Artificial Intelligence and Hypersonics — Getting More Money and New Pentagon Office?

— “We’re going to move on hypersonics, move on A. I.  We’re looking at a joint office where we would concentrate all of DoD’s efforts since we have a number of Artificial Intelligence efforts underway right now. We’re looking at pulling them all together” in a new Pentagon Joint Office On Artificial Intelligence.  – James N. Mattis, Secretary of Defense, April 12, 2018

— “We have lost our technical advantage in hypersonics, (but) we haven’t lost the hypersonics fight.” – General Paul Selva, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffClick for report.

Tune In April 19th, 2018 PHENOMENON Radio

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Tune In the April 19th, 2018, PHENOMENON Radio taped live at the 2018 Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor of, and historian Richard Dolan, owner of Richard Dolan Press, host of KGRA’s Richard Dolan Show and author of two volumes about UFOs and the National Security State, to talk about what’s been happening behind the UFO disclosure and confirmation scenes since the third gun camera infrared video was released on March 9, 2018, by To The Stars — plus, speculations about why the U. S. government maintains strict policies of denial about evidence of an alien presence in Antarctica, on Mars and the backside and interior of Earth’s moon?

Richard Dolan, historian,
owner Richard Dolan Press
and author 2-volume UFOs
and the National Security State
Rochester, New York.

In Memoriam – Art Bell

Art Bell
June 17, 1945 – April 13, 2018
Founder and original host of Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland

“I am shocked and saddened to learn that Art Bell died last night. His great Voice of the 1990’s exploring Earth mysteries on Dreamland and Coast taught all of us. God bless Art wherever he is now and his wife, Airyn, and his daughters, Asia, and Lisa.”  —  Linda Moulton Howe

UPDATE 9:30 PM Mtn April 1st – Chinese Space Lab Has Crashed Into Southern Pacific Ocean

Unmanned Tiangong-1 Chinese space station, about the size of a school bus, originally launched on September 29, 2011,  finally crashed back to Earth on Monday, April 2, at 12:15 AM GMT (5:15 PM Pacific, April 1st) and was  “mostly destroyed” on re-entry as it plunged into the southern Pacific Ocean — perhaps northwest of Tahiti, according to Jonathan McDowell, astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Prof. McDowell says debris from Tiangong-1 probably fell north of the “Spacecraft Cemetery,” a region in the Pacific Ocean where other space debris has frequently come down.