Mystery Boom Heard in Parts of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine on Sunday, October 10th, 2021.

“A loud boom today was heard across multiple counties, causing homes and buildings to shake. But the source is unknown. It caused such a stir, the U.S. Government reported they were NOT responsible for the boom.”

— Mike P., Barnstead, New Hampshire, October 10, 2021

“I was in the basement and it sounded like (my wife) Cindy dropped something on the floor, or she fell and dropped what she was carrying. So a thud followed by a slight metal-like crash noise. About 2 seconds of noise. When I came upstairs to check on her, she thought I dropped something in the basement. Cindy also told me she felt a vibration that I did not probably because I was in the basement.”

— Daniel and Cindy Howland, residents of Manchester, Massachusetts, in email to, Oct. 10, 2021Click for report.

Former USAF Officers Have Evidence of UFOs Tampering with Nuclear Weapons and Want Public Congressional Hearings.


“Strategic Air Command Headquarters described the ECHO-Flight incident at Malmstrom AFB as: loss of strategic alert of all ten missiles within ten seconds of each other for no apparent reason and …a cause for grave concern…(to SAC headquarters).”

— Excerpt from a previously declassified Strategic Air Command message, March 16, 1967

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20 ICBMs at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 and 50 ICBMs at Warren AFB in 2010 Powered Down by UFOs

All ten missiles in ECHO Flight at Malmstrom lost strat alert within ten seconds of each other. … The fact that no apparent reason for the loss of ten missiles can be readily identified is cause for grave concern to this headquarters.”

– Strategic Air Command to Hill AFB, March 17, 1967

“We’ve never had something as big as this happen … we’ve never lost complete command and control and functionality of 50 ICBMs.”

– Military officer briefed on October 23, 2010

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La Palma Airport Closes September 25th As Volcano Cone Collapses and Eruptions and New Cracks Intensify.

“The volcano has spewed out thousands of tons of lava, destroyed hundreds of houses, forced the evacuation of nearly 6,000 people  from the island of 83,000 residents since it began erupting Sunday, September 18, 2021 … and the La Palma Airport has been closed down due to ash accumulation on runways.”

— Reuters, September 25, 2021

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“99% of Military UFO Sightings Are Never Divulged to the Public,” Ret. U. S. Navy Commander, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

“F-14 pilots were not used to any other craft outrunning them, let alone (a UFO) moving at what appeared to be light speed.”

— Former 1970s U. S. Navy Commander, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)


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Eerie Animal Mutilation Again in Oregon – the 12th Since 2017 and Even More Since 1990.

  “On August 14th 2021, the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office in Oregon confirmed that a bull owned by Michiel Brown of Greenbar Ranch, had been killed and mutilated on his private property. The mutilation occurred on the night of August 11 to 12, 2021.”

—  Wheeler County Sheriff's Office press release, Fossil, Oregon, August 18, 2021


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