Triangular Craft ­ Eyewitnesses in France and New Mexico

February 14, 1999 - In January 1999, I interviewed former Army Sgt. Clifford Stone in Roswell, New Mexico about his experience on the Cold War border of East and West Germany near Fulda in the summer of 1989. He and other border security were stunned and frightened by the low-flying approach of a huge, silent triangular craft that Sgt. Stone estimated to be about a thousand feet long and as thick as a five story building. There were lights at each corner of the triangle and a red one in the middle with multi-colored flashing lights outlining the triangle shape. The huge, silent craft remained stationery for several minutes at about five hundred feet above the German border checkpoint. Since that report, I have received many more eyewitness sightings of aerial triangles, including one from a Professor of French and Italian at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In November 1987 ­ two years before Sgt. Stone's encounter ­ Professor Donald Maddox was at his vacation home in France about 180 miles south of Paris. Around midnight, he was walking by an upstairs window and stopped in amazement at what he saw in the sky.


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