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07-13-2015 - Update – Rhode Island Beach “Explosion” — Authorities Say No Evidence from Below Ground and Wonder If Unexplained Air Compression Hit From Above? Injured Woman Released from Hospital.
03-19-2015 - Long Rumbles Shook Houses March 16th from North Carolina to Delaware, Followed by Huge Fish Kill and Dolphin Stranding On Outer Banks
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06-07-2013 - More Unexplained Loud Booms
05-13-2013 - Persistent Sinkholes and Unexplained Booms
08-26-2012 - Updated:  More Unexplained Boom Sounds from Sweden to Calif: What’s Happening Now in Sacramento?  And What Happened August 21st In Oakland, California?
05-30-2012 - Updated: Mysterious Booms Heard May 27 and May 28 in Four West Michigan Counties