Part 5: Dina Napier Encounters with Live Reptilian Humanoid and Frightening Cloaked Figure

“The cloaked being was hovering above us. My 6-month-old son and I were huddled in the corner, and I was holding onto him very, very tightly.  This being would reach out, trying to take my son away from me. It was
a mental battle between us, that I was protecting my son, and I wasn't
allowing this being to take him from me.”

- Dina Napier in 1994, age 21

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Reposted March 30, 2019 - March 30, 2017 Union Gap, Washington - High strangeness remote viewing of a huge, black pyramid underground in Alaska at age 22 in 1995 is not the only phenomena in Dina Napier's life. A year before that in 1994 as a mother with a
6-month-old baby boy, Dina had to fight off a tall, black-cloaked entity with four long grey fingers that seemed intent on taking her young son and she had to fight hard with her mind to keep the entity away.


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