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Part 2:  Lunar “Humanoid Shadows” Probably Processing Errors,
But Lead to More Mysterious Sites

© 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe


Close-up of “humanoid shadow” oriented in a “standing” position.
There are many such “humanoid shadows” repeating every 22 miles
or so in the higher resolution band in Google Earth below. Implication: 
imaging processing errors. But in the process of finding many humanoid
shadows, other mysterious sites were found below. Above NASA image
from “Odd figure on the Moon?” posted July 18, 2014, on YouTube by wowforreeel.


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August 19, 2014  - After contributing moon image analysis in Part 1, retired Navy Captain Mark Wood studied the moonscape and started finding repeating “humanoid silhouette shadows” on average every 22 to 24 miles apart along the top of the NASA band of higher resolution. The implication is that the “humanoid shadows” are some kind of processing error. As examples, a few of them are marked by yellow Google pins below. The shadows are not identical, but some seem to repeat such as Silhouette 21 at 18 02 07.48N  40 48 58.82E and MarkSilhouette14 at  21 34 05.02N  29 46 58.20E

The brighter, clearer rectangular swath across the moon is a higher resolution band of images assembled by NASA that includes the landing and exploration sites for Apollo 15 and 17 marked by red flags, a dark, mysterious structure near Mark14Silhouette and another mysterious White Structure southeast of the mysterious dark structure.

The following is a series of images that can be clicked on to full screen enlargement that include eight of the many repeating “humanoid silhouette shadows,” the “Dark Mystery Structure” and mysterious “White Structure.”


NASA Band of Higher Resolution Images
Contains repeating “humanoid silhouette shadows” at yellow pins and beyond;
the Apollo 15 and 17 landing sites; and dark and white mystery structures

Click on image to enlarge. NASA band of higher resolution where Apollo 15
and 17 landing and exploration sites are each marked with a red flag.


Zooming Toward Yellow Pin Markers

Click on image to enlarge. Yellow Google pins mark several “humanoid silhouettes.”

Click on image to enlarge. The upper left yellow pin marks the “1st Dark Mystery Structure”
at 22 5 30.78 N  29 5 31.80 E  not far from Mark14Silhouette on the edge of Clerke crater.


One of Repeating Humanoid Silhouettes —
Processing Error?

Click on image to enlarge. Mark14Silhouette on edge of Clerke crater 21 34 05.02N  29 46 58.20E


1st Dark Mystery Structure

Click on image to enlarge. Close up “1st Dark Mystery Structure” at 22 5 30.78 N  29 5 31.80 E 


2nd Mystery White Structure

Click on image to enlarge. White Structure mystery at 21 13 25.15 N  33 47 28.76 E.

Google Moon is a service similar to Google Earth that shows satellite images of the Moon. It was launched by Google on July 20, 2009, the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The landing site of each of the Apollo missions is shown on the satellite image, providing more information as the user zooms in.

The images used to create the lunar images for Google Moon originate from NASA. So far, the space agency has not commented on exactly what lunar surface feature and repeating processing error is producing the strange humanoid-looking shadow pattern.


Earthfiles welcomes comments about the mysterious dark and white “structures” in Google Moon above to All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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