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Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor,

March 8, 2015: Earthfiles YouTube News about RAF Bentwaters on YouTube.

June 18, 2015: Earthfiles YouTube News Update About Ceres Mystery Bright Spots.


New Updated 2015 Printing with Color Throughout:
Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses

“As I read ‘Glimpses of Other Realities,’ I found myself in an almost permanent
state of excitement. For anyone who has so far managed to sleep through
the increasing furor about non-human intelligence, I cannot recommend
a better alarm clock than Linda Moulton Howe's 2-volume book.”

- Colin Wilson, British author, Mysteries.

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An Alien Harvest
, 2nd Edition, © December 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe,
was awarded a Nonfiction best book award from the New Mexico-Arizona Book
Association at their annual ceremony in the Tanoan Country Club of
Albuquerque, NM, on Friday, November 20, 2015. Please see Earthfiles Shop.

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April 28, 2017 -

— First Time Nicotine-Based Pesticides Found in Tap Water While A Colorado Honey Beekeeper Loses 100% of His Colonies.

Click for report with mp3 audio.

— Disappearing Pregnancy in Human Abduction Syndrome:
Update with Debbie Jordan Kauble. Click for report with mp3 audio.

“Familiar grey being” in life of human abductee
Debbie Jordan Kauble before pregnancy at age 17
and after the pregnancy mysteriously disappeared.
Sketch by Debbie, aka "Kathie Davis" in book Intruders:
The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods

© 1987 by abductee investigator Budd Hopkins.

— Part 1: Sasquatch That Can't Be Killed with Bullets and
Disappear in A Flash of Light. Click for report with mp3 audio.

Female camper's sketch of 8-foot-tall Sasquatch
that appeared near her tent in the San Juan National Forest
on August 5, 2000. Sketch by eyewitness Julie Davis.

— Part 2: Western Pennsylvania Is Haunted by Eerie Creatures.
Click for report with mp3 audio.

Like Sasquatch that disappear in a flash of light,
large black cats and winged humanoids in western Pennsylvania
disappear without leaving evidence similar to the Whitby coast in
North Yorkshire, U. K., that has a long history of large, black cats
that seem to appear and disappear. Image © 2012 by Whitby Gazette.



April 25, 2017 - Important History: Huge Aerial Craft Over Dublin, Texas,
“Longer Than 3 Football Fields.”
Click for archived report.

“I don’t know how you can make a piece of metal that large
with no bolts, rivets, seams or welds. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

- Ricky Sorrells, Metal Welder and Machinist,
Dublin, Texas, on 2008 New Year's Day

Beginning the first week of January 2008, and several times afterward,
metal welder and machinist Ricky Sorrells at his Dublin, Texas, home south
of Stephenville, TX, saw the sunset sky replaced by a “barn tin grey” and flat
metal embedded with cone-shaped holes as far as he could see — “at least three football
field lengths (1,000 feet).” Each cone-shaped hole was separated from the
others by an estimated 40 feet; each cone-shaped hole was about 6 feet
in diameter and 6 to 8 feet deep. Computer illustration of what Sorrells saw above
him based on Ricky Sorrells' sketches © 2008 by Gregory Watters for Earthfiles.



April 25, 2017 - European Space Agency Reports Purple Gas Ribbon
Flowing 13,000 mph — And It's Not An Aurora?

“Relatively little else is known about the big purple light as yet, but it appears
it is not an aurora as it does not stem from the interaction of solar particles
with the Earth's magnetic field.”

- BBC, Apr. 23, 2017

ESA sent up electric field instruments to 190 miles (300 km) above the Earth
to measure a gas ribbon first reported on a Univ. of Calgary, Canada, Facebook
group that shared photos wondering what the sky ribbon is and calling it “Steve.”
ESA found the temperature of the gas ribbon's air was 3,000 C (5,400 F) hotter
inside the gas stream than outside it. The gas ribbon is 15.5 miles wide (25 km) and the gas inside
the ribbon was flowing at 6 km/s (13,000 mph), 600 times faster than the air on either side.
Image by European Space Agency.



April 20, 2017 - Part 1 of 11: Hall of Mirrors with A Quicksand Floor.
Click here for Part 1 of 11 from Linda's Real X-Files.



April 17, 2017 - Could Shroud of Turin Provide DNA of Christ?

Click for: “The Shroud of Turin - Blood Tests”
Click for: “The Shroud of Turin - An X-Ray?”

“Using the latest advances in DNA technology, Oxford University geneticist
George Busby and biblical scholar Pastor Joe Basile are now investigating the world's
most famous holy relics including the Shroud of Turin, the Sudarium of Oviedo
and the bones of John the Baptist” for the DNA strand of Jesus.

