Part 18 – Peculiar Phenomenon: Early United States Efforts to Collect and Analyze Flying Discs

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"The threat was the new disc technology with weapons that were more capable than anything on earth. It was a new technology that no one understood. The American insiders, the MJ-12 group, were not going to mention its existence to anyone."

- J. Andrew Kissner

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"Secret War?" The Plane Carnage Continues

On the Fourth of July 1947, while Mac Brazel was visiting the Roswell Sheriff to tell him about the crash of a flying saucer on his ranch near Corona, a B-17 bomber crashed in Sibley, Louisiana, within one mile of the runway. A public affairs officer at Barkesfield Field in Shreveport announced that it had crashed because "a staff sergeant had taken the plane on an unauthorized flight." Little is known about this event because the only report found concerning the crash, explosion and fire was an Associated Press wire photo in a local newspaper in New Mexico.  Las Cruces Sun-News, July 6, 1945.


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