Africa Stone Circle and Triangle of Lights over Tucson, Arizona

© 1999 by Linda Moulton Howe
March 14, 1999 -

Sahara Desert Circle of Rocks

In the March 1999 issue of National Geographic, there is a photograph of a circle made from small, flat, dark rocks on beige sand in the Sahara desert of Africa. The perfect circle is actually a ring about two feet wide laid flat on the desert sand and stretching about 60 feet from one side of the ring to the other. Who put the dark stones down so neatly and perfectly flat is not known. The mystery does not end with the ring. Investigators have discovered that if they go about one mile from the ring of rocks, there are markers exactly north, south, east and west of the ring. The markers are also made of dark stones that form arrows pointing away from the circle in each of the four directions. So far, no one knows the age of the ring and arrows, who made them, or exactly what their purpose is. For listeners who want to see a photograph of the ring of rocks, you will find it in the National Geographic article entitled "Journey to the Heart of the Sahara," in the March 1999 issue.


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