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Updated: Booms and Horn Sounds Continue

© 2013 by Linda Moulton Howe


“I am a 30-year veteran storm spotter/chaser, amateur radio operator
and have a solid science background. I have never heard anything
exactly like this with this type weather conditions.”

- Resident, Flora, Illinois, December 27, 2013, 6 - 9 PM Central

“The sound was like a horn/trumpet sound,
which went off three times.”

- Resident, Milton, VT, December 24, 2013, 2:10 AM - 2:45 AM

“Heard loud boom in Newmarket at 11 PM.
Thought tree had fallen on house.”

- Nicole Mortillaro, Newmarket near Toronto, Canada, December 24, 11 PM

“To my dad, the sounds were coming from ‘Up and above,’
but to me (from upstairs) the sound seemed to come from below.”

- Southern Illinois resident, December 21, 2013


Updated Map: Flora, Illinois (Google marker) is only a few miles northeast of Sesser, Illinois
(red circle SE of St. Louis) where several loud booms were heard on December 21, 2013
(see report below). Then a week later on December 27, 2013, near Flora and Salem , Illinois, between 6 and 9 PM Central, there were also several loud booms like thunder,
“but radars from three different sites showed no storm or precipitation activity.”


Update: December 28, 2013 “Loud Booms South Central Illinois” -


We have heard several loud booms on the evening of 12/27/2013 between 1800hrs and 2100hrs. The sound much resembled hard distant thunder, but radars from three different sites showed no storm or precip activity.
These "booms" were heard at my home six miles NW of Flora, IL, in Flora, IL, in Bible Grove, IL and reports on the scanner also in Salem, IL.

I am a 30 year veteran storm spotter/chaser, amateur radio operator and have a solid science background. I have never heard anything exactly like this with this type weather conditions.

USGS has no record of earthquakes as this time for this date.
Thought you might find this of interest.

Thank you,


Updated December 28, 2013 Original posting December 27th - Albuquerque, New Mexico - Earthfiles is receiving dozens of loud, unexplained boom and unusual sound reports every month. Earwitnesses include geologists and explosive engineers who are baffled about what is causing the persistent, repeating loud booms — sometimes with flashes of bright light, but not lightning and thunder — all over the United States and parts of Canada. The boom phenomenon seemed to begin in January 2011 and has continued to date. [ see purple hot links to 2011 news at end of this report] This Earthfiles report highlights only some of the many reports received for the month of December 2013.


Linda Moulton Howe <>
Sounds from Sky & Explosion/Shake in Milton, Vermont

Hi Linda,

On December 24, around 2:10 am til 2:45am, I woke up and started to hear a strange sound from outside. I looked out and up to the sky to see if I could see anything. The sound was like a horn/trumpet sound, which went off three times and then I woke my husband up to hear it. A few seconds went by and he heard the sound. We heard it at least 3 or 4 more times again.

On December 25th at around 3:30 am, we woke up and we were trying to go back to sleep and heard a very loud boom that shook the house. It sounded like an explosion. We are having very cold weather and ice. But there are no trees around us. I told my sister that we thought our house was hit by Santa and she wrote back that they have been hearing booming sounds under the ground and crackling sounds. They live in Milton, Vermont, too. She is about 2 miles away from us. So, I sent her your Earthfiles link about the boom reports.

Milton, Vermont (Google marker), is 386 miles east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (far left red circle).


About 10 hours after the strange horn/trumpet at 11 PM Eastern, in Milton, Vermont, one or more huge booms were reported in Toronto, Canada, region:

December 25, 2013, Toronto Global News, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto, Canada - Around 11 PM Eastern on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013, people reported hearing a loud boom in Toronto, Newmarket, Aurora, Belleville, Richmond Hill and Sutton. Not only was the boom heard, but it rattled houses, leaving many to believe that a tree had fallen on their rooftop. But so far, there hasn’t been an official explanation.

Even more mysterious is that some people reported hearing booms at other times during the day as well, ranging from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Christmas morning, December 25, 2013.

The United States Geological Service (USGS) didn’t record any seismic event in Ontario yesterday, and there were no reports to the American Meteor Society.

So what was it? The most likely explanation is that it was a cryoseism, also known as a frost quake (frozen groundwater that expands and cracks soils and rock in sudden energy release that can shake ground). But we don't know for sure.


"" <>
Booms North of Toronto, Canada
December 25, 2013

Hey Linda. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Just thought I would pass along info re some odd booming noises we have heard here in the Newmarket, Ontario, area over the past 24 hours.

On Christmas Eve I was out picking up Chinese food when my wife called me to say she and my daughter heard two loud booms in the house. They at first thought a tree branch had fallen on the roof because we are still suffering the effects of a bad ice storm. I told them there were no branches that overhang the roof, but I would take a look later.

When I got home with the food I did a circle check of the house. I thought perhaps some accumulated ice from the roof might have popped loose; that the bangs they heard might be large sections of ice snapping off. But I found nothing at all.

