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Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor,

March 8, 2015: Earthfiles YouTube News about RAF Bentwaters on YouTube.

April 3, 2015: Earthfiles YouTube News about Ceres Mystery Bright Spots

June 18, 2015: Earthfiles YouTube News Update About Ceres Mystery Bright Spots.
July 10, 2015: Earthfiles YouTube News - “Bird Disappearance
Mystery At Seahorse Key, Florida.” Click here for Earthfiles YouTube Channel.



New Updated 2015 Printing with Color Throughout:
Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses

“As I read ‘Glimpses of Other Realities,’ I found myself in an almost permanent
state of excitement. For anyone who has so far managed to sleep through
the increasing furor about non-human intelligence, I cannot recommend
a better alarm clock than Linda Moulton Howe's 2-volume book.”

- Colin Wilson, British author, Mysteries.

Please see Earthfiles Shop.


The RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge mysteries and more — on LIVE PHENOMENON Radio hosted by John Burroughs with Linda Moulton Howe. Tune In retired U. K. Ministry of Defence UFO Desk staffer Nick Pope in Nov. 26th broadcast about what happened in Rendlesham Forest December 26-28, 1980? Who had power to keep UFO secrets from Lord Hill-Norton?

Live KGRA web radio Thursday nights -
5 -7 PM Pacific / 8 - 10 PM Eastern.

An Alien Harvest
, 2nd Edition, © December 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe,
was awarded a Nonfiction best book award from the New Mexico-Arizona Book
Association at their annual ceremony in the Tanoan Country Club of
Albuquerque, NM, on Friday, November 20, 2015. Please see Earthfiles Shop.



November 27, 2015 - More Mysterious, Unexplained Sounds
from Chicago, Kansas, Kentucky and Florida. Report upcoming.

What Was That Mysterious "Boom" That
Rocked Chicago's Suburbs?

Seismic recording of "loud rumbling type of noise" near NOON Thanksgiving
day in southwest subruban Chicago. Police stations received hundreds of calls
from worried residents about a boom noise that even shook their houses and the
ground beneath them. By 2 PM, the Will County Sherriff's Office reported
they thought two men doing target practice with their guns was the explanation,
but others question that explanation because gun target practice does not
sound like a bomb explosion that shakes houses and the ground.

November 27, 2015 - Mysterious, Unique Extragalactic
“Twin Fast Radio Bursts” Signals Detected.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Parkes radio telescope is a 210-foot-diameter (64 m) parabolic dish used for
radio astronomy. It is located about 12 miles (20 km) north of
Parkes, New South Wales (NSW), west of Sydney.

Parkes radio telescope in Australia has now detected unprecedented, unique "twin fast radio bursts" in a series of five recorded blasts of radio energy that last only a few milliseconds and go back in time to 9 billion years ago in this 13.9-billion-year-old universe in the constellation Octans. These five, plus nine before recorded since 2007, bring the total to fourteen fast radio bursts in the same constellation. Scientists do not yet know what has produced them. See Nov. 25, 2015 Cornell University



November 23, 2015 - Part 2: Death from Below and Above in Earth

Mass Extinctions. Click for report with mp3 audio.

“There’s also a correlation between the times of comet impacts and large scale
volcanism on the Earth. ...They are tens of thousands of times larger than the
stuff that’s been coming out of Kilauea in the past 20 or 30 years.”

- Michael Rampino, Ph.D., NYU Geologist

The “double whammy” of global volcanic agitation of Earth
66 million years ago at the same time that a 6-mile wide outer space
chunk of rock or ice slammed into the Gulf of Mexico caused
mass extinctions on Earth. Graphic © by Sergey Krasovskiy.

November 20, 2016 -

— Part 1: “Death from Above” in Earth Mass Extinctions.
Click for report with mp3 audio.

A 26-million-year-cyclical pattern has been linked to periodic motion
of our solar system through the dense mid-plane of the Milky Way galaxy.

“The correlation between the formation of these impacts and extinction
events over the past 260 million years is striking and suggests
a cause-and-effect relationship.”

- Michael Rampino, Ph.D., NYU Geologist

Illustration by David A. Hardy,


—Thermal Imaging of Great Pyramid of Giza Reveals
“Impressive Heat Anomaly” On East Side. Click report with mp3 audio.

Thermal scanning of the Great Giza Pyramid since October 25, 2015,
revealed three limestone blocks were warmer than others. What is behind those blocks?

Frame from a thermal camera viewing limestone blocks in the
Great Pyramid of Khufu, also known as Cheops. A "particularly impressive"
heat anomaly (red above) was found on the ground level of the eastern side of Cheops
and also in the upper half of the Great Pyramid. Image by Heritage Innovation Preservation.


— NASA Now Helping to Photograph Mysterious, Large

Geoglyphs in Northern Kazakhstan. Click report with mp3 audio.

“...I’ve never seen anything exactly like these.”

- Persis B. Clarkson, Ph.D., Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of Winnipeg

3-armed "swastika" pattern approximately
100 meters / 320 feet in diameter that geoglyph
experts say is not a known pattern beyond the northern
Kazakhstan discovery with NASA satellite help of
some 200 geoglyphs. Image © 2015 by Digital Globe.



Update: November 16, 2015 - WT1190F “Space Junk”
Photographed Over Indian Ocean.

Speculations about what the 2-meter-long hollow object was included Russian or Chinese mission debris, or American spent rocket stage or module from the Apollo program. Jonathan McDowell, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, Harvard University, said the object had "a low density and was perhaps hollow" suggesting an "artificial object."

On Friday, November 13, 2015, “mysterious space junk” called WT1190F about
6 feet long (2m) traveling on a highly elliptical orbit twice as far as the Earth-Moon distance
of 242,000 miles hit the Indian Ocean about 40 miles (65 km) from Sri Lanka off the
southern tip of India at 1:20 PM local time/12:20 AM CST. The skies were cloudy there so a
group of seven astronomers flew in a plane above the clouds to photograph
as the unidentified object broke apart. Image by IAC/UAE Space Agency/NASA/ESA.



November 13, 2015 - U. S. Navy Captain (Ret.) Comments About November 7th Missile Launch Controversy. Click for report.

“The observers assumed they saw an unidentified object moving
from South to North, but in fact the missile was moving West
some 1,100 miles at 13,600+ MPH.”

- Retired Naval Flight Officer Captain Mark Wood

Saturday, November 7, 2015, approximately 6 PM Pacific,
photograph with Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco below what
the U. S. Navy describes as a Trident II (D5) ballistic missile
launch test from USS Kentucky (SSBN-737), a Pacific Fleet Submarine.
Photograph © Nov. 7, 2015 by Abe Blair.



November 7, 2015 - Breaking News: Secret Military Operations Have Closed Airspace From LAX West Over Pacific Through Coming Week.

ABC7-TV Eyewitness News reports on November 7, 2015,
that from today to next weekend “mysterious (military) maneuvers over
the Pacific are forcing a change in Los Angeles Int'l. Airport landings
late at night, meaning noise for thousands of people in the flight path.”



November 5, 2015 - NASA MAVEN Indicates Martian Atmosphere Began to Be Stripped Off By Solar Storm Winds Beginning 4.2 Billion Years Ago When Mars Lost Its Protective Magnetic Field.

“Solar wind storms of a very active sun in the beginning of our solar system
began stripping the upper atmosphere of Mars away into space beginning 4.2 billion
years ago when Martian magnetic fields were lost for unknown reasons, while Earth's
strong magnetic fields have persisted and repelled the solar wind enough
to preserve the Earth's atmosphere.”

- Bruce Jakosky, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, NASA MAVEN Mission

Left: Illustration of Mars surrounded by strong solar storm wind that could
strip the Martian upper atmosphere beginning 4.2 to 3.7 billion years ago after Mars is
hypothesized to have lost its protective magnetic fields for unknown reasons. On the right,
Earth's strong magnetic fields still persist and deflect the solar wind. Illustrations by NASA.

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft launched in November 2013
and entered Martian orbit on September 22, 2014. Its mission has been
to study how Mars lost most of its atmosphere and water.
Artists' conception by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.



November 4, 2015 - Is Mysterious “Signal” After Big Bang
from A Parallel Universe?

Page 10, “Spectral Variations of the Sky: Constraints on Alternate Universes,”
by R. Chary, Astrophysical Journal, Oct. 1, 2015.

When our universe was 380,000 years old after the Big Bang, the above cosmic microwave background (CMB) observed by the Planck Telescope is the oldest light from that beginning. While mapping the CMB, European Space Agency astrophysicist Ranga-Ram Chary, Ph.D., who studies Planck Space Telescope data at CalTech, found an unexplained signal in a baryon to photon ratio that does not exist in our known universe. One hypothesis is that the signal is matter “leaking” from a parallel universe into ours. See 100115 Astrophysical Journal.



