Part 12: Army/CIA Unit Studied the Real UFO Blue Book Cases

“Col. Jim at Area 51 said alien craft propulsion systems were anti-magnetic and anti-gravitational on two of the craft and one had an anti-matter type propulsion that was much more complicated than the other two.”

- “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst

  Return to Part 1 Return to Part 11 December 4, 2008  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  My June 29, 1998, interview with Stein at his Florida home continues from Part 11.   Howe:  “WHAT OTHER FILES DID YOU LOOK THROUGH? Stein:  “We looked through the WWII German file. THAT SAME DAY YOU SAW THE ROSWELL FILE? Yes, same day. WHAT WAS THAT FILE CALLED? ‘End of World War II Agreements File,’ something like that. I thought it would be surrender papers from Germany, but when I opened the file up, it was something entirely different from that.


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