Early this morning (Christmas Day) about 1:30 AM, I was startled by a loud bang that at first sounded like it came from either in the house or directly above in the roof area. It was actually a thud more than a bang. It sounded exactly like when the kids are horsing around upstairs jumping off the bed. It was a short, sharp, deep thud and I felt the house shake. As I leapt out of bed, my wife was also awake. "Did you hear that? That is the same sound as before." I told her yes, and dashed off to check the rest of the house and nothing seemed out of order.

This morning as I was making Christmas breakfast, my youngest daughter came down. She is a high school senior and sharp as a tack. In September 2014, she is off to college for a Philosophy/English double major. "Hey Dad, did you hear a boom last night?"

"Well, yes, I did, but I looked in on you right after, and you were out like a light."

"It's all over Twitter, Dad. Everyone is talking about it."

By 'everyone' she really meant her own Twitter circle. Several friends from around town were awake and heard the boom at the same time I heard it. They Tweeted it. A few minutes later, my other daughter came down and said she heard it, too.

So now we have a mystery. It was not in or on my house after all since it seems it was heard by many people several miles apart.

So here are some other observations:

— It was very cold and clear last night, around -10 Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit).

— From what I could tell there was no atmospheric reverberation and no exponential trailing off of the sound. As you know, sound trails off as the square of the distance. In this case, the thud was so sharp I thought it was in or on the house, but clearly that cannot be the case if others heard it around town. It is true that the cold, dry night would account for no reverberation (like rolling thunder on a warm summer night) and perhaps that might also account for some wave-form attenuation.

— I felt the house vibrate. It was as if a 300lb line backer had jumped off the top level of a bunk bed in a room directly above. I have heard quite a number of large explosions in my life and this did not sound similar.

— There is no sign of disturbance inside or outside the house.

Don't know if you will receive any more reports, but I thought I would share in light of other reports from around the U.S. and Canada.


Linda Moulton Howe <>
LOUD BOOMS in Sesser, Southern Illinois, December 21, 2013
December 21, 2013

Hi Linda, Happy Holiday!

We've been hearing a series of VERY loud "booms" around the towns of Sesser, Valier, & Benton in Southern Illinois.

We have been experiencing slight to moderate rain showers since yesterday evening/night (December 20, 2013). However, I haven't seen any lightning flashes or lightning bolts. Quickest explanation is to say the sounds everyone is hearing is just thunder. But, Linda, I'm here to tell you, It's Not Thunder!

I noticed it this afternoon when my father and I returned from Christmas shopping. I had just walked in the door and my mother was lying down on the couch. She asked me, "Did you hear that?" Looking at her and a little puzzled I said, "Yeah". She said it had been happening all day.

I went upstairs and my father was downstairs watching television. On TWO occasions, I heard something very loud. It was as though someone dropped something very heavy downstairs or someone fell and hit the floor with a violent "thud". I went downstairs and before I could say anything to my father he asked, "Were you jumping upstairs?" I said "No, did you hear that?" He said, "Yeah, it was up in the corner." My father pointed to the corner of the living room. To him, the sounds were coming from "Up and above", but to me (from upstairs) the sound seemed to come from below.

Times of "booms" heard by three different earwitnesses on December 21, 2013, in Sesser, Southern Illinois:

— 3:50 p.m. C.S.T.
– 4:15 p.m. C.S.T.
- All day C. S. T.

My father attributed the booms to "Mine subsidence" because we live in a heavily coal mined region. I didn't think too much about it until later in the evening when I got onto Facebook. A friend that I went to high school with posted the question: "Does anyone else near Sesser keep hearing loud explosions? Any idea what it is?" Many people have responded to the thread and most have heard these unusual "booms"/sounds.

I like to keep an open mind and the simplest and most rational explanation is thunder, but something in my gut tells me it's something else. Hopefully you will find this information useful and a helpful addition to your data collection.

Sesser, Illinois (Google pointer) is between Madison County, Kentucky
(far right red circle) and Springfield, Missouri (lower left red circle), all locations
where booms have been reported in December 2013.


December 19, 2013,, Lexington, Kentucky.

Linda Moulton Howe <>
Mystery Booms in Montgomery County, Kentucky, December 19, 2013 and Before

Dear Ms. Howe,

I am a Police Officer in Rowan County, KY. I saw this news story on my local news this morning and thought you might want to know about it. Sounds like the Booms you've been tracking around the world.

On a side note, I was speaking to some men late one night back in April 2013, about some thefts we'd had. They were car pooling and had parked a car in a nearby lot, so I asked them if they would please call 911 if they saw anything strange. While speaking to the gentlemen, one of them asked me if I knew anything about loud booms. He advised that one morning after work, after midnight and before dawn, he had been showering at his home in Carter County, KY, and had heard a really loud boom. He said that his immediate thought was that his elderly father who lives next door had shot an intruder.

He dried off and ran to look, but all appeared normal at his dad's. He advised that he had later heard that others had heard two booms. I told him what I knew about the subject from hearing your Earthfiles reports on Coast. Carter County connects to the eastern border of my Rowan County, and Montgomery is about 30 minutes west along I-64.

