Part 16: Maze of Deception


“Thoughts have no barriers and can be pulled through time, space
and dimensions in an instant. We can be anywhere in the universe or within
any plane or dimension and know what's taking place here in the Earth experiment.”

- Meue entity to human medical doctor investigating
animal and human mutilations, The Cattle Mutilators © 1980

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July 14, 2015   Albuquerque, New Mexico - Continuing Chapter 18, The Cattle Mutilators:

Bold Italics = Non-Human Telepathy
Roman Regular = Dr. Jerry Brandon
Regular Italics = Dr. Brandon's Thoughts

Meue Non-Human: "That's right. They will be given the historical record of knowledge of a virtual unknown that has moved into another dimension. They will eat, sleep and live like everyone else. The only difference is the supreme Meue brain and the lack of entity."

Dr. Jerry Brandon: "You mean these things don't have a soul?" Brandon asked, puzzled. "But they are born from human genes and chromosomes."


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