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“The screams we heard are forever etched into my memory and the sound of the taped shrieks literally gives me horrendous chills up and down my spine and I get tears and shaky as well.”

– Paull E. Rubin

1)  On Dec 29, 2006, Paull E. Rubin wrote:

“I just read your most recent bigfoot interview and found the name Darrell Owen. I happened to be on tour (I am a guitarist and recording engineer) and while in Crescent City, CA, back in ’93, I stopped in at the local newspaper to meet with Steve Selke, a reporter who had broken the Owen story thru the AP. I am a graduate in Anthropology, Humboldt State, 1979, studied primates with Rosalind Ribnick (no longer at HSU). She was very influential and persuasive about the sasquatch existing in the local area. I went on to work as an archaeologist with CalTrans, District 9 in Bishop. Bill Michael, the curator at the museum in Independence , CA has told me of bigfoot sightings in the Sierras as recent as last summer. Anyway, Mr. Selke was ‘run out of town on a rail’ after his bigfoot stories appeared in the paper…

“Darrell put me and the singer up for the night, took us back up the mountain where his son Josh had first seen the creature and showed us footprints and casts he made as well as hair samples. WE heard the shrieks coming from the mountain at night. Judy Del Ponte, property owner in the area told Darrell a family of 5 creatures were living on her property and had been there for 20 years or more. This is about 20-25 miles due west of where the Patterson film was shot. I saw his video, uncut, before it was aired on Sightings, complete with expletives and definite glowing red eyes.

“I have a cassette of some screams that dates back to the ’70’s, I believe, and it sounds identical to what we heard at Kitson Springs (located just over the Willamette Pass, southwest of Bend, Oregon, HWY 58, I think. Anyway, I believe these creatures do live in and travel thru the lava tubes that are vast and unmapped throughout California, Oregon and Washington. I collected an 81/2×11 sheet of paper with a drawing of “Sasquatch and Family” taken from the ranger station at Castle Crags State Park. When I showed this to 2 female rangers at McCarthur-Burney Falls park, also in California, where sightings were prevalent last year, they were a bit horrified to see them portrayed as ‘gentle woodland creatures.’ … The screams we heard are forever etched into my memory and the sound of the taped shrieks literally gives me horrendous chills up and down my spine and I get tears and shaky as well. I guess I was too skinny to eat!

“I had one other encounter in 1983 near Bend, Oregon – actually it was at Kitson Springs. We were screamed at for about 20 minutes while we (my sister and girlfriend) lay still, trying to pretend to be dead. It finally ran away, shrieking as if it were warning others that we had beaten them to the spring. Feel free to contact me if you’d like, and thanks for your tireless and wonderful work.”

2)  On Dec 29, 2006, Danny Adair from Oregon wrote:

“Big foot … Sasquatch. Yes, this being is very much alive and well.
I have been up close to a number of these beings over the years up in
the Oregon High Cascades. I have told you before where I have seen these
beings. A number of its kind roam the Summit Lake and down over to
the Bull Dog Meadow / Bull Dog Rock area.

“I have seen one Sasquatch that was way up high in an old growth Douglas Fir tree. Me and a friend of mine were canoeing on Summit Lake. We paddled over to the Northeast shore line. There standing on the rocky shore was a large male Sasquatch. He started making the loud shrilly screams at us. As we paddled along the shore line this big male followed us along the shore. He would stop at times and make very aggressive gestures but never stopped making the loud shrilly screams until it finally turned and went into the trees. This took place at around 2:00 pm.

“I had a Sasquatch walk into my camp at night as the campfire was dying down. This Sasquatch walked straight over to my ice chest that was sitting on the ground. This Sasquatch took the lid off and reached down to get a package of hamburger meat that was sitting on the block ice. This Sasquatch took out the hamburger and unwrapped it from the freezer paper. This Sasquatch then took half of the hamburger meat then put the other half, still in paper, back into the ice chest. This Sasquatch put the ice chest lid back on, not straight, and then walked off into the dark woods. This Sasquatch must have had a keen sense of smell and showed a good level of intelligence. I have often seen Probes just before, during or just after my encounters with Sasquatch… but not always.

“There are to many guys around this area that would go out hunting for this being..with the wish only to kill one. Prove that Bigfoot is real and there will be hundreds of men out to kill one!”

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