Part 2: Texas Case of Shape-Shifting Human-to-Reptilian

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October 10, 2004  Texarkana, Texas -

Second Encounter

R. S.: "The second incident was about seven years ago (1992). I knew a woman in Atlanta, Texas, named Brenda. She was about two or three years older than me. She was a registered nurse (R. N.). I met her through a metaphysical class. She was very much into holistic healing. She was very much into UFOs. B talked about them quite freely. She said she could command them, as far as her choice of words ­ she said she could communicate with them when she desired to. Usually it was between 3 and 4 a.m. She could go to one particular window of her house and they would communicate with her, she said. We talked about that quite a bit.


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