2006 Human Encounter with Translucent Entity

"I saw a scaly being that was translucent. There, but not there. I could see it, but I could also see through it."

-  Male Florida Resident, August 2006

"What really intrigues me is the E.T.s can be 5% to 10% in this dimension  on this physical plane while the rest is in another dimension. There are dimensions out there like layers of an onion... The E. T.s molecularly change the vibration of something so they can be in another dimension and solid, but be projected here in only 5%. That's when you can see through them."

- Jim Sparks, E. T. Experiencer and Author, The Keepers


April 20, 2007  Southern Florida -  In 1995, at a conference about the human abduction syndrome, one of the participants was a man named Jim Sparks, born Jim Sparacino to his Italian parents on November 15, 1954.


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