- The Jesus Strand: A Search for DNA, History Channel documentary, April 16, 2017

Left: Positive photograph of original linen Shroud of Turin.
Right: Negative photograph of shroud head.



April 13, 2017 - See now “What Heats the Bottom of the Enceladus
Moon's Ocean to 194 Degrees Fahrenheit?”

Illustration of water ice geysers erupting on the surface of Enceladus,
one of Saturn's 31 moons. Enceladus is the sixth largest moon and in a 2014
NASA gravity study was confirmed to have a 6 mile-deep ocean (10 km) beneath
its south pole ice shell of 19 to 25 miles thick (30-40 km) from where water spouts
rise up. Other research suggests Enceladus's core is heating some ocean floor water
to 190 degrees F. and that would be suitable for living organisms.
Artist's concept © 2006 by Joe Bergeron.

See now: “Searching for Other Life in This Universe.”

Then there is the solar system's deepest ocean on Europa, a moon that
orbits Jupiter. A year ago in May 2016, NASA reported that Europa's deep ocean
of salty liquid water beneath a 60-mile-thick icy shell has the right proportions
of “raw materials and chemical energy to support biological life.” Illustration by NASA.



April 11, 2017 - Nicotine-based Neurotoxin Insecticides
Detected in Tap Water for the First Time.
See "Unprecedented Levels" of Neonic "Highly Toxic to Honey Bees."

“The EPA doesn't even have regulations on neonicotinoid concentrations
in drinking water; their explanation is that it's too new and too under-studied”
even though the toxins were being sold in the 1990s!

-, April 7, 2017

University of Iowa scientists have tested water from faucets throughout Iowa City for the presence of nicotine-based insecticides first introduced in the 1990s that are now the most widely used chemicals as seed coatings. But the neonicotinoids are lethal to honey bees and other insects. The new report confirms small traces of “neonics” in drinking water, even after filtration treatment — impact on human health unknown. Neonicotinoids are what honey bee keepers have long suspected are the major culprits in the persistent weakening and decline of honey bee colonies since the winter of 2006 in which many beekeepers then — and every year since — have lost up to 80% or more of their bees. Countries in the European Union such as Italy want to ban the neonics entirely.

Neonics in trace amounts interfere with honey bee nervous
systems and cause death. The U. S. Geological Survey in 2015 also
confirmed that neonicotinoid residues were widespread in water
samples collected from rivers and streams in the U.S.



April 7, 2017 - Extraterrestrial Materialized Entities, EMEs.
Click for Real X-File.

“ ... the EMEs, extraterrestrial materialized entities, have complete control over UFOs ...
and can materialize and appear at will to anyone at any time any place.”

- Page 4, July 7,1999, “IMPORTANT” letter to Timothy Cooper from “S-1”

This Flammarion wood engraving by an unknown artist in
1888 depicts a man, clothed in a long robe and carrying a staff.
He kneels down and passes his head, shoulders, and right arm
through a gap between the star-studded sky and earth, discovering
another realm of circling clouds, fires and suns beyond the Earth's matter
realm. The original caption was: “A missionary of the Middle Ages
says he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch.”


April 5, 2017 - Mysterious Flash of Cosmic X-rays With 1,000 Times
More Energy
Than All Stars in Milky Way Galaxy! What Was It?

“We may have observed a completely new type of cataclysmic event.”

- Kevin Schawinski, of ETH Zurich in Switzerland

Possible explanations include gamma-ray bursts (GRB) caused by the collapse
of a massive star; the merger of a neutron star with another neutron star or a
black hole; or the shredding of a white dwarf by a medium-sized black hole.
See: June 2017 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
Image credit: NASA/CXC/Pontifical Catholic Univ./ F. Bauer et al.

Prior to October 2014, NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory had never seen anything like this unique eruption that produced a thousand times more energy than all the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy — and has never been seen again. The Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes determined the source to be a small galaxy some 10.7 billion light-years from Earth in our 13.8 billion-years-old universe.



April 3, 2017 - 28 Cows Mysteriously Die in Greene County, Alabama.

On Wednesday afternoon on March 29, 2017, between 4 and 5 PM Central, the son of a long-time farmer with a herd of 250 cows and 11 bulls between Eutaw and Boligee in western Alabama fed the herd cube pellet food in ten cement troughs. Cube pellet food is a supplement during winters. 26 hours later near 7 PM Central on Thursday evening, March 30th, twenty-six cows were found dead all over the pastures and lying in ditches that collect rain water on the farm. But the ditches were nearly dry. Blood and internal organ samples were collected for analysis by a local veterinarian. Then by Sunday, April 2, 2017, two more cows were found dead bringing the total to 28 mysterious cow deaths.

