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Viewer Letters About E. T.-Human Hybrids

© 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe


— “There are two (2) common links between each alien group and the Ebens.
The first link is that the Ebens discovered each group, civilized them
and then CLONED (hybridized) their species with others.”

- Email to Earthfiles, May 31, 2014

—  “We made you, we put you here, but you have to live it.”

- Eben to USAF Captain, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 194

Page 221, Raechel's Eyes © 2005 by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux:
“Triangular emblem seen on Raechel's food and water containers,
on the license plate of the car driven by the men visiting Raechel at her
apartment, and on a truck outside the Four Corners, Nevada, underground base.”


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Update June 5, 2014 - Viewer About Reptilian Eye — Have any Earthfiles viewers or COAST and Dreamland Online listeners ever encountered a human with one or more cat or reptilian eyes as described in this Update email? Please contact All requests for confidentiality are honored.

To: Howe <>
Subject:  Possible alien/human hybridization program experience in Henderson, NV
Date: May 30, 2014

I'm a retired school counselor in Las Vegas (Clark County School District), and have been a marriage and family therapist for 30 plus years in Henderson, NV.

An unusual experience I had while I was Freshman Class Counselor at the Las Vegas high school where I worked: I was registering a male student who had been home-schooled up until that time...early 1980s. He wanted to attend regular high school to make friends, according to the Vice Principal, who brought the family to my office. His parents were reluctantly allowing him to try, I was told. I wasn't alone with the parents, they looked quite normal, but the Mom appeared stressed out to me.

The problem was that he had one normal eye, and one 'cat' or 'reptillian-looking' eye. Golden iris, vertical slit — very shocking to look at, even for me. This was before you could easily get contact lenses to change eye color. Other than that, he looked normal to me. I'm hoping he has some lenses now and is living normally.

He lasted about half a day before the freaked out kids' and teachers' reactions to his vertical slit pupil eye were intolerable for him. I was told by the Vice Principal that he was to be withdrawn on paper. I never saw or heard about him again. All I thought about at the time was "birth defect." But, as an Art Bell listener, I've thought of him and his reptilian eye often since then. I would like to know if any of your Earthfiles viewers and COAST listeners have ever heard of something like this before?


June 1, 2014  Albuquerque, New Mexico - My recent 2-part Earthfiles report about human-E.T. hybrids has hit a nerve with public and, I assume, with government handler-types as evidenced in the emails I am receiving at Earthfiles. Here is more content to consider.


To: Howe <>
Subject:  Serpo and cloning-Part 2 Raechel story
Date:  May 31, 2014

There are two (2) common links between each alien group and the Ebens. The first link is that the Ebens discovered each group, civilized them and then CLONED (hybridized) their species with others. It is an extremely complicated subject, and is something I don't care to go into at this time with you.

While we don't know all of the specifics, basically the Ebens used the DNA of each alien group to CREATE OTHER SPECIES OF ALIENS.

The second common link is the DNA. Each alien group has the SAME EXACT DNA. How that is possible, we don't know. Level 2 at the S-2 facility is where JROD and the other alien [Archquloid] lived. They have special containment facilities to house each alien.



Subject:  Raechel/ Zetan's Green Eyeballs (additional source)
Date: May 31, 2014

Hi, Linda,

In the late 1990's, I met a U.S. Navy SEAL who claimed
to know a lot about alien matters. During one conversation, he
mentioned to me that behind the Gray Zetan aliens' black eye shields
were light green eyeballs with vertical pupils. At the time, I
thought very few people knew that piece of information or were
disclosing it.

So, the story about Raechel's green eyeballs makes sense to me.
Also, it's possible that Raechel was a first-generation hybrid.
I hear that second or third-generation hybrids have eyes that are
very similar to humans. You and/or Dr. David Jacobs may know more
about this.

Also, my SEAL friend told me that military teams performing alien
craft crash retrieval were called "Blue teams." So, that matches
what you were told in Raechel's story.

A third matching point was the boxes of food marked with a triangle
symbol containing horizontal lines. As you probably know, that general
design has been associated with alien projects.



