Part 9: UFO Crash/Retrievals: Status Report III – Amassing The Evidence

"He (prominent French biochemist) was taken into a special room where he could leisurely study the corpses of two humanoids. They were very tall (2.3 meters or so, or 7 feet 3 inches) and bore hideous mutilations on their bodies, as if they had been the victims of a road accident! The heads of these two creatures were intact. The forehead high and broad. Very long blond hair. The eyes were stretched towards the temples which gave them an Asiatic look. ...the humanoids were of extraterrestrial origin."

- Source: Preuves Scientifiques OVNI © 1981 by J. C. Fumoux

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To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Here begins Part 9 of Status Report III, written in June 1982. The series of status reports, I through VII, were written by Leonard H. Stringfield from 1978 to 1994. Previous Status Report IV begins at Earthfiles 021205. Leonard Stringfield died on December 18, 1994.

Leonard H. Stringfield:

CASE B-8: 1979, Autopsy of Humanoids

Allegedly, UFO affairs involving the United States and many world governments are of the highest degree of secrecy. If my 'insiders,' both here and abroad are correct, there is a high level international exchange of UFO data and a cooperative contingency plan for alien craft retrieval. I have been told on good authority that countries in NATO have close Intelligence ties as does the U. S. with Australia and New Zealand, and some countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Some insiders even believe that Russia, and more recently, the Peoples Republic of China, share a close detente on UFO matters. But, except for the sensational 'stuff' which gets top billing in some tabloids, precious little of the real tactical or scientific data leak out to trickle down to the researcher. Although stories of crashed alien craft surface from distant lands from time to time, the stories of recovered occupants are rare. Thanks to a new French connection, maybe there is light in the end of the international tunnel. 


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