Oct. 29, 2015 -

— Strangest Star Light Pattern in Milky Way Galaxy —
Are There Megastructures Orbiting KIC 8462852? Click for report.

“We do know that it takes weeks (for light blocker) to pass in front of the star.
And the dimming is almost random. That suggests that whatever's blocking the star's
light has a very complex structure. And there's a lot of them.”

- Jason Thomas Wright, Ph.D., Penn State Astronomer

Star KIC 8462852 is 1,480 light-years from Earth between
the Cygnus and Lyra constellations in our Milky Way galaxy. Image by
Kepler Space Telescope for Planet Hunters project/Tabetha
Boyajian, Ph.D., Yale University astronomer.


— Mysterious Huge and Cold “Blob” in the North Atlantic —
Could It Slow Down Gulf Stream Circulation? Click for report.

For the past two years, an abnormally cold region of the Atlantic Ocean
between Greenland and western Europe has been growing, while Atlantic ocean
waters in the Gulf Stream have been warming. Scientists have varying theories
about increasing Greenland fresh water ice melt that could change salt water
density enough to weaken Gulf stream flow of warm water to Europe. But what
exactly is happening to keep such a large region of the North Atlantic
so much colder is a mystery. Graphic by AccuWeather.


— Updates with mp3 audios - Parts 1 and 2: Strange Symbols On Disc
and Binary Code Download in Georgia. Click for Real X-Files.

“This big disc had symbols on it that looked like they were part
of the object's metallic skin, but a darker color within the smooth metal
surface, not raised or etched in, I don't think.”

- “C. J.,” Sergeant First Class, U. S. Army

Two of these June 29, 2015, Georgia UFO symbols above sketched
by U. S. Army Sgt. First Class "C. J." are similar to two of the
December 26, 1980, U. K. Rendlesham Forest UFO symbols sketched
by USAF Staff Sgt. James Penniston compared in this Earthfiles report.

Both Sgt. C. J. in June 2015 and Sgt. Penniston in December 1980
also experienced telepathic downloads of binary code and the
2015 and 1980 translations are compared in Part 2.



October 24, 2015 - Mystery Booms in Minnesota, Nevada,
Maryland and Ottawa. Click for report.

“I just had a large explosive bang outside my house with a bright
white light which was seen from all my windows in 3 directions.”

- Resident in Twin Cities, Minnesota,
October 23, 2015, 11:20 PM CST



October 23, 2015 - Parts 1 & 2: Star Wars Physicist Edward Teller
And Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs)
. Click for Real X-Files.

“A menace greater than the nuclear arms race exists.
It does not originate here on Earth, but comes from space itself. ”

- Edward Teller, Ph.D., in memo to Pres. Ronald Reagan

resident Ronald Reagan awarded physicist Edward
Teller, Ph.D., the National Medal of Science in 1983.
Image courtesy Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.



October 20, 2015 - 47 Teeth in China Put Modern Homo Sapiens
There At Least 80,000 Years Ago.

Modern humans reached Europe about 45,000 years ago emerging out of Africa and eventually replacing Neanderthals. The teeth discovery reported in the October 14, 2015, Nature journal means China had the earliest modern humans. So why didn't modern Homo sapiens sapiens travel into Europe beyond Africa and China 80,000 years ago? Did Neanderthals in Europe repel the Homo sapiens?

Eight of the forty-seven teeth found at Fuyan cave in Daoxian,
in southern China. Teeth enamel is the human body's hardest tissue and
these were found in cave stalagmites at least 80,000 years old, closely
resembling teeth in modern humans. Also see Nature.


October 18, 2015 - More Half Cats in St. Petersburg, Fla. and
Police Warn Residents To Keep Pets Inside.

Click for updated Real X-Files.

“This is not the case of an animal getting ahold of the pet
or an accident with a car. This was clearly somebody deliberately
mutilating this cat (October 8, 2015).”

- Yolanda Fernandez, St. Petersburg Police Spokesperson



On October 8, 2015, the second half cat mutilation in the past two months was found on 13th Lane N.E. in St. Petersburg, Florida. Previously on September 29th, at 17th Street North, another cat was found “cleanly cut in half” in the front yard of a home. No blood and no evidence of tracks or struggle in either case. Earthfiles has reported about several bloodless half-cat mutilations in St. Petersburg since 2008, about 20 miles from MacDill AFB. See updated Real X-Files report.



October 15, 2015 - What Is Blocking Light from Distant Star?
Report upcoming.

“We've never seen anything like this star. It was really weird.”
- Tabetha Boyajian, Ph.D., Astronomer, Yale University

“It looked like the kind of thing you might expect an alien civilization to build.”

- Jason Wright, Ph.D., Astronomer, Penn State University

Star KIC 8462852 is 1,480 light-years from Earth between
the Cygnus and Lyra constellations in our Milky Way galaxy. Image by
Kepler Space Telescope for Planet Hunters project/Tabetha
Boyajian, Ph.D., Yale University astronomer.

Middle aged star KIC 8462852 is emitting a light pattern that is stranger than any of the other 150,000 stars that project Planet Hunters has studied with the Kepler Space Telescope. Overseeing Planet Hunters is Yale University post-doc astronomer Tabetha Boyajian, Ph.D. Back in 2011, citizen scientists helping search the Planet Hunters solar targets in the Milky Way for possible orbiting planets flagged KIC 8462852 as "interesting" and "bizarre." The light pattern it emits suggests some kind of matter structure circles that star causing a strange, intermittent blocking pattern. If it's a cosmic abnormality, it is so far unique and not understood. Astronomer Jason Wright at Penn State University is preparing to publish a scientific paper to offer that the bizarre light pattern could be a "swarm of megastructures" built by an advanced alien civilization to harvest energy from the star. Also see: Planet Hunters.



October 15, 2015 - Mystery of Red Ice On Pluto.

High-resolution images of Pluto taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft just before closest
approach on July 14, 2015, reveal features as small as 270 yards (250 meters) across, from
craters to faulted mountain blocks, to the textured surface of the vast basin informally called
Sputnik Planum. Enhanced color has been added from the global color image that shows red ice
hugging the heart-shaped region below. What exactly makes the ice so red is still unknown.
The above image is about 330 miles (530 kilometers) across. Credits: NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI.

More information: NASA New Horizons.



October 13, 2015 - Apollo 17 NASA Film Shows Rotating Triangle

of Lights in 1972 Film from Lunar Landing Module.

Apollo 17 NASA final moon mission in 1972: this 16mm film was taken from the
Lunar Module window during undocking. The video clearly shows a triangular-shaped
aerial object rotating several times. See original 1972 NASA video here.

This image was taken by Apollo 17 Lunar Module pilot Harrison Schmitt,
one of the last three astronauts to walk on the moon. Triangular aircraft in upper right.
Apollo 17 remains the most recent manned Moon landing and also the last time
humans travelled beyond low Earth orbit. See original 1972 large NASA image.



October 12, 2015 - New Brazil Crop Formation: Vesica Pisces.

“The fish-shaped central area, Vesica Pisces ... symbolically connects heaven and Earth,
above and below, creator and creation ... a deeper penetration of spirit
into form where the Word becomes flesh.”

- Robert Lawlor, 1982, Sacred Geometry

Above: Reported October 7, 2015, in Prudentopolis, Parana, southern Brazil,
this crop formation is a variation on a Vesica Pisces pattern that is similar to
Below: a June 8, 2009, barley formation reported in Bourges, France, that had
many unusual reoriented stems and growth node expulsions. Brazil aerial
Divulgacaop/Revista UFO. See: Cropcircleconnector.

French aerial © 2009 by Umberto Molinaro. See:



October 12, 2015 - Does Huge “Cold Blob” in Atlantic Ocean Mean
Warm Water Circulation from Gulf is Slowing Down? Report upcoming.

For the past two years, an abnormally cold region of the Atlantic Ocean
between Greenland and western Europe has been growing, while Atlantic ocean
waters in the Gulf Stream have been warming. Scientists have varying theories
about increasing Greenland fresh water ice melt that could change salt water
density enough to weaken Gulf stream flow of warm water to Europe. But what
exactly is happening to keep such a large region of the North Atlantic
so much colder is a mystery. Graphic by AccuWeather.




NOON EDT September 28, 2015 - NASA Announces “Liquid Salty

Water Has Been Found On Mars” — Mysterious Dark Streaks
That Come and Go. Is There Also Life?

