Part 1: “Alphonso Lorenzo” – Military Visitor to Another Planet?

September 4 , 2006  Albuquerque, NM - Since the late fall of 2005, there has been internet speculation about an alleged leaker's release of U. S. government information about a classified project called SERPO. The internet buzz also produced a Wikipedia entry which states:

"Project Serpo is a term in ufology circles referring to an alleged exchange program between ultra top secret levels in the government of the United States and aliens from a homeworld called Serpo. In November 2005, an anonymous source claiming to be part of a high level group of people within the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), began releasing information allegedly concerning Project Serpo. This released information claims that in July 1947 there were two extraterrestrial disk UFOs that crashed in the state of New Mexico, widely known and referenced as the famous Roswell UFO incident.


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