Part 2 – UFO Crash/Retrievals, Status Report VII by Len Stringfield

To be more computer-upload-friendly, the reprints will be divided into parts. Here begins Part 2 of Status Report VII, from February 1994.

Question: While the Simeone case probably had no connection with the 1942 incident, occurring "north of Georgia," were the three WWII era crashes happening so close together, time-wise, a freak coincidence? Hardly. Or, were the mishaps a result of increased surveillance during a period of world conflict which began in September 1939?

Digressing a moment, despite the reports of early mishaps, I opted to stretch a bit in my working hypothesis to allow for the susceptibility of crashes in 1947 in the USA Southwest, notably in New Mexico. As a postulate, the alien mind set might have had a concern for the U. S. rapid development of a nuclear and rocket-missile arsenal, and thus, were willing to take greater risks in low-level tactical missions. And, despite their marvels of technology, it is feasible that they might have underestimated the effects of radar or New Mexico's sudden violent electrical storms.


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