlfriend from High School. I had this dream when I was 30. I'm now 32 years old. I called her and told her about the dream. She told me she has had similar dreams of apocalyptic events with me in the dream as well.

This might sound strange, but I had a dream the night before the flood dream and one after. They seemed to connect. The night prior, I was playing drums in a big concert and in the distant horizon, saucer like crafts began decending from the sky.

They were everywhere. All these beams started to come out of them towards the ground. People started to be pulled up into the craft, as in levitated. I think that part of the dream was possibly a result of Hollywood movies I've seen leaving an impression.

Well, the next night was when I had the flood dream. My memory of the beginning of that dream was waking up to a phone call from my girlfriend. She was crying. Everyone was gone, vanished. She said she thought the rapture had happened and she got.left behind. In the dream, I remembered the dream from the night before as though I had lived it. I told her what happened at the concert. I told her not worry, that I'd pick her up and I wouldnt let anything happen to her. Then the dream jumped forward to the factory where I told her to hide by the bushes.

That location was hilly in the far distance at the horizon, area was field like. Here in Texas we have a lot of small rolling hills of just grass. Seemed like the factory was out in the country. Possibly West of Fort Worth.

The date of the most recent was back when I was 30. The night after the flood dream I dreamt I was in a huge war. It was like I fell asleep and instantly was in a soldier's bidy seeing a war through his eyes. Stacked up on a wall with other soldiers getting ready to cross a street. Explosions and fire everywhere. Dream didnt last long at all. I woke up right away in a cold sweat.

I have had other dreams of apocalyptic type scenarios, but none I could vividly remember like those three.

I think I may be an abductee. The reason I say that is for the past several years, I wake up with occasional red puncture marks on my right wrist. Like mosquito bites, but it's always just one. I've looked at them under my microscope at work, and they usually appear to have a triangular insertion mark at the center of the welt.

I have also recently experienced something quite odd. I had a feeling one night, recently, to go check out my back window/door. I live in a second floor apartment. I got up out of bed, went to the back window, pulled back the curtain, and there were two giant owls sitting on the railing of my patio. I stood there frozen or shocked for what seemed like a few seconds, both owls were starring at me. I shut the curtain and went straight back to bed. As I lay in bed, I had this overwhelming feeling like someone was going to walk in my bedroom door at any moment. I kept looking towards the door expecting it. Then I dozed off to sleep and awoke the next morning with a fresh bite or red mark on my right wrist.

When I think of those two owls, my mind goes back to when my grandpa would tell me stories of alien encounters. Most specific thing I remember him telling me was to never peek out the windows at night because they might be there. He'd tell me they could see through the blinds even if they were shut. And to never think about them or they'll know you are thinking of them and then they will come.

He always talked about doctors always wanting to give him shots, injections, and he'd always fight them. I always figured it was him being him at an actual doctor's office. But looking back, I wonder if his memories were a sort of screen memory of something else that had happened to him, like being abducted by aliens. I prefer to remain anonymous.

Also see:

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For further information about triangular craft, strange sounds and other mysteries, please see reports below from the Earthfiles Archive. Also, please see my books: An Alien Harvest, the 2-volume Glimpses of Other Realities and my documentaries A Strange Harvest and Strange Harvests 1993 now available in DVD format in the Earthfiles Shop.

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