Animal Mutilations Reported in Switzerland, Hollywood and Kansas

“Ten cats have been chopped in half or into three pieces and posed in the front yards of neighbors in this area since July.”

– Brenda Carey, Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement , Los Angeles

Since early August 2005, at least 47 animals have been found dead and mutilated in Switzerland, ranging from the provinces of Neuchatel, Jura and Basel provinces to Solothurn and Aargau.
Since early August 2005, at least 47 animals have been found dead and mutilated in Switzerland, ranging from the provinces of Neuchatel, Jura and Basel provinces to Solothurn and Aargau.

September 14, 2005  Solothurn (Soleure), Switzerland – Beginning in late May 2005, police in northwest Switzerland in a triangular region located between Basel (Basle), Solothurn (Soleure) and Aarau began receiving reports about cows, sheep, horses, cats and rabbits found dead with precise, surgical excisions of tissues, especially the sexual organs. Between August 8 and August 26, 2005, as the number of dead animals climbed to at least 47, there were half a dozen newspaper articles about the disturbing mutilations. Earthfiles viewer, Jeanne Guillou of Paris, France, saw Swiss television and newspaper reports about the dead animals and translated several articles for this Earthfiles report.


August 8, 2005

“Sadist zoophile of the North-West; goat mutilated in the Jura Province

BERN – The sadist zoophile who prevails in the North-West of Switzerland could have struck again, this time in the Jura. The mutilated corpse of a goat was found close to Movelier, Jura. The Jurassic cantonal (Jura province) police force seeks for witnesses.

For the police, there is not any doubt that the animal was victim of a pervert. The white goat of the Saanen race and four years old, died of the continuations of the total ablation of the udder. The udder was not found on the site. The animal had been in the pasture for two months with about fifty other animals.

One is unaware if this act is to be put on the account of the sadist who mutilates animals in the area of the North-West. This last one (perpetrator) struck about thirty times, often hurting the genital parts of cows, horses, sheep, cats and rabbits.

For reasons of tactic, the police force did not reveal certain cases and others were announced to it with delay. July 27, the police forces of Basle-Countryside, Argovie and Soleure had declared that they would not provide any more information to the press and the public until the arrest of the perpetrator.

The interest of the media and the public for this animal mutilation did not facilitate the investigations, the authorities indicated. The decision not to inform the press and the public anymore was made with the agreement of the psychiatrist who assists the police force.

The canton of the Jura was not concerned up to now by mutilations of animals and thus did not act in concert with its neighbors (the other counties beside), indicated Hubert Thalmann, Chief of the Gendarmerie of the canton of the Jura.”

August 9, 2005

“Jurassic police force is careful after the discovery of a mutilated goat in the village of Movelier

The animal died of the continuations of the total ablation of the udder. An act which the police force allots to a pervert. But not inevitably with that (perpetrator) who prevailed in the remainder (other places) of Switzerland lately, even if this new case is not without pointing out the other acts of cruelty made on animals these last weeks. In an official statement, the police force said the animal was a victim of a pervert. But Jurassic cantonal gendarmerie, Hubert Thalmann, said the investigation will have to prove if the perpetrator of the goat mutilation is the same as all the other cases discovered lately in the bordering cantons (provinces). Many animals have been tortured the past few weeks in the cantons (provinces) of Basle countryside, Soleure and Argovie. More than 30 cases of mutilations have been reported, acts often with sexual organs removed. Police urge anyone with information to contact them at 032-420-6565.”


August 18, 2005

“Tracking of a sadist zoophile in Switzerland

The police force of three cantons (provinces) in the north of Switzerland offer a reward of 26,000 Swiss franks for the capture of the person who has mutilated animals for several weeks. Acts of zoophile were made on certain animals.

Since the end of May 2005, the triangle located between Basle, Soleure and Aarau, in the Swiss countryside, are hot with cases of at least 43 animals – cows, sheep, horses, cats and rabbits – indeed were sadistic victims of acts zoophiles. The attacker slices in particular the udders or the genitals of the animals with a surgical precision.

The story causes the agitation in all the country and has been published in the serious and respected newspaper, Le Temps, which devoted a long article to the subject last weekend.”

August 19, 2005

“Five new cases

Five new cases of animal mutilations were announced since last week in the North-West of Switzerland. Three suspects were apprehended, but they are not responsible indicated the ATS (police). The sadist struck 23 times in Basle-Countryside, eleven times in Argovien territory, and nine times in the canton (province) of Soleure. The victims were mainly cows, sheep, horses, cats and rabbits.”

August 22, 2005

“Mutilated animals; four new cases in Switzerland (3 cows and 1 horse)

The serial torturer, which attacks cows and horses as well as rabbits, sheep or cats, did he perpetrate other crimes in the Bernese Jura? Or did he cause followers? These are the questions that the Bernese province police ask themselves. Indeed in the night of Wednesday to Thursday, August 24 to 25, 2005, three cows were wounded in Elay in the province of Soleure where the sadist has already prevailed.

The three bovines underwent serious mutilations on the legs while they were in a pasture herd. In a close village, Bellelay, it was a horse that was wounded. These deaths were also near the triangle formed by the Basle-Countryside, a part of Argovie and Soleure province where the sadist zoophile usually prevails. Is it the same individual? You would think he sees the net being tightened around him and seek another hunting ground, less supervised and controlled, since patrols of inhabitants and farmers regularly patrol at night the ways and pastures.

According to Swiss media, the investigators still do not have tangible evidence that would allow the arrest of the sadist whose misdeeds worry the populations more and more. A unit of police officers called Zaun was created under the aegis of the legal settlement of the police force of the North-West to put an end to the intrigues of the torturer who prevails since the end of May 2005 for three months now. Police have communicated very little about these worrying cases.”

