Part 5:  Couple Lifted in Car by Beam of Cerulean Blue Light

“There are other dimensions ... more than three dimensions. Everywhere it all works together. Everything co-exists. There's different dimensions we can't go into.”

- UFO abductee, Longmont, Colorado, November 1980

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June 6, 2011  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Continuing in Part 5 with conclusion of Gary Thompson's third hypnosis session with Richard Sigismund on September 8, 1981, and Gary's fifth hypnosis session on November 10, 1981, in Boulder, Colorado. The fourth hypnosis session was devoted entirely to having Gary Thompson use color pastels and large sketching sheets to illustrate the craft and entities as he remembered them. See illustrations in Parts 1 and 2. There was a mechanical problem and that drawing session was not recorded, but Gary also sketched in Hypnosis # 5 below.

At the end of this report, the charcoal sketch and the color pastel of the same entity dressed in sparkly gold with a multi-layered collar has been described by government sources as an EBEN, extraterrestrial biological entity.


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