Einstein’s “Spooky Action At A Distance”

"Of the six beryllium atoms we have entangled, you take five of the atoms and put them into a spaceship and send them to the moon. If you now measure on earth the one that remains, you find it's spinning clockwise. Then you know that the five other ones on the moon will also spin clockwise, but there's no physical interaction between them."  

- Dietrich Leibfried, Ph.D., NIST

January 6, 2006  Boulder, Colorado - In this New Year, time and events seem to hurdle forward faster and faster ­ while advanced computers become smaller and smaller. Some physicists even think by mid-21st Century, there could be quantum computers in which each bit would be an atom. A quantum computer would use one of the strangest properties of our universe to calculate mathematical problems quickly that might take billions of years for classical computers to solve.


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