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Blast of Light, Huge Boom and Ground Shaking
“Over Thousands of Miles in Russia”

© 2018 by Linda Moulton Howe


— “We saw this while driving. There was a vibration and the sound of explosion
in the sky, awesome! What was it? A meteor, a rocket from space, UFO, North Korea?”

- Artyom Russkikh, Eyewitness, The Siberian Times, Jan. 8, 2018

— “I saw the flash in Menzelinsk. There was also the sound
of an explosion and then a vibration. I felt it.”

- Ilnaz Shaykhraziev, eyewitness in Menzelinsk, Russia, The Siberian Times, Jan. 8, 2018


January 9, 2018 Bashkortostan, Udmurtia and Tatarstan, Russia - A few minutes after midnight on Sunday, January 7, 2018, according to the video timestamp, an “explosion of light” with a loud boom sound was caught on security cameras at the same time that the ground shook “over thousands of miles in Russia.” The geographic focus with the most intensity seemed to be in the region of Bashkortostan, Udmurtia and Tatarstan marked by the three red circles on the maps below.

The far left red circle on the red bordered region is Tatarstan. The upper red circle is Udmurtia.
The third far right red circle is Bashkortostan. The three regions are in the Russian Ural Mountains.


Some people were afraid it was a nuclear strike against North Korea by the United States. But the U. K. Mail reported that “Russian officials and scientists immediately denied that there had been a Russian missile test or any reported space rock crashing to Earth.”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin also denied that there were any military tests that could have caused a bright, sky-filling light flash, boom and ground shaking over such a large area.

Others worried that it was a UFO coming in from outer space or a meteor exploding in the atmosphere, as happened in Chelyabinsk, Russia, when a 20-meter-diameter large bolide entered the Earth's atmosphere on February 15, 2013, with the speed of about 40,000 mph, over the southern Ural region and exploded in the air with a bright flash of light. Scientists said that was the largest known natural object to enter the Earth's atmosphere since the 1918 Tunguska event, which destroyed a large forested area of Siberia. In Chelyabinsk in February 2013, some 1,500 people were injured, but no one was killed.

The Daily Mail and The Siberian Times reported that astronomers from Kazan Federal University in Tatarstan concluded that the loud boom sound with the bright flash of light meant it was a large bolide that burned up in the atmosphere. The scientists said that the bright light flash did not register on their instruments because “there was a strong blizzard on the early morning of January 7, 2018.”

Here Is Video Compilation of Light Flashes
Seen On Security and Other Cameras

Video compilation of bright, sky-filling light soon after midnight local Russian time on
Sunday, January 7, 2018, according to video timestamp, by The Siberian Times.

If any viewers in Russia or elsewhere have more information about this mysterious sky-filling light and boom and ground-shaking over a vast region, please email: [email protected]  All requests for anonymity are honored.

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“Mysterious bright flash and 'ground-shaking explosion' over Russia sparks fears of a U.S. missile strike on North Korea,” January 9, 2018, The Daily Mail:

Chelyabinsk, Siberia, Meteor: 

"What is causing the mysterious 'booms' heard in 64 locations around the world this year of 2017?" November 21, 2017, The Daily Mail:


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