Part 3: Non-Human Entities (NHEs): One View from Alleged Government Insiders

“Not all moving lights are hard physical objects,
and in a sense your contact is right in stating that the NHEs
have come into this dimension from another.”

- The Writers

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June 25, 2009  Albuquerque, New Mexico - On August 16, 1994, I received a reply to my letter of questions about the Writers' earlier first floppy disc dated July 16, 1994. The second floppy disc contained the following five pages from the two men who had originally contacted Ray Boeche and showed identification from the Department of Defense in Washington, D. C. The Christian religious context of this reply by the Writers might relate more to their upbringing than hard, objective facts about non-human entities (NHEs), but personal background details are unknown. Content in Real X-Files at is presented for consideration in a wide range of phenomena and interpretations, not as proven fact.


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