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Human Births On Mars? New Research Indicates Human Sperm Could Last 200 Years On Red Planet.


“NASA and several organizations are now beginning to plan manned missions to Mars.  … However, interplanetary deep space is populated not only by microgravity, but also by strong radiation such as galactic cosmic rays, which originate outside the solar system, plus solar particles, which include high-charge, high-energy particles that are difficult to shield from a spacecraft.”

Science Advances, June 11, 2021

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Part 2: SOM1 -01 “Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal” TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY


“Examination of remains recovered from wreckage of UFOBs indicates that Extraterrestrial Biological Entities may be classified into two distinct categories as follows:  a. EBE Type I. and EBE Type II.

… It is not definitely known where either type of creature originated, but it seems certain that they did not evolve on earth. It is further evident, although not certain, that they may have originated on two different planets.”

— Page 6, MJ-12 Group Special Operations Manual  SOM1 -01Click for report.

Part 1: Whatever DoD Reports About UFO/UAPs by June 25th, 2021, Read This “SOM1-01 MJ-12 Special Operations Manual” for Facts.


“Basically what was on the 35mm negative is a 32-page manual dated 1954, which describes for special field units how to recover crashed flying saucers, how to take them apart, how to pack them, where to ship them, how to take care of the bodies and how to keep the public in the dark.”

— Robert M. Wood, Ph.D., Aerospace EngineerClick for report.

Full Lunar Eclipse Will Change Moon’s White Light to Copper Early Morning of May 26, 2021.


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he real action begins when the Moon starts to disappear as it enters the umbra at about 2:45 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, on May 26, 2021.”

— NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

NASA Scientific Visualization Studio:  “On May 26, 2021, during early morning in the western Americas, the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse, the first in almost two and a half years. The above animation shows the changing appearance of the Moon as it travels into and out of the Earth’s shadow, along with times at various stages in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).  Residents in the Pacific time zone are best situated to see this total lunar eclipse that will turn the full moon a reddish-orange color.

The penumbra is the part of the Earth’s shadow where the Sun is only partially covered by the Earth. The umbra is where the Sun is completely hidden. The Moon’s appearance isn’t affected much by the penumbra. The real action begins when the Moon starts to disappear as it enters the umbra at about 2:45 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time in the early morning of May 26, 2021. An hour and a half later, entirely within the umbra, the Moon is a ghostly copper color. For this relatively shallow eclipse, totality lasts only 15 minutes before the Moon begins to emerge from the central shadow.”   See:  NSVS:

CONTACT in the Desert with Avi Loeb, Ph.D., and Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe

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Plus – Contact in the Desert Virtual Conference with Avi Loeb, Ph.D., Harvard University Astronomer and Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe — June 25 – 28, 2021.

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New Space Force Base Evolves from Vandenberg AFB.

“We have to be prepared that we have the proper assets in orbit to protect and defend what we need and what we rely on every day, not just as war fighters, but the American public.”

— Col. Anthony Mastalir, Commander, 30th Space Wing and Western Launch and Test Range, Vandenberg Space Force Base, May 14, 2021

“Retired Navy Physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee predicts that the U S. Navy’s Special Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) will confirm what civilian investigators have long suspected: some UAP are vehicles controlled by non-human intelligences, NHI.

— Paradigm Research Group Press Release from Dr. Bruce Maccabee, May 16, 2021Click for report.