Part 1: Peruvian Interacts with Small, Grey Being

“We are you, you are us, in this universe we are all aliens.
We are only trying to make (create) better vessels (bodies?)
so that we can exist in this universe and all of its worlds.”

- June 26, 2014, telepathic communication from small, glowing,
grey entity to resident of Cusco, Peru region

“We are from a different dimension, a different plane of existence.
We have no boundaries or limits, as you have.”

- Non-Human Entity, The Cattle Mutilators by John J. Dalton


July 2, 2014 Cusco, Peru - Back in 1980, after my first television documentary investigation of the worldwide animal mutilation mystery in A Strange Harvest (see Earthfiles Shop), I was given a book released that same year entitled The Cattle Mutilators © 1980 by John J. Dalton published by Manor Books that subsequently went out of business. Since the book had so many factual details about a phenomenon that I had come to know up close, while most of the world was unaware, I suspected the author was really working in an intelligence agency and the book was a camouflaged leak in fiction.


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