Updated: Part 3: Private Detective’s Encounters with Non-Humans

“When that Praying Mantis being communicated, ‘You’re going to be OK,’ that instrument was moving flexibly like a water snake in the air. It shot right into the corner of my right hip.”

- “Joshua Rhinehall,” Private Investigator, Pacific Northwest

Updated with Earthfiles viewer email:

Subject: Ant heads
Date: January 26, 2011
To: [email protected]


I've been following "Joshua's" experience with the Praying Mantises (ant heads as my sister and I call them).   Although my memories of abduction were initially filled with sheer terror, at the end of my abduction, my emotions were that of love and wanting to stay with them - strange, yes. My sister's experiences were not of terror or fear - she had more just of a 'matter of fact' feeling. I've got to say that I don't really agree with Josh's feelings that they are malevolent, even though I am still fearful when things go bump in the night around here.

I do believe that there is some type of genetic research going on - as the alien issues seem to follow along my father's side of the family, and paranormal (seeing ghosts, etc...) along my mom's side of the family (whether those two things are from each other, I do not know. I do not feel that they are visiting me to cause me harm. Partial reasons for this belief is that the activity level was increased when my boys were young (they are now 15 and 21), and subsided as they got older. And, now, I have a daughter who just turned 1, and the activity has since picked up, once again! And, also, my memories of the encounter had aspects of physical exams of my brain, etc.... and, my sister has had some exams of her hands because she could get her hands to radiate heat.


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