Updated Part 1: Non-Human Entities (NHEs): One View from Alleged Government Insiders

“Our misguided program directors cling to the false belief that we can control or manipulate the Non-Human Entities, when in actuality, the reverse is occurring - we are the ones being manipulated and deceived.”

- Intelligence Agents, Dept. of Defense


Updated August 14, 2009 / June 17, 2009  Albuquerque, New Mexico - A trusted research colleague I have known since the early 1980s called me in May 1994, soon after my book Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses was first published. [ See Earthfiles Shop.]  Ray Boeche, a devout Christian, computer graphics illustrator at the University of Nebraska and long time investigator of the UFO phenomenon, including the baffling events at Bentwaters AFB in England, December 26 - 28, 1980. Ray told me he had been contacted by two men who showed identification from the Department of Defense in Washington, D. C.


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