Search for the Wild Men of Laos

Below are links to several reports about the Wild Men of Laos that Linda spoke of in her November 20, 2019 YouTube broadcast. These special archived reports are available to all viewers – no subscription required.

07-12-2001 – Laos – Part 4: The Rugged Road to Vilabouli, Laos.

07-10-2001 – Laos – Part 3: A Brief History of the “Wild Men” of Laos.

07-08-2001 – Laos – Part 2: Vientiane – The Capitol of Laos.

07-07-2001 – Laos – Part I: Unexploded Ordnance on the Trail of “Wild Men.”

UPDATED —  Why Are People Hearing Strange Jet-like Sky Sounds, But Not Seeing Planes?

“I heard what sounded like a military powered jet engine at full power for about 5 seconds then it would abruptly stop.  The noise would start again every 5 seconds then stop again 5 seconds continuing like this for a couple minutes.

— U. S. government employee in Colorado, who requests anonymity

“I took my high power laser pointer and shot it up in the direction of the unexplained loud jet sound. … On two separate occasions, I have seen the beam interrupted momentarily —  It seems to me there is a real physical object moving through the air that is simply not visible.

— Scientist in San Diego, California, who requests anonymity and has heard loud jet noises in clear sky and two times flashed a powerful laser in direction of unexplained jet noise and saw the beam interrupted by something invisibleClick for report.

Updated: Mysterious Green Crop Formation Emerges in U. K. Brown Harvested Field.

“This is absolutely breathtaking. May I inquire how the depressed image is green while the rest of the crops are yellow/brown? Its sooo amazing and beautiful!”
—  KarmaReCycled81, October 23, 2019, about remarkable fresh green crop growing in a circular formation on brown, bare, harvested field at Rodfield Lane, Tichborne, Hampshire, England.
“Originally the 27-triangles forming a cube pattern appeared near Tichborne, Hampshire, on the night of July 15-16, 2019, which was a 50% partial lunar eclipse.”
—  Horace Drew, Ph.D., retired geneticist, Sydney, Australia

Click for report.