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Part 3 Fraud Leak Update: Professional Government Analysts Say Alleged DIA
Document “Is Not Real, But Some Content Might Be Factual.”

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— “I have briefed the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research,
Development, and Acquisition, and I can say with certainty that what
I've seen of this alleged 'Ultra Top Secret' memo, it would be considered the shoddiest
of work and never allowed to get anywhere near the Director of the CIA, DIA or NSA.”

— “But it is certain that our radar sensors are picking up the alien Visitors
routinely on a regular basis. ... the Visitors have to come fully into this world
so they can do things and interact with us. Those are the times they become quite
visible. And that is when the military sees the aliens trying to take a genetic sample
of something or sucking water out of a lake. Then the UFOs show up on radar and the military routinely dispatches jets and helicopters to go see what They are doing.”

- Peter Capwell Thomas, retired U. S. Navy NT 5,
accoustic and operations analyst for 26 years

Peter Capwell Thomas's retirement plaque of U. S. Navy service
from February 1985 to October 2012, with the Naval Surface
Warfare Center in Carderock, Maryland. Image from Peter Thomas.


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June 18, 2017 Albuquerque, New Mexico - On June 16, I received the following email from Peter Capwell Thomas, 61, from Waterford, Virginia. He was a U. S. Navy NT 5 accoustic and operations analyst who retired October 2012, after a 26-year career for the Navy. Every day he had to research the Navy's Classification Guidelines book, which was itself classified. Peter had to properly process subjects related to robotics, underwater technologies, and other evolving advanced technologies and had to reference how those subjects needed to be used as Classified, Secret and Top Secret documents. Because of unofficial conversations about UFOs and E. T.s, he has done a lot of research about the phenomenon.

Peter Capwell Thomas standing on the back of a test boat in front of a destroyer in 1997.


Peter Thomas's Professional Assessment
of the Leaked and Alleged Defense
Intelligence Agency 1989 Document
About UFOs and E.T.s

From: Peter Thomas
To: Linda Moulton Howe <>
Re: Heather Wade-Leaked Document Appraisal
Date: June 16, 2017


I worked for the Navy at a SECRET level, not the DIA, but the classification markings don't make sense in a general way. In a properly marked document, every paragraph begins with a letter denoting the highest classification of the material in that paragraph, like (S-NF,) which means Secret-No Foreigner can read or (TS, Top Secret). Every page is carefully marked top and bottom with the highest classification of the document as a whole and each page is clearly numbered (e.g. 2 of 5). That includes blank pages which are typically marked "This page intentionally blank." Also, I have never seen the word "classified" used in any document (like this fake alleged DIA document from Heather Wade that has "classified" stamped in the author section on Page 2. It has no meaning and there is no reason, for example, the authors should not be named. The briefer always has to know who wrote the materials so that he can get answers to questions that might arise in the brief. Also, if this doc is the sole copy ("read and destroy") why did they spend time talking about how other agencies might mark it? And for that matter as far as I can tell, the Navy would not have used the markings indicated. I've never seen "read-and-destroy" on any classified document I ever handled because generally no one has permission to destroy documents!

Cover Page = “Ludicrous and amateurish” fake.

See Websites at end of this report for hot link to original "leaked DIA document."

Other oddities: In 1989, William Webster was already CIA Director, so in theory he was briefing someone higher. But that was not a Presidential election year, so who was he briefing?

Also the claim that no vehicles were retrieved after 1957 is just not right. The Kecksburg, PA crash in 1965 is just one good example. And of course, exclamation marks on Page 5 at the bottom left after "WHITE HOUSE!!" are just plain silly.

Further, the appearance of a very badly copied fax or other original is a technique that has been used so many times by hoaxers that I consider it evidence of a ruse.

Finally, the pages you have reprinted so far from Heather Wade's link to the website where she placed the alleged DIA document from her two male sources on June 13, 2017, would never pass the scrutiny of the Chain of Command. I have briefed the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition and I can say with certainty that what I've seen of this alleged "Ultra Top Secret" memo, it would be considered the shoddiest of work and never allowed to get anywhere near the Director of the CIA, DIA or NSA.



Peter Thomas Shows Alleged Leaked DIA Document to Currently Active Counterintelligence Analyst

From: Peter Thomas
To: Linda Moulton Howe <>
Re: Allegedly Leaked Heather Wade Doc Appraisal
Date: June 17, 2017


I have talked at length with my friend (active counterintelligence). He went through the complete document and we compared notes. It is his strong belief that the document in its current form is not original, meaning that without having any opinion on the contents, the DIA would never have produced a document in this form. He, like me, found that the markings violate all marking protocols and some are ludicrous.

He also says that no briefing doc so poorly written and organized would ever be written, would ever pass muster, and certainly would never reach a CIA director. My friend does not dismiss the possibility of ET, so he did not base his judgement on the contents. In fact, he was knowledgeable from open sources of much of the material in the doc. He was, however, amused by the purported interview with the EBE.

