Part 20 – Peculiar Phenomenon: Early United States Efforts to Collect and Analyze Flying Discs

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Reprinted in 2005-2006 as a Real X-Files series by with author's written permission.

"We got out there to one of the three crash sites near Corona, and there were a helluva lot of people out there in a closed tent. ...There were four (non-human) bodies I could see when the flash went off. That's all I was photographing, bodies."

- U. S. Army/Air Force Photographer

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The U. S. Army 509th Bomb Group, Z-Division at Sandia Base, New Mexico; the antiaircraft artillery school at Ft. Bliss, Texas; and U. S. Army Ordnance, Enemy Equipment Intelligence Section, attempted to pick up debris of a crashed aerial vehicle in a pasture between Corona and Roswell. At the same time, other crashes were reported, including on the Plains of San Agustin. In the San Agustin crash, there reportedly were two dead entities, one severely injured and one live extraterrestrial biological entity which attempted to give comfort to his fallen comrades at the crash site. I have no details about yet another possible crash east of the Rio Grande River near San Antonio, New Mexico. Please note that the Corona and San Agustin Plains events are discussed and documented by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner in Crash At Corona © 1992.


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