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01-11-2021 - 180-Day Countdown to June 24, 2021, U. S. Gov’t. Update About “Advanced Aerial Threats” of UAPs/UFOs. And What Happened On Mars?
04-13-2020 - Part 1 – When Huge “Green Orb” Taunted F4s At White Sands Missile Range. With MP3 Audio Interview.
01-19-2020 - Update: Mecca, Saudi Arabia — “Sky Triangles” Are Cell Phone Optical Artifacts.
11-24-2019 - Mystery of Vanishing Jets and Loud Jet Sounds in Colorado’s Grand Junction Region.
11-13-2019 - Huge Mass of Metal At Moon’s South Pole – Asteroid Or Alien Base?
10-24-2019 - Mystery of UFOs, Terahertz Frequencies and Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc Micron-Layered Metal
10-03-2019 - Update: 5 Bulls Bloodlessly Mutilated in Harney County, Oregon, and No Bullets.
08-02-2019 - 7 Mysterious Balls of Light Changing Patterns Above Alton Barnes, U.K., Recorded by Astonished French High School Teacher.
06-19-2019 - Part 2: Leaked 11-Page Memorandum from Physicist Eric Davis to Bob Bigelow, NIDS
06-18-2019 - Part 1: Leaked 15-Page “EWD Notes” About UFOs, E.T.s and Back-Engineering UFO Tech.