We talked a bit about whether the doc was deliberately designed by whomever to get the information into the public, yet be constructed in a way that it could be ultimately discredited (e.g. wrong markings)? My counterintelligence friend thought it was too amateurishly done to have been the work of a disinformation operation.

In my view, I think the only way to get further along is to talk with ET, but since they are not all particularly friendly it would be a crap shoot on which one might show up and the consequences could be ugly. Most very close encounters don't end all that well for the humans. And the thing that really bends the mind is: Would ET tell you the truth?


“Our Government Is All Over
the UFO/E.T. Phenomena”

Interview with Peter Thomas: “The military has been chasing these alien guys around the skies since World War II. They've gotten a little bit smarter about it in the last thirty years and I am certain that these alien 'Visitors' show up on our sensors because you know we have radars all over the world, sensors of many different sorts that do nothing but snoop on our enemies. It is certain that our radar sensors are picking up the alien Visitors routinely on a regular basis, maybe as many as 1,000 targets a day. And the military would never ignore something like that.


That 1000 number is from my own research. Because I'm a statistics guy, I went into the data bases and tried to do some math on the UFO reportage. It's sort of like actuarial tables, but with UFO sighting reports. You can construct a perfectly valid, solid mathematical approach to how many of these Guys are out there. X% of people will have a sighting and report it. And there can be a thousand sightings a day of UFOs worldwide.


The little craft that people see are not coming from Alpha Centauri. They are being dropped off by very large craft parked somewhere in our solar system. The analogy is like Navy aircraft carriers at sea with lots of planes onboard that are launched with missions.


'Since the huge interstellar (between stars) craft cannot approach the powerful gravity and magnetic fields of the stars from which they draw their power, they are placed into a 'parking orbit' far outside the planetary family (solar system) of any star they approach. This may be millions of miles from the world the EBEs wish to visit. Smaller craft, often but not always disc-shaped, are used to travel the distances remaining.'

Yeah, if they are out there, NASA would be looking at them. But there is plenty of data for ships that are on the order of a mile long showing up around Earth. Let's call them Motherships. They are smaller than the huge interstellar craft mentioned in the leaked document, but still quite substantial craft and twice as big as the largest maritime vessel on our planet. When you do the math, the mile-long-craft can only carry a couple hundred scout craft to do work on this planet.

When the Visitors want to do something active to our planet, they have to be completely here to do it. So they have to sort of turn off those cloaking devices to achieve certain goals. A very common characteristic of human abduction stories is that almost all of them see some sort of bright light before they black out. And that is the Visitors have to come fully into this world so they can do things and interact with us. Those are the times they become quite visible. And that is when the military sees the aliens trying to take a genetic sample of something or suck water out of a lake. Then the UFOs show up on radar and the military routinely dispatches jets and helicopters to go see what they are doing. That's why you hear of so many reports of a UFO going overhead and then it's followed by a military jet following the UFO around.


Because the truth will be so confusing. And it's not even clear that the government really knows the whole truth. So all they can say — and this would be a really hard position to be in is: 'There are dozens of races of superior beings that we have no defense against doing stuff we don't know what they are doing. And yet we cooperate with some of them on some sort of weird trading level and that's really all we've got to tell you.'”


Example of What Might Be Some Actual
Historic Scientific Analysis Embedded
in the Fraudulent Leaked Document

This leaked document paragraph says the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) worked with MJ-12 agents at a March 25, 1948, silver disk crash or landing site in Hart Canyon near Aztec, New Mexico.

“This section of the saucer hull which contained both upper and lower deck cabins were joined along microscopic lines by ----- of electromagnetic locking section engineered into their molecular structure. When Dr. (Vannevar) Bush and a team of military engineers found several interlocking bay-like devices in a cabinet built into the wall, Dr. (Carl) Helland determined that those could be used to dismantle the craft into sections. At the joints, the operator of the keys, which linked together for different sized tasks, simply passed the tool over the seem. The device, which looked like a tuning fork and had each tine magnetized with opposite polarity, unlocked the joint when passed over it in one direction and rejoined the sections when it was drawn in the other direction. Even after disassembly and prolonged storage, the separate sections of this craft still maintain their power and operating capabilities to this day. All attempts to alter the magnetic fields that connect sections of the craft, performed with the use of powerful electromagnets under exacting laboratory conditions, have failed to change the degree of the interlocking effect. Also, kinetic force (repeated blows) has failed to alter molecular magnetic alignment according to crystal holographic imaging tests recently conducted (in 1989).”

This excerpt is on Page C-7 [sequential Page 26 of 47-pages] TOP SECRET EYES ONLY
document that Heather Wade at Midnight in the Desert radio says was sent to her on
June 13, 2017, from 2 alleged retired military sources she knows.

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