“Everywhere we go where there is liquid water on Earth, we find life.
We haven't been able to answer if life is beyond Earth, but now we
can be in the right areas on Mars to explore for life.”
- Jim Green, Dir., Planetary Science, NASA HQ


Dark streaks that come and go in Martian regions are confirmed by HiRISE -Mars
Reconnaissance Orbiter to be briny liquid water released from perchlorate hydrated salts.

Molecular water in perchlorate hydrated salts confirmed by spectroscopy
on Mars is periodically released in Martian soils producing the dark streaks.
It is perchlorate that can stabilize the coming and going of salty liquid
water on Mars. Where is the source of the water? Could there be life there?
All images by NASA.

Mars true-color showing Terra
Meridiani by NASA/Greg Shirah.



September 27, 2015 - 4th “Blood Moon” in 2014-2015 Tetrad —
and It Was A Super Moon.

At 6:07 PM PDT/ 9:07 PM EDT the Earth's shadow began to cover the Moon. 64 minutes
later at 7:11 PM PDT/ 10:11 PM EDT, totality began when the lunar face darkened with an orange tint because of sunlight that is filtered and refracted by Earth's atmosphere.

September 13, 2015, was the end of a Jewish Shemitah year and this is the first time in 2,000 years that each of these four lunar eclipses coming every 6 months since April 15, 2014, have occurred in a Shemitah year on the Jewish feast days of Passover and Sukkot and partial eclipse on Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah.


September 25, 2015 -

— What Has Killed Nearly A Quarter Million Saiga
Antelopes Since May in Central Kazakhstan? Click for report with mp3.

“It's very dramatic and traumatic, with 100% mortality of affected herds.
I know of no example in history with this level of mortality, killing
all the animals and all the calves.”

- Richard Kock, Ph.D., Royal Veterinarian Hospital, London

Saiga antelope mother and her calf both died rapidly and mysteriously
along with 120,000 other adults and calves in May 2015, followed by another
massive die-off of 60,000 more in four days in first week of September 2015.
Image by Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture.


— Grey Non-Human “Floats Up” Out of Human
Body On Massage Table. Click for report with mp3.

“All of a sudden this woman (being massaged) turned into a very
slender, very pale, kind of ash-skin alien with big eyes and a very big head.”

- Cindy Shilf, Professional Licensed Masseuse, Chicago, Illinois

Click for Dreamland special with Whitley Strieber.


Parts 1 thru 3: Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan Encounters “E.T.s”
At Rendlesham Forest Incident.


— Part 1 Click here for report with mp3.

— Part 2 Click here for Lyn Buchanan's controlled remote viewing released by CIA and Lyn explains CRV pages.

— Part 3 Click here for mp3 of Lyn Buchanan insights
about "Friendly" and "Hostile" E.T.s.


Computer-generated graphic of the black, smooth glassy, triangular
craft described by Staff Sergeant James Penniston in Rendlesham Forest
in the early morning hours of December 26, 1980, after he and Airman
1st Class John Burroughs were overwhelmed by a bright, white light.



September 23, 2015 - Unexplained Booms Again from Virginia
to New Brunswick, Canada. Click for report.

“I heard a loud bang and my house shook. My husband,
son and I all started looking around wondering what it was.
I thought someone ran into our house.”

- Resident, Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada


September 15, 2015 - Part 2: Intimidating Threat to Sgt. Adrian Bustinza,

Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight Security, Dec. 1980.

Click for report with Part 2 mp3 audio.

“And he says, ‘Son, bullets are a dime a dozen. Do you understand me?’
... I just don't understand why we were treated the way we were ... we were
entrusted with multi-million dollar machinery and guarding bases, protecting
people's live ... we signed a blank check to the government basically and said,
‘We're here for you. We're going to do what you tell us to do.’
And then we get pushed down.”

- Former Sergeant Adrian Bustinza, D Flight Security,
RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in December 1980


Part 1: Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight

Security Sgt. Adrian Bustinza Remembers December 28, 1980.
Click for report with Part 1 mp3 audio.

“A light from above just shined on John. It was just like somebody
turned a switch on. ... And I remember John looking at his arms and his hands
and the light was like when you get a snowy TV ... or like when you get onto
a dusty road and you see particles in the light.”

- Former Sergeant Adrian Bustinza, D Flight Security,
RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in December 1980



September 17, 2015 - 6.5-Foot-Long Wolffish Caught in Japan — 
Has Fukushima Radioactivity Changed Some Fish DNA?

Japanese fisherman Hirasaka Hiroshi holds his huge catch of a nearly
7-foot-long wolffish that he caught in the Pacific Ocean waters off the
island coast of Hokkaido and posted to his twitter account.

Hiroshi hunts for bizarre fish creatures and eats them. Since the March 11, 2011, 9.0 magnitude earthquake and catastrophic tsunami devastated Japan and caused three meltdowns in the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant, tons of radioactive water have poured into the ocean. Some fish caught near Fukushima have measured 2,500 times the legal safe radiation limit. Is this enormous wolffish — about twice the size of normal wolffish — the genetic result of radiation impacts on its DNA?



September 16, 2015 - Saturn's Enceladus Has Mysterious

“Global Ocean.” What Keeps It From Freezing?

“If the surface and core were rigidly connected, the core would provide

so much dead weight the wobble would be far smaller than we observe it to be.

This proves that there must be a global layer of liquid separating the surface from core.”

- Matthew Tiscareno, Ph.D., Cassini Scientist,
SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA.

This NASA illustration shows a global liquid water ocean (darker blue)
beneath the light blue ice crust. The mystery is: what keeps the Enceladus
ocean from freezing? On October 28, 2015, the Cassini spacecraft will be
at the low orbit of 30 miles (49 km) above the Enceladus surface.
Also see Icarus. And Earthfiles re: 194 degrees F. bottom Enceladus ocean.



September 14, 2015 - Monsanto's Weedkiller, Lasso, Poisoned Farmer,

Rules French Court for Historic First. And Monsanto's Roundup

Weedkiller Labeled “Cancer Agent” By Calif. EPA Office.

“David can win against Goliath — and a giant like Monsanto is not above the law.”

- Paul Francois, French farmer poisoned
by Monsanto “Lasso” Weedkiller

On September 10, 2015, French farmer Paul François speaks at Paris
press conference following the ruling of Lyon's appeal court in his favor
against Monsanto. Image © 2015 by AFB.

Plaintiff is French cereal farmer Paul Francois after Lyon court on September 10, 2015, ruled that Monsanto is “responsible” for poisoning farmer Francois who suffered neurological damage after inhaling the Monsanto weedkiller Lasso he was applying in 2004 to his maize crop. Francois argued that Monsanto knew about the Lasso dangers to human health before the weedkiller was banned in 2007 by France. Lasso contains high levels of highly toxic monochlorbenzene and has also been banned in Canada (1985) and in Belgium and Britain in 1992. See

Another Monsanto weedkiller, Roundup (glyphosate), has been sprayed on crops around the world, but now California's EPA ruled: “Case-control studies of occupational exposure in the USA, Canada and Sweden reported increased risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma that persisted after adjustment to other pesticides.” See “Monsanto Stunned.”


September 12, 2015 — 5.4 Quake Hit Tokyo Bay, Japan, Friday,
Sept. 11, After Typhoon Etau Flooded Hundreds of Tons of Radioactive

Water from Fukushima Nuclear Plant Into Pacific Ocean.

— “On September 9 and 11, 2015, due to typhoon no. 18 (Etau),
heavy rain caused Fukushima Daiichi K drainage rainwater to overflow to the sea. ...

measurement results show no impact to the ocean.”

- TEPCO website

— “This is a downpour on a scale that we have not experienced before.”

- Takuya Deshimaru, Japan weather forecaster in press conference

Flooding in Joso, Ibaraki prefectur, northeast of Tokyo,
on September 10, 2015, a Japanese town of 31,000 people most intensely
flooded during Typhoon Etau that forced evacuations of 100,000 in
central and northeastern Japan. Image © 2015 by AP. Also see ABC News, Australia.

3 dead, 23 missing, 13,000 homes flooded, thousands evacuated from homes. The Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) says that testing of waters around its Fukushima nuclear power plant and in the nearby Pacific Ocean are “sufficiently below” the legally permitted radioactivity level, according to Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga. But amid the overwhelming typhoon waters, TEPCO still struggles to contain highly radioactive water from the other damaged units during the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami. Also see: TEPCO Website for links to radioactive sampling data.



September 11, 2015 - Federal Appeals Court Revokes EPA Approval

of Neonicotinoid Pesticide Sulfoxaflor That Can Kill Honey Bees.

