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01-11-2021 - 180-Day Countdown to June 24, 2021, U. S. Gov’t. Update About “Advanced Aerial Threats” of UAPs/UFOs. And What Happened On Mars?
09-11-2019 - Part 6: Mysterious Bismuth and Magnesium-Zinc Metal from Bottom of Wedge-Shaped UFO – Research Updates 1996-2018
06-19-2019 - Part 2: Leaked 11-Page Memorandum from Physicist Eric Davis to Bob Bigelow, NIDS
08-08-2018 - Part 6: Mysterious Micron Layers of Alternating Bismuth and Magnesium from Bottom of Wedge-Shaped UFO
06-13-2017 - Part 3 – Secret History of CIA, NSA and DIA Investigations into Extrasensory Perception
07-01-2016 - Antarctica Retired Navy Flight Engineer Warned by NSA to Stop Talking About Missing Scientists
05-27-2015 - Updated: NSA Is Building America’s Largest Spy Center
04-27-2014 - NSA Reply to FOIA Request On MH370: “Currently and properly classified matter.” What does NSA know?
12-20-2013 - NSA and Canada’s CSEC Spying Together
09-26-2013 - NSA Misled FISA Court