Part 5:  Maze of Deception

“There is a predestination doctrine known as the Two Spirit Theology,
in which one's soul is said to be fated for all eternity, blessed or cursed
as the result of a kind of angelic wrestling match between two of the
‘Watcher’ spirits: ... a Good Angel and an Evil Angel, who struggle for
possession of your soul ...”

- David Flusser, Israeli Biblical scholar commenting on the Dead Sea Scrolls

“The grey Watchers are our remote imaging surrogates
connected to the tall Elders with bio-electric mind projections.”\

- Tall Elder to Betty Andreasson Luca, Abductee


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April 20, 2015  Albuquerque, New Mexico - After my November 3, 1994, correspondence to The Writers — that included the alleged hybrid photo and CIA/State Department document — Ray Boeche and I talked by phone about my possibly traveling to meet The Writers for a face-to-face discussion around Thanksgiving 1994. But the Writers decided it was too dangerous. Throughout 1995, there were no more discs from them.


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