If anyone has any information about the Greene County, Alabama, 28 cow deaths, please email: [email protected]




On January 18, 2017, the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announced
that its "CREST: 25-Year Program Archive" of 13 million pages of declassified
documents are now released online. Here is link to CREST UFO files.
Here is another easier to use:



March 31, 2017 -

— Repeating Fast Radio Bursts 2.5 Billion Light-Years
from Earth - Alien Intelligence?
Click for report with mp3 audio.

Illustration of a hypothetical alien intelligence's large transport
sail powered by a radio beam (red) generated from the surface of an
Earth-sized planet a billion light-years from Earth. Credit:
M. Weiss/Center for Astrophysics, Harvard Univ.

— 93% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef Suffering Coral Bleaching.

Click for report with mp3 audio.

— “I've been photographing this area of the reef for several years now
and what we’re seeing is unprecedented. ... nearly 100%
of the corals are bleaching, and who knows how many will recover?”

- Brett Monroe Garner, Photographer, Greenpeace Int'l.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is suffering its worst coral bleaching
ever recorded with 93% damaged to dying. Image by AFP.

Part 4 - Audio Interview with Alaska Dark Pyramid
Remote Viewer Dina Napier. Click Real X-File with mp3 audio.

“We knew that there was a lot of energy leaking out of this
pyramid, and this is what they wanted us to study.”

- Dina Napier from 1995 remote viewing
underground black pyramid in Alaska, age 22

— Part 5: Dina Napier Encounters with Live Reptilian Humanoid
and Frightening Cloaked Figure. Click Real X-File with mp3 audio.

“The cloaked being was hovering above us. My 6-month-old son
and I were huddled in the corner, and I was holding onto him very, very tightly.”

- Dina Napier in 1994, age 21



March 24, 2017 - Part 3: More Mystery About Alaska Underground

Dark Pyramid. Click for Real X-File.

“These dark underground pyramids are going to be revealed at some point.
It's almost like these pyramids are very individual in their looks and types, but I feel
that what's going on in the Antarctic right now is exactly what's going on up
in Alaska as well. So these are the same types of black pyramids.”

- Dina Napier from 1995 remote viewing
underground black pyramid in Alaska, age 22



March 22, 2017 - NASA Funding for Human Travel to Mars in 2030s

Approved in $19.5 Billion Bill Signed by Pres. Trump.

“It's been a long time since a bill like this has been signed reaffirming
our national commitment to the core mission of NASA, human space
exploration, space science and technology.”

- President Donald Trump, March 21, 2017

The Hubble telescope took this image of Mars at opposition
closest to Earth on May 30, 2016, when Mars was 46.8 million
miles away (75.3 million km).

The NASA authorization bill had bipartisan support for NASA's Earth science and 2033 manned Mars mission funding for construction of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion crew capsule. SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk might beat NASA to the red planet with his ambitious goal of launching himself and others as early as 2022 or 2026 timeline.



March 18, 2017 - Western Electric Engineer Worked 700 Feet Underground At “Dark Pyramid” in Alaska. Click for archived 5-part report.

“What could the reason be for an advanced — and most likely extraterrestrial
species — to construct and bury a large pyramid structure, one that somehow either

creates electricity or is designed to utilize or amplify electricity?”

- Retired U. S. Navy Captain



March 15, 2017 - Part 2: More Mystery About Alaska Underground

Dark Pyramid. Click for Real X-File.

“I got back to ground level on the ice above the huge, black underground

pyramid and my last vision was on the ice in the cold and there were three large

spaceships, very large sort of triangular-shaped aerial craft rose up out of the ice.”

- Dina Napier from 1995 remote viewing
underground black pyramid in Alaska, age 22

Dina Napier's illustration of the three aerial craft exchanging beam
energy with the tops of Giza pyramids in Egypt, that she viewed in 1995, age 22,
vivid dream remote viewing experience at the site of large, black pyramid
underground west of Mt. McKinley, now known as Mt. Denali.



March 12, 2017 - Manchester's 1st AWAKENING Expo About UFOS

and Conscious Life Had 2,100 from U. K. and Europe.

Some of the large and enthusiastic audience before keynote presentations by Linda Moulton Howe
and Erich Von Daniken, Saturday evening, March 4, 2017, Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester, U.K.

Linda Moulton Howe was presented by Erich Von Daniken a 2017 Stellar Citizen Award
in crystal for excellence in investigative journalism about UFO phenomena
Saturday evening, March 4, 2017, at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester, U. K.
Both were keynote speakers. Erich, author of the classic groundbreaking Chariots
of the Gods,
presented “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past: the Von Daniken Legacy,”
and Linda, Emmy Award-winning TV producer, author, broadcaster and
Reporter and Editor of, presented “Symbols and Binary Code in
High Strangeness Phenomena.” Award and photo by Zohar Entertainment Group.



