JFK, MJ-12 and Outer Space

February 12, 2002  New York City, New York - This past week in Manhattan, I met with reporter and author Jim Marrs to discuss U. S. government documents he was using for a television interview about MJ-12, also known as Majestic 12 or Majority 12. That Top Secret group of scientists, military officers and businessmen was allegedly appointed by President Harry S. Truman in 1947 to monitor and research the activity of extraterrestrial biological entities on the earth while simultaneously manipulating misinformation to keep all facts and physical evidence from the media and public "in the interest of national security." Jim's first book, Crossfire © 1989, was a national bestseller and used as a basis for Oliver Stone's feature film, JFK. Other books by Jim Marrs have included Alien Agenda © 1997 and Rule By Secrecy © 2000, each advancing insights about the interaction of one or more non-human intelligences with this planet since at least the Sumerian domination of Mesopotamia (modern day Iran and Iraq).


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