Part 3: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield

© July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield

With permission, reprinted in © 2004 by Linda Moulton Howe.

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To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Here begins Part 3 of Status Report VI, from July 1991. These status reports were written by Leonard H. Stringfield from 1978 to 1994. Status Report VII begins at Earthfiles 12/15/03. Leonard Stringfield died on December 18, 1994.

Len Stringfield - continued:

Roswell is a small town's name in New Mexico, adjacent to the old air base known as Roswell Air Field to its south. Both town and base are 75 miles away from the Max Brazel ranch near the still smaller town of Corona. There, allegedly, an alien saucer with its crew crashed on July 2, 1947. (Dates vary). Niched in history because of that event, Roswell will become even more enshrined when new evidence will be released in 1991 in two books. One entitled, UFO Crash At Roswell is co-authored by Don Schmitt, Director of Special Investigations for CUFOS, and Kevin Randle, Captain, USAF Reserves. The other is by scientist Stanton Friedman and aviation writer, Don Berliner. All four are battle-tested UFO researchers. And lest we forget, it was Bill Moore (and co-author Charles Berlitz) with Stan Friedman whose spadework investigations put the "Roswell Incident" on the map in a book of that title published in 1980.)


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