Part I – Highly Anomalous Pigment Formation in 2004 Hillsboro, Ohio, Crop Formation

June 2, 2005 Grass Lake, Michigan - In a Hillsboro, Ohio, garden back on July 5, 2004, corn plants were discovered by home owners to be mysteriously flattened in a rough rectangular pattern without any storm links or other natural explanations. Jeffrey Wilson, Director, Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association (ICCRA), in Ohio, forwarded to me an e-mail from the Hillsboro, Ohio, residents, along with a photograph of their affected garden plot of corn. The owners wrote:

"We have what most would refer to as a 'crop circle' in our garden plot of corn. We noticed it yesterday (July 5, 2004). We have contacted the local sheriff's department and he said it did not look like vandalism to him, but rather some type of natural or unexplained phenomena. No one has stepped into it yet, as I thought it might be of interest to someone."


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