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Two More Mysterious Deep Holes
in Siberia's “End of the World.”

© 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe

“It is not like these three craters are the work of men,
but they also don't look like natural formations.”

- Unnamed scientist about mysterious Siberian craters


Above map of three mysterious deep holes in Siberia. 262 feet in diameter, “Crater 1”
on Yamal Peninsula near the Bovanenkovo natural gas and oil fields was first reported on
July 16, 2014, when scientists went to investigate. Following that news, locals in the Taz
District of Antipayuta, Yamal Peninsula, said a year ago they had also discovered a big hole,
“Crater 2,” that was about 50 feet in diameter on September 27, 2013. After that,
reindeer herders on Taymyr Peninsula east of Yamal have also reported yet a third
unexplained "Crater 3," a very deep hole about 13 feet in diameter. Map © 2014 by MailOnline.

Red circle on left marks "Crater 1" on Yamal Peninsula west of "Crater 3" red circle on
Taymyr Peninsula that extend into the Kara Sea between the North Pole and Siberia.


July 31, 2014  Yamal Peninsula and Taymyr Peninsula, Siberia - The Siberian Times reports that two more deep holes have been found in Siberia's “end of the world” Yamal Peninsula and Taymyr Peninsula on the Kara Sea. This is after the mid-July discovery of a still-unexplained huge hole that scientists traveled to Yamal Peninsula on July 16th to investigate a 262-foot-diameter hole near the natural gas and oil fields of Bovanenkovo. Scientists were looking for suspected evidence of heat and scorching, but did not find any around that first hole. See First Hole further below.

Second Hole in Antipayuta, Taz District, Yamal Peninsula, Siberia
Discovered:  September 27, 2013

Bovanenkovo natural gas and oil fields marked with white circle on Yamal Peninsula
where first large, unexplained hole was investigated by scientists in mid-July 2014.
To the southeast is Antipayuta, also on the Yamal Peninsula, where a second strange hole
was found a year ago on September 27, 2013, but not reported until recently by
local residents after the first big hole news near Bovanenkovo.

The second hole is also on Yamal Peninsula a few hundred kilometers southeast of the first big hole reported on July 16, 2014. This one is in the Taz district, near the village of Antipayuta, and is some 50 feet in diameter (15 m). The whole Yamal Peninsula consists of permafrost and was underwater ten thousand years ago.

Second large hole in Antipayuta, Taz District, Yamal Peninsula, Siberia,
that locals say appeared on September 27, 2013, after smoke and a bright
flash of light. Image © 2014 by The Siberian Times.

Observers say that dirt around the second deep hole looks as if it was thrown out from an underground explosion. Further, The Siberian Times interviewed local residents about the sudden appearance of the big hole on September 27, 2013. One witness said the site was “smoking and then there was a bright flash.” A second eyewitness said “a celestial body fell there.”


Third Hole Near Nosok, Krasnoyarsk region of Taymyr Peninsula

The third hole was found in snow near the village of Nosok in the Krasnoyarsk region of Taymyr Peninsula east of Yamal Peninsula.

Upper right red circle marks the third deep hole site
near the village of Nosok in the Krasnoyarsk region
of Taymyr Peninsula, northeast of "Crater 1" in lower left
red circle southeast of Taymyr Peninsula.

Local reindeer herders nearly fell in by accident. The herders took pictures and sent them to scientists at the Norilsk Taimyr Explorers' Club explaining that this third deep hole surrounded by snow is a perfectly formed “cone.” Its cause is not known either. The depth of this third crater is estimated between 195 to 328 feet (60-100 m) and its diameter is 13 feet (4 m).

Reindeer herder from the village of Nosok on Taymyr Peninsula east of Yamal Peninsula
in Siberia. Herders almost fell into the very deep hole. Image by local resident.


First Hole, Yamal Peninsula Near Bovanenkovo Gas Fields
Scientist Investigated: July 16, 2014

On July 16, 2014, scientists traveled to this 262-foot-diameter hole that suddenly
emerged on the Siberian Yamal Peninsula near the Bovanenkovo natural gas and oil fields.
No evidence of “severe burning” around the rim was found, ruling out meteorite impact.
Some hypothesize the cause was a UFO intrusion. Others in the Sub-Arctic Scientific
Research Centre say that since Yamal is in Russia's main natural gas and oil production
region that supplies Europe, the huge hole was formed by an underground explosion of
water, salt and natural gas “like the popping of a champagne bottle cork.”
Image © 2014 by Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Administration.


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