“In this case, given the precariousness of bee populations,
leaving the EPA's registration of sulfoxaflor in place risks more potential
environmental harm than vacating it.”

- U. S. Circuit Judge Mary Schroeder, September 10, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency had approved two years ago on May 6, 2013,
the use of two commercial pesticides called "Transform" and "Closer" made by the
Dow Chemical Company that contain the neurotoxin Sulfoxaflor that can kill honey bees.
Yesterday on Thursday, September 10, 2015, the 9th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals
in San Francisco, blocked EPA's approval and requires further testing. Image by anacreplus.
Also see: Associated Press.


September 9, 2015 - NASA's Latest “Bright Spots” Image

Described As Closer  915-Mile-High Orbit.

NASA's Dawn mission released this image on September 9, 2015,
as "bright spots seen in striking new detail" from latest Dawn lower orbit
of 915 miles above the dwarf planet Ceres. But there are no further details
about what the brightness is. Image from NASA/JPL.

Prof. Christopher Russell, Ph.D., Principal
Investigator of the Dawn mission to Ceres, discussed with Earthfiles
in Parts 1 and 2 immediately below on September 3 and 4, 2015,
that the journal Nature is preventing the release of new images taken
closer to the Occator crater and its mysterious, persistent "bright spots"
because of the journal's embargo for science paper submitted to Nature
by one of the Dawn scientists. Cropped close-up of image from NASA New.


September 3, 2015 - Part 1: Where Are New Images of “Bright Spots”
On Ceres from Lower 915-Mile-High-Orbit? Click for report.

The NASA Dawn spacecraft is in a new, lower mapping orbit of 915 miles above the dwarf planet's surface, but an embargo by the journal Nature is preventing the release of new images taken closer to the Occator crater and its mysterious, persistent “bright spots.”

July 2015 Dawn spacecraft image of the mysterious
bright spots in the Occator crater in the Northern
Hemisphere of Ceres from 2,700 miles altitude. Now Dawn
is down to 915 miles above the surface, but no new
images released. Image by NASA/JPL.

September 4, 2015 - Part 2: What Force On Dwarf Planet Ceres Could

Push Up A 4-Mile-High Shiny, Grooved Mountain? Click for report.

Aug. 19, 2015, Dawn spacecraft image of strange,
shiny, grooved 4-mile-high mountain on dwarf planet Ceres
taken from latest orbit altitude of 915 miles above
the Ceres surface. Image from NASA/JPL.



September 8, 2015 - More Than 800 Fresh Cat and Dog Tails Found

Since August 2015 in Brazil — But No Pets Reported Missing.

“We still have absolutely no clues about what happened.
We're running a campaign to try to find out, because the case is
very different and very curious. Where have the animal tails come from?”

- Denise Santos Lage, Animal Patrol, Sao Lourenco, Brazil

Sao Lourenco is 171 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

One of several piles of more than 800 cat and dog tails
found in Sao Lourenco, Brazil, between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
since August 2015. Veterinarians estimate the animals from which the
tails have been excised were alive only 48 to 72 hours before the
bloodless tails have been found. Image by Marcio Teixeira
de Melo, Civil Police Sergeant. See also: Daily Mail.



September 7, 2015 - A “Superhenge” 5 Times Size of Stonehenge
Discovered Underground At U. K.'s Durrington Walls.

“The hidden treasure trove of the Stonehenge landscape just begs the question
about why are all these incredible structures here?”

- David Jacques, Ph.D., U. K.'s Univ. of Buckingham

Durington Walls, a couple of miles northeast of 5,000-year-old Stonehenge,
has now been discovered by gradiometers, which measure magnetic variations
underground, to have nearly 100 large standing sarsen stones in a line pattern.
Some of the sarsen stones were 15 feet (4.5 m) long. The theory now is that
Stonehenge and Durrington Walls were one large complex of avenues
and standing stones used for mysterious rituals that might
have involved the “journey from life to death.” Illustration below
by Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.



September 2, 2015 - Is Our Sun “Going to Sleep” in 2030?
Click for report with mp3 audio.

July 17, 2014, the sun facing Earth had no sunspots.
A normal solar cycle? Or is the sun headed for a quiet Grand
Minimum? Image by Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).



August 31, 2015 - More Half-Cat Mutilations in Austin, Texas.
Click for in-depth history of worldwide
bloodless half-cat mutilations.

“A woman who lives next to Zilker Park found half a cat in her front yard
and the other half a half-block away. This is the second incident like that I've
heard of. A woman named Bea found half of her cat cut up in her front yard.”

- Stephanie Martens, Austin Lost and Found Pets Facebook to
Austin-American Statesman, August 28, 2015

August 24, 2015, KEYE-TV, San Antonio, Texas.



August 28, 2015 -

— Part 1: Strange Case of “Human-E.T. Hybrid” Secret Agent
Found Dead in SUV in Pacific Palisades, CA.   Click for report with mp3.

Click for longer, in-depth report August 28th at Dreamland Online.

July 23, 2015, U. K. Daily Mail.

— Part 2: Where Is Dawn Marie VadBunker Still Missing from Family, Who Believed Secret Agent Was Here to “Save the World”?  
Click for report with mp3 audio.


— Two Spinning “Tornadoes” in U. K. Rose Wheat Formation.
Click for report with mp3 audio.

A 2015 Summer Solstice “rose,” June 21, 2015, appeared
in a wheat farm in Uffcott, Wiltshire, southwest of Swindon, England.
Aerial image © 2015 by Lucy Pringle.



August 26, 2015 - New Ceres Photo of Strange, 4-Mile-High
“Shiny Mountain” from 915 Miles. Cryovolcano?

What underground force inside dwarf planet Ceres between Mars and Jupiter
could push up a mountain 4 miles high that shines brightly like sun reflecting on ice
with straight lines running in grooves from its rough top to the ground without
showing any debris around its sharply defined base? Dawn spacecraft
image on August 19, 2015, from 915 miles high.

This lone mountain on dwarf planet Ceres rises 4 miles (6 km) above the surface and NASA reports “its perimeter is sharply defined, with almost no accumulated debris at the base of the brightly streaked slope.” This image was taken on August 19, 2015, with a resolution of 450 feet (140 meters) per pixel from the Dawn spacecraft's lowest orbit so far, around 915 to 932 miles above Ceres for the next few weeks. See: NASA.



August 23, 2015 - Why Have 30 Whales Washed Up Dead in the
Western Gulf of Alaska Since May 2015?

Dead fin whale in the Kodiak Archipelago on Whale Island,
one of 30 large whale deaths in the western Gulf of Alaska
since May 2015. NOAA scientists are "very concerned" about
what is causing this "unusual mortality event (UME)." Image
by Bree Witteveen, Univ. of Alaska-Fairbanks, provided by
Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program.

NOAA Fisheries has declared this an “Unusual Mortality Event (UME)” and no one knows why it is happening. NOAA is asking for the public to report any sightings of live whales in distress or stranded and dead whales to: Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding Hotline at 877-925-7773. Also see: NOAA Fisheries.

Also since April 2015, in the Pacifica region of northern California, there has also been an unusual number of dead whales. See: ENENews.

32-foot-long female humpback whale dead on Pacifica, California,
beach on May 5, 2015. Image by Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images.



August 21, 2015 - UPDATED: More Sky Beam
Reports. Click for report.

“According to more than one caller, the mysterious beam of light
seemed to originate beyond sight in the upper atmosphere and 'landed'
on Coyote Street in north Nevada City. No injuries were reported.”

- The Nevada County Scooper news, August 17, 2015



August 20, 2015 - July 2015 Highest Temperature On Record
for Global Land and Ocean Surfaces. El Nino in Pacific This Fall
to Winter Could be One of Strongest On Record.

NOAA's combined land and ocean temperature percentiles for July 2015,
in which the pink to dark red colors are warmer than average to warmest
on record around the world. See NOAA.

Satellite images of the Pacific show warm surface temperatures
in the Pacific Ocean that cover a larger area than the last huge El Nino
of 1997. That's when there were floods and mudslides in California that
killed 17 people and caused half a billion dollars in damages. But California needs
the water and it might come strongly this 2015 fall to winter. See NOAA.



August 19, 2015 - Mysterious Unidentified Light Beams
and Light Flashes. Click for report.

— “Coming up from what I think would be the (Pacific) ocean was a
huge beam of light. ... The beam was beam with a stripe in it.”

- Resident, Marin County, California, August 16, 2015

— “The color was more like that of daylight than a lightening flash
... just a single bright flash and there was no sound.”

- Resident, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, August 12 and 13, 2015

Strange "striped" beam of light seen from Marin County,
CA, at 4 AM Pacific, on early clear weather Sunday morning, August 16, 2015.
Sketch by Kentfield, California, resident.



