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10-24-2019 - Mystery of UFOs, Terahertz Frequencies and Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc Micron-Layered Metal
10-03-2019 - Update: 5 Bulls Bloodlessly Mutilated in Harney County, Oregon, and No Bullets.
08-02-2019 - 7 Mysterious Balls of Light Changing Patterns Above Alton Barnes, U.K., Recorded by Astonished French High School Teacher.
06-19-2019 - Part 2: Leaked 11-Page Memorandum from Physicist Eric Davis to Bob Bigelow, NIDS
06-18-2019 - Part 1: Leaked 15-Page “EWD Notes” About UFOs, E.T.s and Back-Engineering UFO Tech.
06-16-2019 - President Donald Trump Says Navy Pilots “Seeing and Watching” for UFOs.
05-22-2019 - Part 1: Original Scorched Carbon of CIA Memo Links Government UFO Cover-Up and JFK Assassination
05-13-2019 - U. S. Army Infantryman At Ft. Richardson, Alaska, Encounter with Grey Alien
04-28-2019 - “Why the idea of alien life now seems inevitable and possibly imminent.” – The Conversation
04-15-2019 - Earthfiles 2007 Archive – Another Dragonfly “Drone” This Week Near Maxwell AFB