Eerie Animal Mutilations in Oregon and England.


“She (black Angus cow) died in a position she couldn't have gotten into by herself. I don't have any kind of logical explanation for it.”

— David Hunt, Owner, Hunt Ranch, July 23, 2020, Fossil, Oregon

“I was struck by the strangeness of seeing the lone sleeping? or dead? calf with sheep in the background and it occurred to me that the calf might have been dropped from above on to the grassy pasture.”

— Albert Tyas, discovered and photographed mutilated male calf on July 5, 2020, in Todmorden, England


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8-Fold Circular Geometry Discovered in German Wheat Field.


“I just find it fascinating because you cannot really explain how they happen. It is just a moment where you have something you can’t explain when these days everything always has to be explained, it’s a thing that pushes the limits of this ‘explainer model’  that we have.”

— Rainer Bartesch, German visitor to Bavarian 8-fold crop formation between Ammersee (South End), Vorderfischen and Paehl, Germany, southwest of Munich  Click for report.

United Arab Emirates Has Launched Its First Mission to Mars. Next up: China Rover Followed by USA’s Perseverance.


“It’s a very small target. It’s equivalent to an archer hitting a two-millimeter target, one kilometer away. So this is not for the faint of heart.”

— Pete Withnell, Ph.D., Manager of the U.A.E. Mars mission and Program Manager, of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), Louisville, Colorado.Click for report.

Mysterious Loud Jet Sounds Circling Over Austrian Mountaintop — But Nothing Visible in Sky.

“The roar was also like coming down in circles of about 1-2 km diameter, as if a huge airplane or jet was circling above our heads for 6 to 8 minutes (and then another 6 to 8 minutes with a 5 minute break in between), but compared to airplane noise we know, this was 100 times louder.”

— Richard, I. T. Architecture Software Designer, Vienna, AustriaClick for report.