To: Linda Moulton Howe <>
Subject:  Racheal's Eyes
Date: June 1, 2014

Linda, hi,
I liked your report on Racheal's Eyes very much. I read the book as soon as it came out in 2005.
I do have some psychic contact with information regarding the present situation with the
medium-size Grays who are doing the genetic manipulation.
Here is some of what I was told regarding this:

1. This group of Greys (there are many different species of what we would call Greys that are not related except that they look similar) is doing a genetic manipulation with our species because of two reasons:

a. These Greys have had genetic relationship with us in the past and with the races that started both us and them.
b. They have screwed up their own genetic evolution and need to fix what they have done. This is further described as, they had a nuclear war on their planet, destroyed their reproductive capacity and bred out certain genes that they thought they didn't need, which of course they do, and those aliens have survived by cloning (which is causing their biology to deteriorate). They used to look like us humans.

2. These Greys are doing this on their own. They do not have the permission of the more benevolent ruling races. Hence, (I was told this back around 1995) these gene-manipulating Greys were warned that if they didn't stop this hybridization-with-humans project, they would be forced to stop after the year 2001. If they didn't stop, they would literally be shot out of the skies. This is what gave me some confidence that this information is true as it appears this is being done as reported in Racheal's Eyes. [Editor's Note:  Blue Team described by Col. Nadien and Helen Littrell as constantly going to alien crashes near Four Corners at north end of Area 51.]

3. These Greys did not create the Earth humans. Out present human race was created one million years ago by a different race (one with related genes to the Greys), who died out soon after due to their own, bad genetic manipulation of their own race. These current Greys are simply lying about this. I don't think they can be trusted in any way.

I was also told the following story in which I will leave out some information:

A friend, a woman who had graduated from Harvard, went to graduate school in a California school noted for languages. She studied the languages of Southeast Asia. Her language professor advisor, at the time, was well known in the field. He invited her over for tea one Sunday. As they were drinking their tea across a small table, he suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, I'm not from
this planet. I'm from the Pleiades. There are many of us working here, some in your government, some in the Pentagon, trying to guide your government in a good direction." Apparently the Pleiadians look just like us, almost indistinguishable due to their previous time on this planet. My friend smiled and said, "Oh, that's nice", and dropped it not knowing what to say. She thought at
first he was completely mad, but she couldn't say anything as he was her advisor. But since that time, she has thought he might have been telling the truth. This was about 1967.

Keep up the good work.


To: Howe <>
Subject:  C2C Interview About Racheal's Eyes
Date: May 30, 2014

Greetings Linda,

Because of your interviews last night about the hybrid on C2C, I feel compelled to say you are getting "it," becoming so close to tying all the angles together, and time is getting so short as to changing things [altering our human course] that I must add a couple last major parts. (It is like a game of ping pong. You can always save your turn, it is just a matter of getting that paddle under the ball before it hits the floor and sending it back to the other side, even if the ball has passed the downward edge of the table. The thing is it becomes more impossible the closer it gets to the floor!)

The more frightening aspect of the UFO phenomena is that Time is more like the movie series BACK TO THE FUTURE. Some things begin to fade out of the Bigger Picture as specifics change or do not change. These are the Time Lines. In one of my books I write that "the Grays" are from the future, but we do not understand Time. What I am saying is "the Grays" are from A future, but since mankind is doing all the wrong things, the Grays ARE becoming our future. Or some of us will become the future Grays.

Yes, you are so correct. "We [our government during the early 1950s] made a deal with the wrong group." This may have come about because the Nordics to that point had been working chiefly with the Germans (and I say Germans, not Nazi, as, like in this country there was a division that had grown to such an extent at the close of WWII a wide gulf had developed between the German people and the Nazis; + many Nazi were welcomed into the USA under Project Paper Clip.).

[ Editor's Note:  See 061804 Earthfiles German Scientist Werner von Braun Anticipated Terrorists, Asteroids and ETs on American “Enemy's List.” ]

So, Eisenhower dealt with "the Grays." But, my experience tells me it was because the Nordics demanded that "we human governments" prove a few things first, before they turned over the secrets to unlimited energy & functional gravity travel. While the other Grey guys offered advances, which could be weaponized in exchange for some cattle (mutilations) to help save their degenerated genetic pool.

I need to tell you what "the few major demands" were. Also these Nordics (there might be different races of "Tall Whites," too) said they were here to help the planet Earth during its periodic [6500/26000 yr.] adjustment. The Powers That Be/Were (TPTB/W) took this as a threat along with the demand that

1) the money system be changed

2) all lawyers be eliminated from government (because they are loyal first and contracted to the City of London).

Now this is where a hundred people have told me that I am making this up to try and get my ideas of banking alternatives adapted by using the UFO card. But anyone with over half a brain could tell you that a recognition of UFOs would cause a profound change in economics as we know it.

