Part 7 – Peculiar Phenomenon: Early United States Efforts to Collect and Analyze Flying Discs

"It is believed that at least one Wasserfall surface-to-air missile,
complete with a 674-pound high explosive warhead, was fired at one
or more unidentified  radar targets hovering to the southwest
of WSPG Launch Row."

 - J. Andrew Kissner

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Trouble in the Desert (cont.)

Wendover Field and "GAPA" Program

Wendover Field was the site of Project Y's TOP SECRET 'KINGMAN' nuclear test staging area in the isolated desert in western Utah near the Bonneville Salt Flats. The U. S. Army Air Force's first atomic bomb element, the 509th Bomb Group, trained at KINGMAN under code name "CENTERBOARD." That was prior to its relocation to Tinian Island for the atomic bomb missions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is the same 509th Bomb Group based at Roswell, New Mexico, following their return from the Pacific Theater of Operations.


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