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Part 4: George Joannides: CIA Psychological Warfare Expert

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe


— “There was a Washington Post reporter named Jefferson Morley,
who found records that were related to the Cuban Directorio Revolucionario
(DRE), and he realized that George Joannides (CIA psychological
warfare expert) was funding them!”

- Daniel Liszt, Producer and Host, Dark Journalist

— “There is a body of documents (about George Joannides) that the CIA
is still protecting, which should be released to the public" because independent
researchers find links between Joannides and the JFK assassination.

- The Boston Globe, 2013

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November 22, 2017 Cambridge, Massachusetts - The CIA and FBI have withheld not only all the Jim Garrison documents and photographs from his JFK assassination investigation, they still don't want to open up the files of another CIA agent who began working for the agency in 1952 and by 1963 was active in New Orleans where he had a house that summer when Lee Harvey Oswald was living there and working for Guy Bannister. That CIA agent's name is George Joannides and he was using CIA money to fund the Cuban student group known as DRE.

George Joannides (July 5, 1922 - March 9, 1990), joined the CIA in 1952 and by 1963,
he was the Chief of the Psychological Warfare branch of the Agency's JM/WAVE
station in Miami working on covert operations against Cuba and Castro. Later in 1978,
he was the CIA liaison to the United States House Select Committee On Assassinations.

Everything Joannides was doing that summer of 1963 was as Chief of the CIA's Psychological Warfare branch and the CIA station in Miami known as JM/WAVE. Located south of Miami in 1500 acres of thick woods, there were many buildings that were said to belong to Zenith Technological Enterprises.

 JM/WAVE  was the codename for a major secret United States covert operations and intelligence gathering station operated by the CIA from 1961 until 1968. It was headquartered in Building 25 on the South Campus of the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. The intelligence facility was also referred to as the CIA's "Miami Station" or "Wave Station".

After the April 1961 Bay of Pigs disaster, President John F. Kennedy created a committee called SGA to continue efforts to overthrow Castro's government. The SGA was chaired by JFK's brother Robert F. Kennedy, who was then U. S. Attorney General. Others in the SGA were John McCone who became CIA Director after President Kennedy fired Allen Dulles. Others involved were  McGeorge Bundy, National Security Adviser, General Lyman Lemnitzer from the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Maxwell Taylor. Although not officially members, Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense  Robert S. McNamara  also attending meetings.

The goal was to develop a successful covert action program for sabotage and subversion against Cuba, which they all decided to call Operation Mongoose. By the spring of 1962, JM/WAVE employed more than 200 CIA officers that were running more than two thousand Cuban agents. And all of it was run by the mysterious George Joannides in collaboration with General Edward Lansdale who had served U.S. intelligence operations for two decades beginning with the OSS during World War II.

And Joannides ended up in 1978 serving as the CIA's liaison to the United States House Select Committee On Assassinations.

In 2013, the Boston Globe wrote: “There is a body of documents (about George Joannides) that the CIA is still protecting, which should be released to the public” because independent researchers find links between Joannides and the JFK assassination.



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Producer and host, Dark

Daniel Liszt, Producer and Host, Dark Journalist website and 2014 documentary Agent Oswald: The CIA Patsy: “Well, George Joannides is a fascinating character. He was a CIA officer in charge of psychological warfare. And he was active in 1963 in New Orleans and actually had a house there during the summer of 1963 when Lee Harvey Oswald was living there and working for Guy Bannister. And Joannides was funding a group called the DRE.

[ Editor's Note:  Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE, or Student Revolutionary Directorate.) DRE was a Cuban student group, which was in opposition to Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista from 1954 to 1957 and played a role in the Cuban Revolution, which came to power in 1959. In 1960, the Directorio was relaunched in opposition to Fidel Castro and moved its base to the United States, where it soon developed links with the Central Intelligence Agency. In August 1962 it carried out an attack on a beachfront Havana hotel. As of 1963 it was the largest anti-Castro student group in Miami; it also had a chapter in New Orleans, where it had contact with Lee Harvey Oswald in mid-1963. Immediately after the 22 November 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy, it launched a campaign asserting that Lee Harvey Oswald had been acting on behalf of the Cuban government. The group lost its CIA support in December 1966.]

They were an anti-Castro, right-wing group, and this is the same group that Lee Harvey Oswald had the fight with that made the news and eventually got him on TV where they were portraying him as a Communist and having him talking about his Marxist principles and all the rest. In other words, it looks like it was a staged incident.

But Joannides role wasn't known. And what happened —  there was a Washington Post reporter named Jefferson Morley, who found records that were related to the DRE, and he realized that George Joannides (CIA psychological warfare expert) was funding them!

Then he started to look into Joannides role, and he found out a great deal about him. But the CIA wanted to keep all of his records out of the public view. And so Morley, along with a number of other journalists contributed to this court case to get those records released, and those records are actually separate from the JFK records release. These records are kept separately.

Joannides turns up again in the late 1970s as the liaison between the congressional committee and the CIA. Now this was a very important role, and when the congressional committee set it up, they said, “We need somebody who was not active in 1963 and had no connection to Oswald or the JFK case in any way.”

And the CIA said, “Great. Here's Joannides.”

Well, when this research was done by this former Washington Post reporter on Joannides, they found he was totally active in 1963!

Joannides was creating kind of a psychological warfare operation around the DRE against Oswald. As a matter of fact, the CIA was funding the DRE. And when Oswald got arrested for shooting Officer Tippit, and was accused of assassinating the president, the DRE posted a full-page ad saying that Oswald was guilty and he's a left-winger and all that. So there's a real propaganda trick going on there.

