More High Strangeness in the Michigan Sky

February 14, 2004  Jackson, Michigan - Since the middle of December, residents of Horton and Napoleon, Michigan, south of Jackson and west of Ann Arbor, have seen some very strange lights and objects in the sky. Another mystery was a large, nearly perfectly round ice circle discovered on December 28th at Mud Lake near Horton. The ice circle was probably created by Nature, but a local resident saw a bright light over the lake.

As recently as Saturday, February 7, and three nights before on February 4, a Jackson, Michigan, resident videotaped unidentified objects and sent me copies of the tapes to see. The man is a professional who works in computer technology support and has asked that I not use his real name. He asked me to call him "John." John is 36-years-old and has lived in Jackson, Michigan, all his life. He remembers seeing bizarre diamond-shaped, oval-shaped and triangular-shaped craft and large orange lights back in 1992 when there was a UFO flap over Napoleon. But he hasn't seen any strange aerial lights since then ­ until now.

He and other residents from the Napoleon, Horton, Litchfield area of Michigan south of Jackson have repeatedly seen unidentified lights. In John's videotape, a very bright light that seems somewhat stationary begins the sequence of events that went from 9 p.m. to about 9:50 p.m. EST.


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