Part 12 – Peculiar Phenomenon: Early United States Efforts to Collect and Analyze Flying Discs

© 1994 -1995 by J. Andrew Kissner
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Reprinted in 2005-2006 as a Real X-Files series by with author's written permission.

"In that same week after the May 29, 1947, 'peculiar phenomenon
and Juarez rocket crash,' airplanes began to crash
all over the world."

  - J. Andrew Kissner

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Increased Plane Crashes and the National Reaction

On June 4, 1947, the same day President Truman requested an extension of the Second War Powers Act from Congress, a curious announcement appeared in the June 4, 1947, El Paso Times, about 300 cadets who had graduated from the National Military Academy at West Point and would arrive in El Paso in ten transport planes to watch nine B-29 bombers drop 500 pound bombs reportedly south and east of the main post area of WSPG. The graduates would also have the opportunity to watch Ft. Bliss Antiaircraft Artillery demonstrate antiaircraft weapons and observe U. S. Army Ordnance launch a WAC Corporal missile. The announcement was made five days later Col. Turner departed for Washington, D. C., following the "Juarez V-2 Incident."


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