But Joannides is very fascinating for me because not only did they keep his records sealed, but his expertise in psychological warfare is really something we need to look at to understand the Oswald that was being built up there in the summer before the assassination, which is crucial, in New Orleans as this kind of left-wing guy who was ultra-Communist and ultra-Marxist and pro-Castro and all the rest of it. When in actual fact, the trail of Oswald in 1963 in the summer goes back to working for Guy Bannister, who was a right-wing, anti-Castro infiltrator of student groups. So, that doesn't add up.

Obviously, they needed to portray Oswald in anticipation of using him as the patsy in the JFK assassination as this radical, left-wing Communist.


Navy Admiral Bobby Inman Presented
Joannides Career Achievement Commendation

Now, one other thing about Joannides is that I found a picture that I put in my latest broadcast of Joannides getting a career achievement commendation from Admiral Bobby Inman.

L-R: George Joannides, CIA Psychological Warfare Chief, received a career achievement
commendation from Admiral Bobby Inman. Date, location and photo source unknown.

And Bobby Inman, as we know, very closely associated with strange attempts to get the alien word out talking about alien crashes and things like that. He was the former Deputy CIA Director under Ronald Reagan in 1981. And that's when that picture was taken. So, again, around Oswald, around the JFK assassination, we have this weird insertion of this UFO character, these people who know about UFOs or talk about UFOs in an intelligence capacity. And we have not heard the end of the Joannides story because all the files around Joannides are kept under national security, and there's still a major court case pending in D.C. to get those files.

By whom?

The court case is undertaken by Jefferson Morley, who is the former Washington Post reporter and other people who contributed to that case: professor Peter Dale Scott at UC Berkeley, and also David Talbot, who's the former editor at Salon, who wrote the book, The Devil's Chessboard, which was a major expose biography on Allen Dulles, which basically fingers him for the JFK assassination.

Is there any information that links Oswald from his being in the Civil Air Patrol and can track his life from Civil Air Patrol perhaps right into the CIA?

Well, there's a lot of obfuscation around the Oswald background. That's the first thing you have to know. Oswald will show up in two places simultaneously. It's well-known that there were Oswald impersonators here in America when he is in the Soviet Union. Even J. Edgar Hoover in 1960 wrote this memo three years before the assassination saying someone was using Oswald's identity. So he's a very interesting player, Oswald, because he seems to be set up from the very beginning to have conflicting stories in his background.

As a matter of fact, it looks like he was attending two junior high schools in two totally different cities at the same time. There's a remarkable obfuscation of his past. His Marine records show him to be 5' 9". And then his dead body was 5' 11". So we have a lot of skirmishes with the facts around Oswald.

And I think the most important and strangest one came from someone who was the funeral director where Oswald was killed, and he performed the autopsy on Oswald. He says that at some point, agents came and they spent time. They said they needed to work with the body on their own. And when they came out, they made some unusual references to each other about not knowing exactly who that person was lying there.

So there's a great mystery about Oswald and his background and the kind of double-life that he had. But I would say that he was set up from the beginning. If you look at someone at the age of 15 entering the Civil Air Patrol and the kind of influence that military and intelligence people can have on them, if they've identified them as having specific qualities that would be valuable for intelligence, in Oswald's case, he was a very cool customer. Even when he's being arrested for the assassination, he keeps a very cool demeanor.

And he said he was a patsy.

Yes. Well, here's this guy who's not very well educated, and he comes from a kind of a poor background, but he knows Russian incredibly well. So much so that when he meets Marina Oswald in Russia, she thinks he's a Russian because his Russian is so good.

He must have learned that in some CIA school.

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, Garrison looked into that in the Warren Commission, and they had someone from Oswald's Marine unit who was in a leadership position, and he said, “Oh, yeah. Oswald was trained in the Russian language.” That started to get to Garrison because he said, “Well, we don't train privates in Russian language unless they're used for intelligence.” So he instantly started to get alarm bells going off.

There must be incriminating files that tie either the CIA to the JFK assassination directly — or tie the CIA to extraterrestrial investigations that JFK wanted to do and that the head of the CIA and MJ-1 said was impossible to release.

Well, I think that you're right in this sense. Their original request was to have it released in 2038! Now, think about that. That's another 21 years! Why would you need to hold back those records for 21 years?

That's not a transparent society, and it's certainly not accountable. So without transparency and accountability, they're acting above the law. And so that kind of thing in a democratic republic is a real problem because if you have people operating outside of the law, then you're not living in the country that you think you're living in. The secrets of the Deep State that are contained within the JFK files, I think would put some of the puzzle pieces together, and they don't want that.

And Allen Dulles wanted JFK eliminated.

There's no question. Dulles objected to Kennedy's policies. And I think that they would have tolerated that, but I think once he got into the UFO file, that was it because the UFO file is such a sensitive area, and that knowledge of the advanced technology and what Caddy said Hunt told him about “the alien presence,” that tells us that it's at such a secrecy level that it's above what the Manhattan Project was when it came out.

It does not excuse the abuse of the democracy taking out the President of the United States.

Yes, and the fact that President Kennedy was executed in broad daylight on a public street also says that they wanted this to be a warning. A graphic display of their aggression. And ...


Yes. And when we look at what's happened to America since, there's been a big drift away from our original ideals. The world that they created was a very different one than what President Kennedy had envisioned. And I think Kennedy's idealism is still an echo back there. But there's an unsolved crime. And there's an untold story. And we need to get to the bottom of that story now because it seems like more than ever, we're in need of a course correction, and that just might be the kind of catalyst.

Burying the secret — as we know, buried secrets tend to fester— and they tend to cause problems. With our country, we have the ability, the possibility, of turning things around. But we need the truth, and I think the best place to start with that is opening up the JFK files.”

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