August 18, 2015 - DNA Breakthrough: Storing Data for A Million Years.

“On a hard drive, we use zeros and ones to represent data,
and in DNA we have four nucleotides, A, C, T and G.”

- Robert Grass, Ph.D., Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland

Scientists reporting this week at the 250th American Chemical Society meeting in
Boston, Massachusetts, have a breakthrough in digital data storage in which DNA
molecules preserved in glass or silica could store data like fossils do up to a million years
without loss of integrity. The longest that an external hard drive can
store 5 terabytes of data is only about 50 years. DNA image by WGBH/Nova.

Using DNA's four chemical building blocks of nucleotides A, C, T and G, Dr. Robert Grass confirmed that he and his science team have converted 83 kilobytes of text from the medieval Swiss Federal Charter of 1291 and the Methods of Archimedes from the 10th Century into the digital code of DNA after a synthesis process equivalent to storage at 50 degrees C. for 2,000 years and decoding back to the original text without a single error. Dr. Grass says that an ounce (28 grams) of DNA could store 300,000 terabytes of memory.



August 14, 2015 - What Was Enormous, Silent Sky Explosion

Above Port Townsend, WA, On August 2, At 11:31 PM? Did A Laser

Weapon Fire From Whidbey Island Naval Air Station At UFO?

Click for report.

— “Red, yellow and orange kept expanding in the night sky just like flames
as if you were looking into a blast furnace. Nothing I've ever seen in my life
and I've seen a surface-to-air missile impact. But no sound!”

- Daniel C. Scheall, Sr., Former USAF Survival Tech
and Financial Consultant, Port Townsend, WA, August 2, 2015

— “A huge flash lit up the early evening darkness ...
an orange light with yellow and white in the middle engulfs
the entire sky ... strangely no sound was picked up.”

- The Siberian Times, November 18, 2014



August 12, 2015 - Another Half-Cat in New Orlean Regions.
See new Real X-Files report and updated half-cat history.

The Humane Society of Louisiana told WDSU-TV 6 News that “a 2-year-old male
cat named Charlie had been cut in half with a sharp object and displayed so that
he would be discovered by the horrified public" on the morning of August 5, 2015,
at a golf course in Covington north of New Orleans.



August 9, 2015 - New Data-Generated Images of Ceres Bright Spots
and Pyramid Mountain.  
Click for report.

“Scientists have not yet determined what it is about the composition
or structure of the bright spots that is responsible for their extreme brightness.
...To discover their real nature, we need to get more data from lower altitudes.”

- Marc Rayman, Ph.D., Director, Dawn Mission now orbiting Ceres

August 6, 2015, new Dawn spacecraft data-generated images of Ceres
bright spots (left) and pyramid mountain produced by NASA/JPL.



August 8, 2015 - Big Red-Blue Light Near RAF Bentwaters Weapons

Storage Area and UFO Tracked On Radar Into Rendlesham Forest.
Click for report.

July 15, 2015 - “At Wattisham, they picked up what they called a 'bogie' and lost it
near Rendlesham Forest. Whatever was there was clearly under intelligent control.

- Col. Charles Halt (Ret.), former Deputy Base Commander,
RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, England, speaking in
Woodbridge Community Hall, July 15, 2015

Dec. 28, 1980 - “It just sat there. That blue-red, big, object didn’t go anywhere.
It just sat in one spot. I think you could have put a crosshair on it
and that big light never would have moved.” 

- Rick Bobo, Former USAF Sgt. and Delta Security Flight Chief,
RAF Bentwaters WSA (nuclear tactical weapons)

Fiery, orange-red sphere that former Airman Lori Buoen,
D Flight law enforcement, RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, reported after midnight
to her Flight Chief  Master Sgt. Glen Whitehead, on December 27, 1980,
after Lori watched the unidentified light move slowly down into
Rendlesham Forest. Illustration © 2010 by Lori Buoen.



August 6, 2015 - Is Cascadia Subduction Zone Most Dangerous
in North America? Click for report with mp3 audio.

Could Juan de Fuca Cascadia Earthquake
“Destroy A Sizable Portion of the Coastal Northwest?”

“When the next full-margin rupture happens (of the Cascadia
Subduction Zone), that region will suffer the worst natural disaster
in the history of North America. The area of impact will cover some
140,000 square miles, including Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene
and Salem, Oregon, and Olympia, Washington.”

- The New Yorker, July 20, 2015, “The Really Big One”



August 5, 2015 - Strange, High-Pitched Sound Heard August 3, 2015, By Many in North Norwich, England.

Early Monday morning, August 3, 2015, for 30 minutes in North Norwich, England,
118 miles northeast of London, many people reported a bizarre, high-pitched sound. An Aviva trainer David Allison, 29, of The Erins, told the Norwich Evening News24, "I never heard anything like it. ... lasted for approximately half an hour before making a 'powering down' noise. It then started again approximately 20 minutes later for another 10 minutes." The local airport was closed, there was no weather, and no industry was responsible.
Listen to: Mysterious, high-pitched noise recorded by David Allison.

Listen to: Are worldwide strange metallic, trumpet and boom sounds linked to Earth magnetic field changes leading to a pole flip?



August 3, 2015 - Part 18:  Maze of Deception —
Epilogue: Abductees Speak.
Click for Real X-File.

Perhaps we humans are not understanding that there is a symbiotic

relationship between Another Intelligence and us.” 




July 31, 2015 -

— Part 1: Watergate Break-In Retired Attorney Douglas Caddy with JFK Assassination Secret from CIA “Super Spy” E. Howard Hunt.
Click for report.

CIA “Super Spy” Everette Howard Hunt testified
before the Congressional Watergate Committee in May 1973.

— Part 2: JFK Wanted to Know What the Truman-Appointed Majestic-12

Knew About E. T.s. Click for Report.

War Department Operations Manual SOM1-01
by Majestic-12 Group, April 1954.

Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us
with NYT Best-Selling Author Jim Marrs. Click for report.

— Could a Juan de Fuca Earthquake “Destroy A Sizable Portion of the Coastal Northwest?” Report upcoming.

The New Yorker, July 20, 2015.



July 25, 2015 - Part 17:  Maze of Deception — In Memoriam
to A Brave Maze Investigator, Tom Adams
. Click for Real X-File.

In the autumn of 1972, likely in October, Mr. Ed Foley was driving
between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona ... when he was hit by a peculiar beam
of light from a robot-like object that emerged from a UFO ... and Mr. Foley
‘understood’ that they (in UFO) required ‘life essence’ to replace that which
was virtually used up on their home planet.”

- Tom Adams, Editor, STIGMATA, Number 5, Fall-Winter 1978


Thomas Richard Adams
May 6, 1945 - August 20, 2014
Writer and Publisher, STIGMATA
Paris, Texas

Bloodless Cuts, hardcover, 712 pages, is the Complete Collected
Works of Thomas R. Adams,1978-1992 © 2015
by Raymond W. Boeche, Th.D.
Click to Bloodless Cuts.



July 18, 2015 - Pluto's “Heart” Is Carbon Monoxide Ice —
But Is the Ice from Above? Or Upwelling from Below? Click for report.

NASA released Friday two close-up flyover animations of Pluto's surface that includes 2-mile-high mountains of ice and “bubbling” ice plains.

“Who would have supposed that there were ice mountains?
It's just blowing my mind!”

- Hal Weaver, Ph.D., New Horizons Project Scientist, Johns Hopkins UAPL

Green contours represent a concentration of frozen
carbon monoxide that increases towards the middle
of the heart-shape. Image and overlay by NASA/JHAPL/SWRI.



July 15, 2015 Update - Rocky Mountain-Sized Ice Mountains On Pluto in New NASA Photos from July 14, 2015, Close Fly By! And No Craters, So What Is Melting and Resurfacing Pluto's Surface?

— “We have not found a single impact crater on this image.
This means it must be a very young surface.”

- John Spencer, Ph.D., New Horizons Mission Scientist

— “There's an amazing diversity” of topography and compositions,
which suggest “a far more complex world than expected.”

- Alan Stern, Ph.D., New Horizons Principal Investigator
and Planetary Astrophysicist, July 15, 2015, NASA Press Conference

Cropped video frame of Pluto icy mountains that are up to at least 11,000 feet high —
there might be higher ones elsewhere — like the Rocky Mountains in North America,
from NASA-TV press conference about new photos and data from closest approach
of New Horizons spacecraft in the early morning of July 14, 2015.


July 14, 2015 - Historic Close Fly By of Pluto Early This Morning.

