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Feedback About Mysterious Booms and Horn/Trumpet Sounds

© 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe


“The boom (and horn sound like Switzerland video) actually came from the direction
of the now famous June 23, 2012, Waldo Canyon fire on the very same day the
fire started. ... the CBS 4 helicopter footage showed house after house on fire
with NO fire to the trees surrounding those burning homes.”

- Resident of Littleton, Colorado

The June 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire's odd destruction of
houses amid green unburned trees and other untouched
houses northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Aerial © 2012 by Getty Images.

“And the sixth angel sounded (which had the trumpet), and I heard
a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God ...”

- King James Bible, Revelation, Chapter 9


Subject: Colorado Wildfires and Booms
February 3, 2014


I listened to the rebroadcast of your January 30-31, 2014, interview with George Noory. Linda, you said to write to this email address if anyone heard the boom noise / horn sound you played for the COAST audience. You should find this very interesting.

It was Saturday, June 23, 2012, at about 10:30 AM - Noon time about 2 years ago. The reason I still remember the time and day is because the boom actually came from the direction of the now famous Waldo Canyon fire on the very same day the fire started. I live in the extreme SW outskirts of Denver in Littleton. The topography has me slightly higher in elevation than the land to the south of my location. There is no other heavy metropolitan area between my location and Colorado Springs and I am at the foot of the Rocky Mountains not far from the 'Hogback'. I think these are import details in explaining the sound.

I was in my backyard, in the time frame mentioned above. My backyard faces south. The sound, without any doubt, came from the south by southwest direction. This is the same direction as the Waldo Canyon Fire. The sound started as the sound of a commercial airliner. This south by southwest airspace is normal airspace for aircraft to be in. The sound quickly, as I heard it, ramped up to where it in no way was any kind of aircraft or known sound. The sound was the very same sound you played from Switzerland. However, let me tell you this, hearing a recording is nothing like what you experience hearing this live.

The sound had a directional origin. It began to the SSW. The main characteristic of the sound was how quickly it amplified. It just kept getting louder to a point you had to say "WOW! What's going to happen?!" Also, there was very distinct oscillation to both the sound and the amplification. As the sound amplified, it came toward my direction to the north by northeast. The sound only lasted about one minute. When it ended, it did not abruptly end, it faded out. Like that Beatles song where John Lennon hits the final note on his keyboard and you hear the ring tone of piano keys fading out.

Here is where I think things get really interesting.

When I was hearing the boom, this was the very same time police and fire personnel were mobilizing in response to reports of the Waldo Canyon wildfire south southwest of my home in Littleton, Colorado. There was supposedly a report of the fire at 7AM. However, that report is suspect. My wife works for CBS 4 in Denver as a video editor and knew that the CBS 4 news channel dispatched a helicopter to get video footage of the fires.

Here is something the public does not know about. When CBS 4 got video footage of the fires, their Chief (video) editor thought for sure that these fires were the act of arson. This is because the CBS 4 helicopter footage showed house after house on fire with NO fire to the trees surrounding these homes. Only the houses were on fire!

The Waldo Canyon fire began on June 23, 2012, approximately four miles (6.4 km)
northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and burned over 18,247 acres (28.5 square miles) until July 10, 2012. The number of houses destroyed was 346.

The Waldo Fire's odd destruction of two houses amid green trees
and other untouched houses.

The local sheriff in charge of this area also said they suspected arson. However, in a number of these homes that seemed to combust, there were residents in their homes when they caught on fire. On top of that, if it really was arson, it would have had to be done by a 'team' of arsonists to cover the extensive area of all the homes going up in flames.

Even though these homes did simply 'combust', at the end of the ordeal, they were simply lumped into there destruction being caused by the wildfires even though that was not really accurate.

It's for all these reasons why I remember the boom I heard on that day, June 23, 2012.


Subject: Booms in Orlando, Florida
February 3, 2014

Starting on December 19, 2013, and continuing every night for over a week, I heard a deep-pitched droning sound, punctuated by a loud, but muffled BOOM. Sometimes the BOOM only happened once or twice. Other times, it would sound a number of times, in rapid succession. This went on almost nightly for over a month. It then became several times a week, and continues to this day. I heard it this morning, at about 4:30AM Eastern, and listened to it for an hour. There was no BOOM today — just the deep-pitched droning sound. My husband has even heard it a couple of times. As for the direction of the sound, it seems to be from above, kind of in an "umbrella" sort of way.

