Dutch Eyewitness Says Two Crop Circles Created By Pink-Purple Light

© 1999 by Linda Moulton Howe

June 9, 1999 Hoeven, Holland ­ I have received a report from Europe about an extraordinary event: an eyewitness to the creation of two crop circles in Hoeven, a southern Holland farm community about 90 minutes from Amsterdam. It was early Monday morning, June 7th at about 12:15 AM. This is the first formation in Holland this year. A 19-year-old named Robert woke up and felt compelled to look out his bedroom window. What happened next was phoned to me by Nancy Talbott, Director of the BLT Crop Circle Research Team in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nancy has worked with biophysicist W. C. Levengood in Michigan for the past several years to analyze plants from formations in Europe, Israel, Australia, Canada and the United States.


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