“The Pluto system is totally unknown territory. Pluto is like nowhere
we’ve even been before. It is unlike anything we’ve visited before. ...Dark

and bright terrains are sharply defined ... it's weird that they are spaced so regularly.”

- Dr. John Spencer, New Horizons co-investigator,
and Scientist Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D. C.

This NASA New Horizons color image is not at closest historic distance
of 7,767 miles from Pluto, but NASA has not yet released more images
from closest approach early this morning. Pluto is about 50 miles bigger than previous
estimates. Instruments say its diameter is 1,473 miles, plus or minus 12 miles,
and its density is lower than originally estimated. That could mean there is more
ice in its interior than rocks. Image by NASA/Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Lab and Southwest Research Institute.

The New Horizons historic flyby encounter of Pluto on July 14, 2015,
is expected at approximately 7:49 a.m. EDT (11:49 UTC). Closest approach
will be 7,767-miles. Pluto is only 2/3s the size of Earth's moon and orbits
3 billion miles from Earth where temperatures go down to nearly
minus-400 degrees Fahrenheit. July 9, 2015, image by NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI.

Puzzling, alternating dark and light pattern in bottom half
of this Pluto image from July 3, 2015, at 7.8 million
miles (12.5 million km), 23:25 UT by NASA.



July 22, 2015 - 2,600-Year-Old Corkscrew Pin in Egyptian
Mummy's Knee Stuns Medical Doctors.

“We are amazed at the ability to create a pin with biomechanical
principles that we still use today — rigid fixation of the bone, for example.
It is beyond anything we anticipated for that time.”

- Richard Jackson, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Provo, Utah

Looking like a modern biomechanical pin used by current orthopedic surgeons
in knees today, a team of medical experts from Brigham Young University thought
when they first x-rayed the mummy of a 2,600-year-old Egyptian priest named Usermontu
in Cairo's Egyptian Museum that it was a recent archaeological effort to keep
the mummy's leg together. Now after drilling into the knee bone to insert a miniature
camera to examine the pin and extract samples of the bone and metal screw,
the science team reports their surprise that the corkscrew pin dates
back 2,600 years ago and has organic resin that is similar to modern bone cement.
The research was led by Prof. C. Wilfred Griggs, Ph. D., Dir. of Ancient Studies
at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. For more information, see Ancient Origins.



July 14, 2015 - Part 16: Maze of Deception. Click for Real X-File.

“Thoughts have no barriers and can be pulled through time, space
and dimensions in an instant. We can be anywhere in the universe or within
any plane or dimension and know what's taking place here in the Earth experiment. 

- Meue entity to human medical doctor investigating
animal and human mutilations, The Cattle Mutilators © 1980



July 13, 2015 - Retired RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge Deputy Base

Commander Col. Charles Halt Says Radar Operators Tracked

UFO to Rendlesham Forest.

“I have confirmation that (Bentwaters radar operators)... saw the object
go across their 60 mile (96km) radar scope in two or three seconds, thousands
of miles an hour — (object) came back across their scope again, stopped near the water tower, they watched it and observed it go into the forest where we were. At Wattisham, they picked up what they called a 'bogie' and lost it near Rendlesham Forest.
Whatever was there was clearly under intelligent control.”

- Col. Charles Halt (Ret.), former Deputy Base Commander,
RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, England

Retired Col. Charles Halt speaking before
a Woodbridge Community Hall audience on Saturday,
July 11, 2015, in Woodbridge, England, about his confirming
research that radar operators did track a UFO to nearby
Rendlesham Forest during the December 26 to December 28, 1980,
mysterious lights and other phenomena. Image © 2015 BBC.



July 9, 2015 - Eerie, Bloodless Half-Cat Mutilation in Colorado.
Click for Real X-File.

“Several cats have been found cut in half in Wheat Ridge. It is common.”

- Officer L. Mosier, Wheat Ridge Police Dept.,
near Denver, Colorado, July 8, 2015

July 7, 2015 - Part 15: Maze of Deception. Click for Real X-File.

“A few people highly placed in the intelligence community know
the whole story and keep it a secret to avoid panic.
(America's first Secretary of Defense ) James Forrestal went
out a window a few weeks after he was briefed. ”

- Meue non-human entity to human medical doctor
investigating animal and human mutilations



July 3, 2015 - U. K. Parliament's Lord Black of Brentwood Receives

MoD Reply About Release of 18 Withheld UFO/UAP Files.

July 1, 2015, Lord Black of Brentwood, Parliament, London: “In relation to the 18 MoD files on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that have yet to be released to the public:

– What is the originating division of the file reference M9/18?

– What is the remit of that division in relation to UAP?
– And what is the MoD's latest estimate of when the 18 files will be passed to the National Archives and then released to the public?”


Reply from Defence Minister Earl Howe: “The originating branch of file reference MO9/18 relates to ministers' private offices. The latest estimate of when the 18 files will be delivered to the National Archives is before March 2016. The National Archives will make the necessary judgement about when it will release these files to the public.”

On September 11, 2014, the MoD admitted to retired USAF Tech Sgt. John Burroughs's 2014 FOIA requests that the MoD has withheld 18 UFO/UAP-related files (red underlines added to show withheld policy files). John twice interacted with mysterious light phenomena on December 26 and 28, 1980, in Rendlesham Forest next to RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge — non-ionizing radiation that damaged his heart and eyes. See 040115 Earthfiles report.



July 1, 2015 - NSA's XKEYSCORE Spy System on the World's
Private Internet Communications — 48 TOP SECRET Documents
from Edward Snowden via The Intercept.

Illustrations by Blue Delliquanti and David Axe for The Intercept.

The Intercept, July 1, 2015: “These facts bolster one of Snowden’s most controversial statements, made in his first video interview published by The Guardian on June 9, 2013. ‘I, sitting at my desk,’ said Snowden, could ‘wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge to even the president, if I had a personal email.’

Indeed, training documents for XKEYSCORE repeatedly highlight how user-friendly the program is: with just a few clicks, any analyst with access to it can conduct sweeping searches simply by entering a person’s email address, telephone number, name or other identifying data. There is no indication in the documents reviewed that prior approval is needed for specific searches.”



June 30, 2015 - Detailed Wheat Formation in Torino (Turin), Italy.

Torino/Turin in northern Italy is known historically as the “cradle of Italian liberty” and where the Shroud of Turin is kept in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The shroud allegedly covered Christ's body after crucifixion and was found in the cave after Christ's body disappeared in resurrection. See archived 1999 “The Shroud of Turin — An X-Ray?”

Reported June 23, 2015 in Torino, Italy, more information to come.
Aerial © June 28, 2015 by Valeria Margherita Zanola.



June 29, 2015 - Part 1: Angus Cow Bloodlessly Mutilated Near
Madden, Alberta, Canada. Click for Real X-File with images.

“...Where her rectum and vagina had been there was
a basketball-sized hole. And no blood, no hair, on the ground.”

- Don Farquharson, Angus Farmer,
between Madden and Crossfield, Alberta, Canada

Rural farm country of Madden, Alberta, Canada,
is 68 miles northwest of Calgary.



June 27, 2015 - Is Time An Illusion and the Future Already Written,
As Einstein Thought? Click for report.

“Some physicists say that the future is already written in today,
but I think that they are not taking quantum uncertainty seriously.
Quantum uncertainty says the future is not determined until it's happened.”

- George F. R. Ellis, Ph.D. Prof. Emeritus, Mathematics Dept.,
Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa

June 2015 Discover cover, “Mysteries in Time”
with mathematician George Ellis's interview about
his quantum collapse theory for future time that challenges Albert
Einstein's early 20th Century Special Theory of Relativity description
of Time as the 4th dimension where the future is already
determined. Image © June 2015 Discover magazine.



— More High Strangeness Near Area 51 and A Non-Human

Encounter. Click for report.

“We were just dumbfounded. We'd never seen anything like that ever.”

- Kelly, USAF Security, Creech AFB, Indian Springs, Nevada

Dog Bone Lake, Nevada, is not far from Papoose
Mountain, Area 51 and S4 long connected to the presence
of various extraterrestrials living underground.



June 17, 2015 - Methane Evidence in Martian Meteorites
and Atmospheric Spikes — Underground Microbes?

“The biggest surprise was how large the methane signals were.
We have not found life, but we have found methane that could
potentially support microbes in the subsurface of Mars.”

- Nigel Blamey, Ph.D., Geochemist, Brock Univ., Ontario Canada

Mars with 2,500 mile-long (4,000 km) Valles Marineris canyon.
Image by Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC).

