Part 2: Unexplained Phenomenon of Sudden Human-to-Reptile “Replacement”

"It looked just like if we had gone to the zoo and seen an upright alligator with red eyes gazing at you as in total curiosity, but trying to communicate its essence with you."

- Sara, Texas Eyewitness

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June 7, 2006  Texas   -  Author and UFO investigator, Jim Marrs, and I have shared information over the past decade about firsthand eyewitnesses who have seen a close family member, or friend, suddenly be replaced for a few seconds by a standing up, or sitting down, lizard or alligator reptile. For example, Jim heard about such an incident from the daughter of a prominent Texas politician several years ago who saw her father change briefly and then returned to his normal human self. Both Jim and I have interviewed another Texas resident who saw her best friend sitting on a couch, suddenly replaced by a sitting “alligator” for a few seconds before the friend returned to her normal-looking human self. The Texas eyewitness in this report will be called Sara.


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