August 26, 2005

“Ass mutilated and killed close to the village of Couvet

An ass was found dead on Tuesday (August 23, 2005) in a pasture towards Couvet in the canton (province) of Neuchatel. It underwent mutilations on the head and genitals. So far, no connection to the zoophile sadist who prevails in the North-West of Switzerland, according to authorities. The first cases of mutilations in the Jurassic Arc had been announced at the beginning of the week. Three cows had been mutilated in Elay, very close to the border with the province of Soleure, and a wounded horse in Bellelay. The maltreatments of animals have accumulated over fourteen weeks. Basle-countryside recorded 24 victims, Aarau province has had 12 and Soleure has had 10, plus others. The reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator is 26,000 franks ($26,831.49).”

September 9, 2005

“Police clueless on animal sadism Sunday Herald Sun, Australia, September 11, 2005:

Swiss police admit they have few clues about a wave of sadistic attacks on farm animals after the gruesome discovery of the carcass of yet another victim, a cow whose udder was cut off.

The carcass found on Friday, September 9, in a meadow at August am Albis, near Zurich, brings to at least 47 the number of cases involving cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits and cats tortured to death in rural areas in the past four months. Another pregnant cow whose udder had been mutilated was put down earlier in the week.

Police, who have been at pains to avoid dramatizing the incidents for fear of encouraging copycats, are attempting to establish if the Zurich case is linked with a series of attacks in nearby districts near the German border.

Authorities fear the perpetrators could be dangerous because of the extreme cruelty inflicted on the animals; their genitals or mammary organs are often surgically excised. The victims either died or had to be put down and some bore traces of bestiality, or sexual assault.

The head of a task force involving three district police forces told a Swiss newspaper on Saturday that the attacks were almost certainly committed by a number of sadists. “(But) we don’t have a shadow of a trace (of the offenders), unfortunately,” investigator Beat Krattiger told Blick newspaper.

He said police were following up 360 lines of inquiry and had logged 8,000 hours on the investigation. The district of Basel has been hardest hit, with 24 cases reported, followed by 12 in neighboring Aargau and 10 in Solothern. One prison psychologist has pointed out that cruelty to animals is a common characteristic of psychopaths. Press reports have speculated that the perpetrators have veterinary skills or are farmers because of their apparent skill in handling animals.”

West Hollywood, California Half-Cat Mutilations 

Ten cats have been chopped in half or pieces in West Hollywood since July 2005.
Ten cats have been chopped in half or pieces in West Hollywood since July 2005.

September 12, 2005

“Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I write you tonight, but I feel I must
get the word out. There have been a rash of cat mutilations in the
area near Cashio St. and La Cienega in West LA. Ten cats have been
chopped in half or into three pieces and posed in the front yards of
neighbors in this area since July.

The Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement has been investigating this horrible violent criminal activity and has some leads but have not caught the perpetrator yet.

We have posted $1,000 reward signs for information leading to the
conviction of the killer in the area where the bodies have been found.
If anyone would like to help with this investigation please contact me
at the BHLE at [email protected] and I will discuss with you ways
that you can assist. By the way, it is always best to keep your cat
indoors, but especially if you live in this neighborhood!!!

And, please call the BHLE’s hotline at 1-888-BHLE-APB if you are in that area and see anything suspicious.

Brenda Carey, Executive Director
The Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement

Lawrence, Kansas – Cut Up Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs in Lawrence, Kansas, have been found dead and cut up in 2005.
Cats and dogs in Lawrence, Kansas, have been found dead and cut up in 2005.

The Lawrence Journal-World reported on September 6, 2005:”On the morning of August 6, John and Rosie Elmore found the mutilated remains of their dog in the backyard of their southwest Lawrence, Kansas home. The scene was too difficult for Rosie Elmore to take in. “I didn’t get close to it, but my husband did. I knew it was bad,” she said as she recalled the incident recently. Neither the Elmores nor their neighbors heard any unusual noises the night the 15-pound West Highland terrier they called Noel was killed. But a few months ago Lee Beth Dever and her husband, Michael Dever, were awakened by a dog barking somewhere in their neighborhood. The barking soon turned into a blood-curdling wail. “It was the most God-awful wailing, crying and screaming,” Lee Beth Dever said. “It was so disturbing that at the time we actually thought, ‘Gosh, someone is beating their dog.'” A mystery Several residents who live in the area of Alvamar Golf Course and Country Club and in neighborhoods just north of Bishop Seabury Academy think some type of animal is attacking and killing small dogs and cats that have been left outside overnight. It’s been going on for several months, they said. At least three dogs have died under mysterious circumstances, including the Elmores’ dog. Neighbors also said cats have disappeared or been found dead. “We’ve been bringing our cats in at night,” said Susan Stuever, who has found small animal remains during morning walks in her neighborhood and around Alvamar. “My dogs will pick stuff up when we’re out walking and you can tell it’s the leftovers of something,” she said. The most common theory among the neighbors is that a mountain lion or a bobcat is the culprit. “I think there needs to be some sort of evaluation of the wildlife in this neighborhood,” Dever said. The Elmores notified police and animal control officers about the death of their dog. It is the only such incident in that area reported to them, police spokesman Sgt. Dan Ward said. Police and animal control do not handle wild animals and refer such incidents to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. The article speculates about possible culprits ranging from coyotes to bobcats, but to date there is not a definite answer to what is killing and cutting up dogs and cats in Lawrence, Kansas.

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