Curiosity rover in Gale Crater on Mars reported a big spike in methane readings between November 2013 and July 9, 2014. On Earth, methane is associated with living organisms and the Martian methane spikes imply something is producing fresh methane. But the exact source of up and down measurements of methane on Mars is still unclear. One possibility is that Mars has underground colonies of methane-producing microbes known as methanogens. Now adding to the Martian methane-life puzzle is Mars meteorite research published in the June 16, 2015 Nature Communications. Nigel Blamey, Ph.D., Prof. of Geochemistry at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, led an investigation of six Martian meteorites. When ground up, all six released methane and the scientists were surprised that the methane signals were high. Why? Prof. Blamey said, “We have not found life, but we have found methane that could potentially support microbes in the subsurface of Mars.” See 061615 journal Nature Communications.



June 16, 2015 - Part 13:  Maze of Deception – Dark and Light.
Click for Real X-File.

Are we being toyed with by extraterrestrials? Are there sinister entities
somewhere out there waiting to gain entrance into our minds and hearts and
souls through any means possible? And if so, why? Are we pawns in
a cosmic chess game between the forces of light and darkness?”

- Ray Boeche, Th.D., Theologian, Paranormal
Researcher and Protestant Church Pastor



June 11, 2015 - Ceres Crater Bright Spots Are Still A Mystery At

Lower 2,700 Miles and Scientists Are Puzzled About What They Are.

“The bright spots in this configuration make Ceres unique from anything
we've seen before in the solar system. The science team is working to understand
their source. With closer views from the new orbit and multiple view angles,
we soon will be better able to determine the nature of this enigmatic phenomenon.”

- Chris Russell, Principal Investigator, Dawn Mission, Univ. of California, Los Angeles

JPL/NASA has released this image as “among the first snapshots
from Dawn's second mapping orbit, which is 2,700 miles (4,400 km)
in altitude. The resolution is 1,400 feet (410 m) per pixel. The crater
is about 55 miles (90km) across. See JPL/NSA.



June 9, 2015 - Part 11:  Maze of Deception - MIBs.

Click for Real X-File.

“The MIB experience is something that is extremely disturbing
at the time it occurs, something that is very difficult to discuss with anyone,
and something that continues to haunt the victim for the rest of their lives.

- Ray Boeche, Th.D., Theologian, Pastor
and Paranormal Researcher, Lincoln, Neb.



June 4, 2015 - Parts 1-2: More Half-Cat Mutilations in Naples, Florida,
and Half-Cat History
. Click for 2-part Real X-Files reports.

“The cats cut in two appeared almost surgical in nature
with little blood and a clean cut, like a machete.”

- Terry Bolle, a Naples resident who found the first Naples half-cat
on Estey Avenue in which the front half was on one
street and the back half on another, first week of May 2015



May 27, 2015 - As U. S. Senate Refused May 23rd to Extend NSA Program
to Collect and Store American Phone Records, What Happens
to the Utah Data Center, “America's Largest Spy Center”?

Click to million-square-foot NSA spy center in
Bluffdale, Utah, south of Salt Lake City.

1-million-square-foot NSA Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah,
south of Salt Lake City, went into operation in Fall 2013. Image © Wired.



May 21, 2015 - Update: Kodachrome Slide Controversy —
“Alien Body” Does Not Match Entity Once Displayed in
Closed Million Dollar Museum, White's City, NM
. Click for report.
Click for Dreamland Online Interview.

“The German Press recently investigated a report by a German
tourist (1990s?) that this body might be from an alien planet.”

- Placard description about 12-inch-long "alien body" displayed
in Million Dollar Museum, White's City, NM, 1990s-2008


“I am offering $5,000 for any historic photo that shows the same Kodachrome
slide body in a museum mummy display. There is not any real evidence of that.
And I'm offering $10,000 to anyone that gives information to find the Body. ”

- Jaime Maussan, TV Producer/Reporter and Organizer,
beWITNESS presentation of two 1940s-vintage
Kodachrome color slides of appx. 4-foot-long “alien body”



May 13, 2015 - Part 9:  Maze of Deception. Click for Real X-File.

“In effort to establish contact with non-human entities,
every avenue is being explored.”
- The Writers

Drawing by Aleister Crowley of 
“Lam, an extraterrestrial” after alleged 1919 contact,
as reprinted in The Magical Revival © 1991 by Kenneth Grant.



April 22, 2015 - Part 6:  Maze of Deception. Click for Real X-File.

“The people of all races and times encased in clear rectangular
receptables” for preservation by the non-human beings, The Watchers,
who have monitored the Earth for thousands of years.”

- Betty Andreasson Luca, Abductee, 1996

Variety of of Earth humans preserved in state of suspended animation,
or stopped time, selected from many eons and maintained inside transparent
containers by non-human "Watchers." Illustration © 1996
by abductee Betty Andreasson Luca.



April 18, 2015 - Part 4: Maze of Deception. Click for Real X-File.

Attached is alleged official U. S. government/CIA document
with photograph of hybrid taken from a crashed disk, perhaps as early as 1947.” 

- Attachment for The Writers

Alleged TOP SECRET Central Intelligence Agency document about human and E.T.
hybrid retrieved from crashed disk, perhaps as early as 1947, stamped
by Dept. of State September 23, 1949.



— What Heats the Bottom of the Enceladus Moon's Ocean
to 194 Degrees Fahrenheit?
Click for report with mp3 audio.

Enceladus, one of Saturn's 31 moons and the sixth largest,
has been photographed by NASA's Cassini spacecraft many times
venting water. Now new research indicates the venting began
as at least 194 degrees Fahrenheit hot water on the moon's
ocean floor. What causes such heat? Image by NASA/JPL.



March 5, 2015 - First Ever Photo of Light As Both Particle and Wave.

“This experiment demonstrates that, for the first time ever, we can film

quantum mechanics – and its paradoxical nature – directly.”

- Fabrizio Carbone, Ph.D., Lead Scientist,
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

This is a groundbreaking, first-ever image of light
behaving simultaneously as both a wave and a stream of particles.
This historic image was made by scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique
Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, led by Fabrizio Carbone. The team used
electrons to image a standing wave of light. explains: "As the electrons
pass close to the standing wave of light, they 'hit' the light's photons particles,
changing photon 'energy packet' speeds that also showed up
in the image as particles." See for animation.



February 22, 2015 Update Press Release - John Burroughs Has
Full V. A. Medical Coverage Due to Injury Caused by Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Radiation at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in December 1980. Click for report.

“The United States government has, for the first time ever, acknowledged
by de facto the long-suspected reality of the UFO phenomenon” in granting
through the Veterans Administration full medical disability for injury suffered
by retired USAF Tech Sgt. John Burroughs after two encounters
with aerial craft of unknown origin.

- Pat Frascogna, Atty., for USAF Tech Sgt. (Ret.) John Burroughs

Computer illustration of sketch by John Burroughs of unidentified
aerial phenomena (UAP or UFO) in Rendlesham Forest, 3 AM,
December 26, 1980. Artwork by John Rackham.



February 19, 2015 - Part 2: Beyond Podesta's Tweet to Some
Important Leaked UFO Documents. Click for report.

“In the 1976 MJ3 report, it was estimated the Alien's technology
was many thousands of years ahead of United States technology.”

- Alleged historic MJ12 TOP SECRET Executive Briefing


UPDATED - February 16, 2015 - Part 1: Outgoing Senior Obama Adviser John Podesta Tweets “Biggest 2014 Failure” Is Not Opening Up UFO Files.
Click for Part 1 report with July 22, 1947 document.

Podesta is expected to head Hillary Clinton's campaign for president.

The above February 13, 2015, tweet echoes a Podesta 2002 press conference
organized by the Coalition for Freedom of Information when Podesta said:
“It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it,
really, because it’s right. We ought to do it, quite frankly, because the American
people can handle the truth. And we ought to do it because it’s the law.”



August 13, 2014 - Is Our 3-D Universe the Event Horizon Shell
Around A 4-D Black Hole?

“The universe appears to us to exist in 3 dimensions of space and one of time — a geometry that we will refer to as the ‘3-dimensional universe.’  In our scenario, this 3-D universe is merely the shadow of a world with 4 spatial dimensions. Specifically, our entire universe came into being during a stellar implosion in this suprauniverse, an implosion that created a 3-D shell around a 4-D black hole. Our universe is that shell.”

Illustration by Scientific American from computer modeling of
the collapsing death of a 4-D star that ejects mass through 4-D black hole where
its event horizon is a 3-D shell around the 4-D black hole. Our universe is that
shell in a hypothesis by Niayesh Afshordi, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Physics
and Astronomy; Robert B. Mann, Ph.D., Prof. and former Chair of Physics
and Astronomy; and Razieh Pourhasan, Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Physics —
 all at the Univ. of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. See “The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time,”
August 2014, Scientific American print and



— CIA's “Anonymous Kewper” Briefed Eisenhower and Nixon
in 1959 About UFOs, Human Abductions and Animal Mutilations. 
Click for report with mp3 audio.

