1953 – 1981:  Project AQUARIUS — 16 Volumes About UFOs and IACs

“In the 1976 MJ3 report, it was estimated the Alien's technology
was many thousands of years ahead of United States technology.”

- Alleged historic MJ12 TOP SECRET Executive Briefing


June 15, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico - The following “Executive Briefing on the Subject of Project Aquarius” was allegedly prepared for U. S. President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and has been distributed in the past decade to some investigators of the UFO phenomenon, including Earthfiles.com. These alleged, but not proven, government documents are shared as possible facts about the U. S. government cover-up since World War II concerning extraterrestrial biological entities, their advanced technologies and the government's estimate of the situation — at the time of the Executive Briefing — that the non-humans were not considered a national security threat. Between 1981 to 2014, has that estimate of the situation remained the same? Or would a 2014 Project AQUARIUS Executive Briefing describe more complex and changing relationships between humans and ETs?


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