An "economic change" would hurt the Elite .1% & their minions the most.

The case being, TPTB would be threatened and finished if mankind would get a hold on the UFO truth. Additionally, us human non-Elite cattle would be free of the Elite rule!

The Nordic demand was not so outrageous. Kennedy, Lincoln, Jackson, Qaddafi, and the U.S. Constitution all wanted the currency to be backed by something other than interest payments (guaranteed growing debt). The original 13th Amendment (buried during the War of 1812 in which the uSA lost) stated, among other things, that Titles of Nobility (included lawyers) cannot hold Office.

The frightening aspect of all this Time Line focus are these chief DNA altering factors:

1) Fukushima

2) Monsanto

3) depleted Uranium weaponry

4) electric bombardment from airport facility [HAARP like] installations/GENE [cell] towers :[ ]/WiFi/etc.

5) synthetics in our food chain (which you covered in part in your Earthfiles microbead pollution report on Coast)

6) chemtrails – These all combine to change our DNA to make us become the Grays, targeting especially those under 10 years old, and more so those under 2 years old.

I need to add here: These Nordics present themselves via multi-dimensional travel [portals from the past, and are graduates of the re-incarnation trap/re-cycle]. This may add to them being demonized by some who cannot accept a multi-dimensional Universe and think of it as evil. The confusion comes about due to contacts via channeling/spirit communications as these are also from another dimension and are trapped around Earth (thus should not be trusted), and cannot live again via re-incarnation.


From Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor Earthfiles, June 1, 2014:

Personally, I think the alien-human hybrid issue is a real truth — that the hybrid is the most sensitive to the government because those political-military-industrial controllers that first encountered the “celestial UFOb” phenomenon in the FDR and Truman years began to realize they could not stop the abductions and manipulations of sperm and ova that had been going on for millions of years under the control of various E. T. types on Earth. According to whistleblowers, E.T.s are responsible for the standing-up primate “evolution” from Homo erectus on through time to Homo sapiens sapiens and the next type coming and on and on.

When I was working on the HBO documentary project in 1983, I was told by a military intelligence source that the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, EBEN, recovered from a downed craft in 1949 and taken to Los Alamos Laboratory for safe keeping, told a USAF Captain traveling and staying with him, “We made you, we put you here, but you have to live it.” That was the Eben that died of unknown causes on June 18, 1952, according to the briefing paper I was shown at Kirtland AFB on April 9, 1983.

Neanderthals never knew that Cro-magnon Homo sapiens sapiens were replacing them. The shock to our government Handlers, as I now think of them since WWII, is they began to realize that no matter what “agreements” they made in the spirit of “human contracts,” they had no control whatsoever about what the Big Greys, shorter EBENs, Tall Blonds, Tall Whites, Tall Red Hairs, Tall Black Hair, Oranges and Reptilian Humanoids were doing and could keep on doing to Earth without Homo sapiens sapiens having any ability to stop genetically manipulated eggs, sperm and births of babies all over the planet. Who is each of us? Roly-poly Earth tampered-primate? Human-alien hybrid? 50% E.T. 100% E.T. camouflaged in a cloned camouflage human container?

See E. T. cloning technology described and illustrated by people in the human abduction syndrome:  Glimpses of Other Realities, Volumes 1 and II © 1993 and 1998 by Linda Moulton Howe.

The hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor has now expanded layers deep. My only solid ground is my soul-spirit that is connected to the Divine Field no matter what container it goes in and out of over Time. That is the key, I think, to sanity in all the confusing Time Line and gene manipulation by Others. Survival in this strange universe is the bottom line where, as physicist David Bohm wrote, “all matter is frozen light.”


Return to Part 1.

Also see:  120705 Earthfiles  “Zeta Reticuli I and II - Binary Home of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities about Betty and Barney Hill.”


If any viewer has more firsthand information about the E.T. and human hybrid phenomenon, please email:  All requests for confidentiality are honored.

More Information:

Raechel's Eyes, The Strange But True Case of A Human-Alien Hybrid
© 2005 by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux. For autographed copies: Helen Littrell.


— Jean Bilodeaux would like to hear from anyone with more information about this Racheal Nadien case and a “Hybridization Program” at underground facility, Four Corners, north of Area 51, Nellis AFB. Email:

— For autographed copies of Raechel's Eyes, The Strange But True Case of A Human-Alien Hybrid © 2005 by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux, email: Helen Littrell.


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