President Dwight Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961, with his Vice President
Richard Nixon in White House. “Anonymous Kewper Stein” briefed them both in
Washington, D. C., along with his CIA boss, Anthony, about German discs,
extraterrestrial craft, human abductions and animal mutilations in 1959.



May 31, 2014 - The Extraordinary Case of An Alleged
ET/Human Hybrid
and U. S. Government “Humanization Program.”

Click for Part 2.
Click for Part 1.

“Raechel's sunglasses slipped down and I could see huge,
green eyes with vertical black slits.”

- Helen Littrell, mother of Raechel's roommate
and co-author with Jean Bilodeaux of Raechel's Eyes

Sketch for Earthfiles © 2014 by Helen Littrell.



April 29, 2014 - Final Part 12: Hall of Mirrors with A Quicksand Floor.
Click for Real X-File.

“The Ebens genetically engineered these Archquloid entities
with large noses by ‘rapid-cycle cloning’ and allegedly presented two
or more to the U. S. government for observation, examination and study.”

- From transcript of alleged briefing for President Ronald Reagan,
March 6 - 8, 1981, regarding “Unidentified Flying
Objects and Extraterrestrial Visitation to Earth.” Briefing
was by then-CIA Director William Casey.

Archquloid large-nosed grey humanoid genetically
engineered by the Ebens in “rapid-cycle cloning.”
Illustration © 1974 by Allan Sandler Institutional Films, Inc.,
from 16mm film of non-human entities that landed at Holloman AFB,
New Mexico, on April 25, 1964. Both Ebens and Archquloids were present.



“NSA Whistleblower Tells All”- NYT Op-Doc.

— Click here for June 9, 2013 Interview.

— Click here for July 2012 DEF CON Conf, Las Vegas

— Click here for 082312 whistleblower video.

Also see:   033012 Earthfiles - NSA Utah Data Center.

“We can call ourselves a democracy,
but that doesn't mean that we will stay that way.”

- William Binney, NSA Whistleblower, July 2012

William Binney, NSA whistleblower, says spy agency is
violating U. S. Constitution in gathering phone, email and other digital
information from Americans inside the United States. Binney
worked 32 years for NSA and was considered one of NSA's best
mathematicians and code breakers until he left the agency in protest
after 9/11 and its policy change under Pres. George Bush to spy inside
the U. S. without warrants. William Binney spoke at the 2012 DEF CON
Hacker's Conference, July 26-29, 2012, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Posthumous Testimony About “Alien Visitation Craft”
and Beyond-Black International Control of AVC Back-Engineering.
Click for video everyone should see.

William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations
and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security
technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview to
Steven Greer, M.D., in the year 2000 (stated by Mr. Pawelec during taping)
prior to a 2001 National Press Club Disclosure Project event and asked that
the videotaped interview not be released until after his death. William Pawelec
passed away on May 22, 2007, and the Disclosure Project received
permission to release videotaped interview in December 2010, now on YouTube.


January 8, 2007 - U. S. Navy Yeoman Sees Extraterrestrial Photos.

Click on Google or YouTube for links to Earthfile's video excerpt.

For more about Navy Yeoman, drawings of non-humans and documents:
Click on these important Earthfiles reports:

• 03/17/2006 -- Part 1: U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs.

• 03/23/2006 -- Part 2: U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs.

Special Real X-Files: Electronic Reprints

Inside Saucer Post ...3-0 Blue PLUS The Crash/Retrievals Status Reports,
I - VII © 1957-1994
by Leonard H. Stringfield.

The Cattle Mutilators © 1980 by John J. Dalton.

Chapter 18 excerpt:  “We are from a different dimension, a different plane of existence. We have no boundaries or limits, as you have. We are an anti-log of everything you see visually. We can travel in any dimension and occupy the same area as say, earth, but not the same time or space without being observed. The possibilities of existence are infinite.”

The Unthinkable Truth © 1976 by Fredrick Smith.

Mystery Stalks the Prairie © 1976 by Roberta Donovan and Cascade County, Montana Sheriff's Deputy Keith Wolverton.

The first book by an American deputy sheriff about his firsthand investigations of animal mutilations and associated high strangeness around Great Falls, Montana in the 1970s. Out of print since 1979, see this important classic.


11/23/2015 — Part 2: Death from Below and Above in Earth Mass Extinctions
11/20/2015 — Part 1: “Death from Above” in Earth Mass Extinctions
11/20/2015 — NASA Now Helping to Photograph Mysterious, Large Geoglyphs in Northern Kazakhstan
11/20/2015 — Thermal Imaging of Great Pyramid of Giza Reveals “Impressive Heat Anomaly” On East Side
11/13/2015 — U. S. Navy Captain (Ret.) Comments About November 7th Missile Launch Controversy.
11/04/2015 — Part 4:  Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery - Analysis Problems in Penniston's Telepathic Download of Binary Code
11/04/2015 — Part 3:  Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery - IR Anomalies and Telepathic Download of Binary Code
11/04/2015 — Part 2:  Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery - IR Anomalies and Telepathic Download of Binary Code
11/04/2015 — Part 1:  Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery - IR Anomalies and Telepathic Download of Binary Code
10/29/2015 — Why Mysterious Huge and Very Cold “Blob” in the North Atlantic?
10/29/2015 — Strangest Star Light Pattern in Milky Way Galaxy — Are There Megastructures Orbiting KIC 8462852?
10/29/2015 — Updated with mp3 audio on October 29, 2015 Part 2: Binary Code Translation of C.J.'s Telepathic Download in Georgia
10/29/2015 — Update mp3 audio Part 1: Strange Symbols On Disc and Binary Code Download in Georgia
10/24/2015 — Mystery Booms in Minnesota, Nevada, Maryland and Ottawa
10/23/2015 — Part 2 - Star Wars Physicist Edward Teller, Outer Space Menace And Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs)
10/23/2015 — Part 1: Star Wars Physicist Edward Teller And Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs)
10/18/2015 — More Half-Cats in St. Petersburg, Florida and Updated Half-Cat History
09/25/2015 — Grey Non-Human “Floats Up” Out of Human Body On Massage Table
09/25/2015 — Part 3: Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan Analysis of E.T.s Encountered in Controlled Remote Viewing
09/25/2015 — Part 2: CIA-Released 13 Pages of Lyn Buchanan's Controlled Remote Viewing of “Rendlesham Forest Incident”
09/25/2015 — Part 1: Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan Encounters “E.T.s” At Rendlesham Forest Incident
09/24/2015 — What Has Killed Nearly A Quarter Million Saiga Antelopes Since May 2015 in Central Kazakhstan?
09/23/2015 — Unexplained Booms Again from Virginia to New Brunswick, Canada.
09/14/2015 — Part 2: Intimidating Threat to Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight Security Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, December 1980
09/09/2015 — Part 1: Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight Security Sgt. Adrian Bustinza Remembers December 28, 1980
09/04/2015 — Part 2: What Force On Dwarf Planet Ceres Could Push Up A 4-Mile Shiny, Grooved Mountain?
09/03/2015 — Part 1: Where Are New Images of “Bright Spots” On Ceres from Lower 900-Mile-Orbit?
09/02/2015 — Is Our Sun “Going to Sleep” in 2030?
08/31/2015 — Updated 1970s to August 2015: Eerie, Bloodless Half-Cat History
08/28/2015 — Two Spinning “Tornadoes” in U. K. Rose Wheat Formation
08/28/2015 — Part 2: Where Is Dawn Marie VadBunker Still Missing from Family, Who Believed Secret Agent Was Here to “Save the World”?
08/28/2015 — Part 1: Strange Case of “Human-E.T. Hybrid” Secret Agent Found Dead in SUV in Pacific Palisades, CA.
08/21/2015 — UPDATED: More Sky Beam Reports, Including Tianjin, China, At Time of Explosions
08/19/2015 — Mysterious Unidentified Light Beams and Light Flashes
08/14/2015 — Mysterious, Silent Explosion in the Sky Over Port Townsend, Washington
08/09/2015 — New Data-Generated Images of Ceres Bright Spots and Pyramid Mountain
08/08/2015 — Big Red-Blue Light Near RAF Bentwaters Weapons Storage Area and UFOs Tracked On Radar Into Rendlesham Forest
08/06/2015 — Is Cascadia Subduction Zone Most Dangerous in North America?
08/03/2015 — Part 18:  Maze of Deception – Epilogue: Abductees Speak


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