Classified NOSS Navy Satellites Offered As Dover Triangle Explanation

"Each NOSS launch placed a cluster of one primary satellite and three smaller sub-satellites (that trail along at distances of several hundred kilometers) into low polar orbit. This satellite array can determine the location of radio and radars transmitters, using triangulation, and the identity of naval units, by analysis of the operating frequencies and transmission patterns. NOSS used the ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) technique called 'time difference of arrival,' TDOA, rather than true interferometry."


 - Space Policy Agency: Military Space Programs: about White Cloud NOSS

April 27, 2002  Dover, Arkansas - Since my Earthfiles and Coast to Coast AM radio report on April 23-24, 2002, I have received several e-mails from viewers about the United States Naval Ocean Surveillance System (NOSS) satellite group as an explanation for the April 14, 2002 moving triangle of "stars" sighting described in the 04/22/02 Earthfiles. These satellites were not acknowledged by the United States government as officially existing prior to 1996, even though the first experimental ones were launched in the early 1970s. Even today, for national security reasons, Navy intelligence does not want information about NOSS known in the general public. Aiding that secrecy, the trios of satellites are not easily seen with the naked human eye.


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