Over the last month or so, I have contacted Patrick Air Force Base, NASA, a tech person who works for a local gas company, the 2 local airports. NONE of these folks had an explanation for the sound. However, the NASA person said that I was the 3rd or 4th person to call NASA about a "loud, deep humming sound and some weird explosions."


Subject: Booms in Fort Duchesne, Utah
February 1, 2014

How interesting listening to your interview about the Booms. I heard the first huge boom here a few weeks ago about Noon time. I was just pulling wooden board across my shed to shut it and BOOM! I swore it was coming from down the road east of ranch. It sounded like something major exploded.

At first I thought it was maybe a neighbor's propane tank exploding. I couldn't think of anything else other than maybe some one was cooking meth. The boom shook both houses on property. I went in the house and my husband felt it and the East windows really shook. I went on line looking for earthquakes in the area — nothing. I went on Facebook asking friends if they had heard it? Depending where they were, some say 15 miles East of us, but going north maybe 15 miles towards mountains. There was heavy fog. You could hardly see your hand in front of your face. No one could figure it out. I finally called the Uintah Basin Standard newspaper. They said, 'Oh, we think it was some one dynamiting an oil well site.'

Then like the next day and BOOM again, but this one wasn't as loud as the first one. Yesterday (January 31, 2014), there was a BOOM about 10:45 A.M. I was driving my truck on an icy road and didn't hear it, but my husband heard the boom and so did the guy next door.


Subject: House-Shaking Booms in Placerville, Calif. Since 2012
February 2, 2014

Placerville, California, is 44 miles northeast of Sacramento.
Lake Tahoe is 60 miles further east from Placerville.

I heard your Earthfiles Coast radio broadcast about trumpets and booms on Thursday to Friday, Jan. 30-31st. I haven't heard the trumpets, but people in this area of Placerville, California, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe have heard those shaking, distant booms for months around here.

It's mentioned on El Dorado County mysterious events group in August 2012 for Facebook and El Dorado County Watch on Facebook. I heard the booms this summer of 2013 many times. I even called the sheriff a few times to document the incident.

I was in the infantry and let me tell you, these were massive booms here. They sounded very distant, but the base was so powerful when the shockwave hit the house, my windows would shake. It's not like a crack of thunder. It was more like a distant rolling thunder type sound, but a direct boom, then roll, then boom and roll about 4 times and stop for ten minutes. Maybe 2 times a day for a few days then stopped. Came back a week later doing same thing. Lots of people around here heard it and were calling the sheriff.

One day I called and asked if they were getting reports because it was happening right then. Boom,123 boom, 123 boom, 123 boom. It's was so consistent it sounded man made, so I assumed maybe illegal mining — but seems a little overkill for explosives. Maybe rock quarry, but when I called to see if there was permitting for some blasting, there wasn't. There is a military flight zone here by the river, so I'm thinking all of this is massive secret military experiments. They do use sound for crowd controls now.

[ Editor's Note: Wikipedia about Crowd Control with Sound - The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is an acoustic hailing device and sonic weapon developed by LRAD Corporation to send messages, warnings, and harmful, pain inducing tones over longer distances than normal loudspeakers. The systems weigh from 15 to 320 pounds (6.8 to 145.1 kg) and can emit sound in a 30° beam at 2.5 kHz.]

I wonder what happens to electronics, or airwaves during the use of the crowd control sound? Maybe its something to disrupt wireless signals, especially the trumpet sound. Or maybe that sound can be used to disguise a low flying squadron of planes? With the use of drones now days, they might be running large experiments with sound in the sky. I don't know, but the sounds seems very weird.


Subject: Loud Boom in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
February 2, 2014

Hi Linda
I was listening to you on Coast to Coast AM the other night and thought I would share my own experience with a loud boom that I had last January ( 2012) near Red Lake Falls, MN.

I was in the basement of my former house packing up boxes for my move. It was around 2:30 PM in the afternoon. The basement in the house is six feet under ground. Also, I lived in a very rural area with the closest neighbor being half a mile away.

