Cattle Mutilation – The Unthinkable Truth, Chapter 1, Part Two

© 1976 by Fredrick W. Smith, Freedland Publishers

Chapter 1, Part Two

"Dr. Urich, the county coroner, said:
'The cutting (on the 1500-pound buffalo near NORAD)
was done neatly, cleanly, obviously with a very sharp instrument.
The dissection was of the type that would eliminate any type of predator.'
He said the hide was removed by someone who did not puncture
the tissue layer directly under the hide. 'It was better than I could
do if I were trying. It was really an expert job.'"

- The Colorado Springs Sun, October 23, 1975

Helicopters have been reported acting suspiciously or even threateningly in ranch areas. But no actual evidence of this or identification of the aircraft is available. Others feel that various factors such as noise, anger and expense rule out the helicopter theory. Some of the beefs that have allegedly been transported weigh half to three quarters of a ton or more, which would require a very large, noisy and expensive helicopter that requires specialized servicing. In any case, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has canceled a helicopter survey of several rural counties because it could not guarantee the safety of their crews from high flying lead (bullets).


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