Pregnant Cows Disappear in Ohio; Horses Beheaded in Vancouver

"We’re puzzled and without a clue. Frankly, we can’t believe
this has happened. It’s something that we would not have dreamed would
occur in a million years.”

- Chula Family Farm, Lake Township, Ohio

November 16, 2006   Albuquerque, New Mexico - Back in the 1970s, there were British reports of cattle that either disappeared from fenced pastures or entire herds were found in a neighbor's pasture, inexplicably transported during the night

When animal mutilations occur, at the same time there are often missing animal reports that can range from small cats to large animals such as cattle and horses. One famous case occurred in Waurika, Oklahoma, in the mid-1990s. A rancher reported that 850 of his cows and 850 of his calves all disappeared one weekend without a trace of evidence.  1700 cattle missing! The case was never solved and the insurance company finally settled with the nearly-bankrupt family.

Ohio Beacon Journal, November 9, 2006, Akron, Ohio.
Ohio Beacon Journal, November 9, 2006, Akron, Ohio.


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