Thank you for all you do,
Police Officer, Rowan County, Kentucky

Booms and orange lights, evening of December 19, 2013, Jeffersonville, KY
December 19, 2013

Sent from my iPad
I watched the local news out of Lexington, KY, this evening, Dec. 19. A small community maybe 40 some miles east from Lexington named Jeffersonville reported several loud booms and also orange lights. There were many 911 calls from the public wanting to know what was going on. No one had any explanations.

Know you have been following these unusual boom/lights events for some time. Just wanted to let you know about this one. It was reported by WKYT Channel 27 in Lexington. Keep up the good work.


Linda Howe <>
For 2 hours, strange jet-like sounds heard in Bennington, KS, 7:30-9:30 AM, Dec. 18
December 18, 2013

Dear Linda - On 12-18-13, from approximately 7:30 to 9:30 a.m., it sounded like two F-16 fighter jets were very close to our small town of 650 people located in North Central, Kansas. The jet sound appeared to be coming from the southwest and continued for approximately 2 hours.

My daughter is in 9th grade, and some of her teachers and classmates thought the school heater was making noise, until they realized the noise was coming from outdoors. Other kids mentioned that it sounded like rain on the metal roof. I did not hear any loud booms or explosions, but it did sound like two jets flying overhead that never went away. On Stan Deyo's website, I just read that South Central Kansas had a semi-rare 3.8 earthquake on Monday. Hopefully, we won't have any earthquakes later this week, if there is a correlation.

Bennington, Kansas (Google pointer) is 338 miles northwest
of Springfield, Missouri (lower right red circle).

Mystery Booms Springfield, MO, Dec. 15, 2013

“It felt like the boom lifted our house off the foundation.
It sounded like a war zone.”

– Brenda Bolin, Greene County, Missouri

GREENE COUNTY, Missouri - Another loud boom rocks the Ozarks. Greene County officials say about 40 people called 911 Sunday night, December 15, 2013, to report the blast. Dozens of viewers were so concerned, they emailed or called KSPR wanting to know what it was. Police and emergency officials couldn't tell KSPR-TV what that explosion-type boom was. ... Police could not confirm to KSPR that it was in fact an exploding target. ... KSPR called the National Weather Service in Springfield; they had no explanation for the loud noise. Neither did the Springfield Greene County Emergency Manager or Federal Aviation (FAA) officials. An astronomy expert says there is no way a meteor shower could produce such a loud noise.

BOOMS in Springfield, MO This Afternoon
December 15, 2013

At 5:57pm Central Time, my wife and I heard a very loud boom/rumble located in Springfield, MO. At the same time, my parents heard it in Willard, MO, about 12 miles from our home. My parents said it shook their house.

Booms Heard in Ft. Knox and Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Dec. 12, 7 AM
December 12, 2013

We live between Ft. Knox and Elizabethtown, Ky. in the country. We do hear Ft. Knox (military base) practicing at times and have heard their huge guns at times, too.

Today-12/12/13-heard another loud boom at about 7 am. My husband, son, myself were in living room and a boom sound came from same area as one few weeks ago. It rattled the windows and shook the front of house. We thought something hit the front of our house. Interestingly, the sound definitely came from front of house because it didn't shake the rear of our house like the front did. A few other people I talked to noticed that as well. I asked a friend who lives in Cecilia if they heard anything at the time and they report that they didn't-which is odd.

Happened onto your Earthfiles website whilst looking up info about today's incident. I did check a local seismograph station in Sonora, KY, to see if any earthquakes -even if small were recorded. There was one big blip around the time of the boom, but not sure what that meant. The sound and subsequent rattling didn't feel like an earthquake.

Few weeks ago on a warm sunny afternoon, my son and I were walking in our woods and heard a huge boom sound coming from a southerly direction between us and Cecilia (town about 5 miles to south of us). Thought for sure that we would see huge cloud of smoke, but never did. Thought maybe it was a huge semi-truck crash on the next road over, but not that either. Definitely was not Ft. Knox as that was behind us to north and this sound definitely came from opposite direction in south. Really sorta weirded my son and me out because of loud sound.

Was wondering if these booms might be related to electro-magnetic disturbances in earth or atmosphere? Or do they have something to do with earth's magnetic poles and possible reversal? It is a fascinating mystery for sure!

Fort Knox and Elizabethtown, Kentucky (Google marker) are between Lexington, KY
(red circle) and Sesser, Illinois (red circle southeast of St. Louis, MO). Springfield, Missouri,
is lower left red circle. Martinsburg, Pennsylvania is east of Pittsburgh (red circle).
Toronto, Ontario, Canada is upper right red circle.

"Explosion" felt in Martinsburg, PA, December 5, 2013


We are located in Martinsburg and felt this “boom” on December 5th which shook our building, a historic stone building called the Brown Stone. It sounded like it was very close to us.

This is the report about it from the local newspaper.

Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, is 103 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Earthfiles would like to learn more about the strange horn and/or boom phenomena. Please email All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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"Mysterious Christmas Eve "Boom" Heard and Felt Around GTA, December 25, 2013, Toronto Global News:

"Strange Explosion Noises Reported in Montgomery County, KY, December 19, 2013,

"Paranormal activity? Residents try to explain mysterious explosion," December 16, 2013,
KSPR 33 ABC-TV, Springfield, Missouri:

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