I heard a very loud boom and even though I was in the basement, I could feel the whole house shake and the windows rattled even though the house was only a few years old. My first reaction was fear. There is nothing around that location but farmland. I felt unnerved and wondered what could have made that loud noise that could shake the whole house.


Subject: Mysterious Loud Boom in Houston, Texas, January 23, 2014
January 31, 2014

I heard what sounded like a huge tree falling on my house --except it sounded like it was
bouncing in three booms from middle of roof to end of my house. I quickly ran from room
to room expecting the worst. Finding nothing out of order, I ventured outside for a
minute and saw nothing the next day either. I had no idea it was a sound that others
had reported until I heard you on Coast to Coast.


Subject: Loud Booms in East Texas in 2013
February 2, 2014

Ms. Howe,

I try not to miss your reports on Coast to Coast and I, too, have heard loud booms here in East Texas (I live in a small community outside Jacksonville, Texas, called Pierces Chapel).

Last year (2013), I heard booms on at least 3 occasions. Each time it shook my house, and sounded like it was coming from ‘everywhere’, so to speak. I phoned my parents when each event happened. They live about 1/2 mile away, and my dad said that he had heard the booms as well. I wanted to be sure a propane tank or something of that nature had not exploded, and to be sure they were all right. He didn’t know what it was, and he felt as perplexed as I did. I thought (the first time I heard it) that an illegal meth lab may have exploded (they do that on occasion in the rural areas of East Texas). But I heard no news reports of this.

After hearing your last program with George concerning the trumpets (which I have not heard), I decided to do a bit of research and see if anyone else had experienced what my dad and I had heard. I found this website:


Subject: Trumpet Sounds Heard in Thurmont, Maryland December 21, 2012
February 2, 2014


I heard your mysterious sounds report. My sister and her son have told me they heard trumpets on December 21, 2012, in their home in Thurmont, MD. I wonder if these sounds are being heard through the Earth, possibly through fault formations? They had mentioned this several times as it stood out for them since it was on the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 End Date. I was listening to your most recent news on C2C about more strange sounds when my sister walked into the room and heard the Switzerland trumpets recording you played. She told me that sound was what the trumpets had sounded like in Thurmont.


Subject: Horn Sound and Boom in Muskegon, Michigan, Jan. 22, 2014
February 2, 2014

This is what I wrote down last week.
My version of what I experienced that early morning of Jan. 22nd.
It was weird, I thought I was going crazy.
Until now, hearing Linda Moulton Howe on
Coast to Coast am with George Noory.
January 31, 2014 at 2:30am

Gabriel, is that you?

It is 3:49 AM January 22nd and I woke up to my beagle growling. At first I thought she was having a dream, then I saw her looking out the window.
I heard a horn, like a train horn from outside. I looked out several windows all sides of the house and could not determine the direction of the horn other than from the sky.
A half hour after the horn a loud boom came from under the house. It was a unique low tone boom that shook the house and awoke my daughter.
Then the horn started again for about 2 minutes.


Seven Angels Blowing Trumpets
in Revelation of St. John The Divine

Several dozen emails to Earthfiles have come from people asking about the story of the Archangel Gabriel blowing a horn at the time of the Apocalypse described in The Revelation of The Apostle John in The Bible. That fact is the angels are not named in The Revelation, but the sixth angel is referenced as “sounded” in the context of “four horns of the golden altar.”

King James version of The Bible, “The Revelation of Apostle
St. John the Divine” in A. D. 96.

Old illustration of Archangel Gabriel blowing horn, artist unidentified. Gabriel
is known as the angel of revelation to the Virgin Mary and Mohammed,
but is not named in The Revelation of The Apostle John below.

King James Bible, Revelation, Chapters 8 - 9 describe five angels, each sounding
a trumpet after the opening of the seventh seal.

King James Bible, Revelation, Chapter 11 describes seven angels making
sounds, including a sixth angel that “sounded, and I heard a voice
from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God ...”

If Earthfiles viewers and radio listeners have mysterious horn sounds or explosive booms to report, please email: All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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More Information:

For further reports about strange hums and booms that have been reported since 2011 to date, please see reports below from Earthfiles Archive.

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