March 1, 2017 - Part 1: More Mystery About Alaska Underground

Dark Pyramid. Click for Real X-File.

— “This is as super secret a situation as the Manhattan Project was.
Nobody is supposed to know this place even exists. ...This thing is some
kind of power generator and it’s thousands of years old, it’s made out of
stone like a pyramid. They don’t know where it came from, who made it
or how it works. But it can generate enough power to power the whole
North Slope, all of Alaska, and probably the whole country of Canada!”

- USAF Huey helicopter pilot, April 1978

— “This was no 'normal' pyramid. There was energy coming from it
and it looked like it was made from a black metal. It was HUGE ...”

- Dina Napier, Remote Viewer, age 22, 1995

Huge, ancient, black onyx-like pyramid
allegedly deep underground between Mt. Denali
(aka McKinley) and Lake Minchumina, Alaska.



February Updated with audios Feb. 25, 2017 -

— A Physicist Thinks Our Universe Is Simulated.
Click for report with mp3 audio interview.

— In A Simulated Universe, Why Avatars and Reincarnation?

Click for report with mp3 audio interview.

— Is Our Universe Also A 3-D Hologram?

Click for report with mp3 audio interview.

— Keys to the Cosmos: Fractal Math, Frequencies and Wave Patterns.

Click for report with mp3 audio interview.


February 22, 2017 - NASA Announced Today Seven Planets Similar to Earth Orbiting the Trappist-1 Dwarf Star 40 Light-Years from Us.

“This is the first time that so many planets of this kind (rocky) are found
around the same star” in our Milky Way neighborhood.

- Michael Gillon, Ph.D., Astronomer, Univ. of Liege, Belgium


“I think we've made a crucial step towards finding if there is life out there.
... Here, if life managed to thrive and release gases similar to what
we have on Earth, we will know."

- Amaury Triaud, Ph.D., Astronomer, Univ. of Cambridge, U. K.

Trappist-1 is an ultracool dwarf star about 40 light-years from Earth.
Scientists reporting in the journal Nature on February 22, 2017, found that three
of the seven rocky planets orbiting Trappist-1 could be Earth-like in
temperatures and atmospheric gasses. The main difference in this solar system
is that the low-temperature dwarf will burn on for another trillion years, long
after our yellow sun has burned out. So if there is life on any of the seven
planets, it will carry on and perhaps eventually these planets will
provide bases for human space explorers. Image by NASA.



February 19, 2017 - Are Spikes in Iodine-131 Levels in Europe from
Arctic “Nuclear Incident” in January 2017?

“Where the radioactivity is coming from is still a mystery. ... Someone out there
knows why the radioactivity was spread over large areas of Europe.”

- Barents Observer, February 19, 2017

February 13, 2017 Map Source: Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire. is reporting today that recently “trace amounts of radioactive Iodine-131 of unknown origin were detected in January 2017, over large areas in Europe (see above map). Since the isotope has a half-life of only 8 days, the detection is an indication of a rather recent release. As the Barents Observer adds, 'where the radioactivity is coming from is still a mystery.'” An “Arctic nuclear incident” has been rumored, but no details provided to date.

Norway's air filter station at Svanhovd near Russia's Kola Peninsula was first to measure an Iodine-131 spike at Finnmark in the second week of January 2017. Then within the next two weeks, Iodine-131 spikes were reported in Rovaniemi (Finnish Lapland), Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain. There are no human health concerns at the levels measured, but the so far unanswered question is: Where did the radioactive Iodine-131 come from — and why?



February 16, 2017 - Was Winston Churchill Wondering About Other Life in the Universe in 1939 Because of UFOs On Earth? Click for report.

“I, for one, am not so immensely impressed by the success we are making of our
civilization here that I am prepared to think we are the only spot in this immense universe which contains living, thinking creatures, or that we are the highest type of mental and physical development which has ever appeared in the vast compass of space and time.”

- Winston Churchill, 1939, typed but unpublished essay entitled
“Are We Alone in the Universe?” and recently discovered in
U. S. National Churchill Museum, Fulton, Missouri, and summarized in
February 15, 2017, issue of science journal Nature.


“This (UFO) event should be immediately classified
since it would create mass panic amongst the general population
and destroy one's belief in the church.”

- Churchill bodyguard, quoting Churchill during WWII
as told to grandson, a U. K. scientist in MoD document release

American General Dwight D. Eisenhower with U. K.'s
Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II
discussed UFOs, according to MoD release.



February 15, 2017 - Antarctica's Larsen C Huge Ice Shelf
the Size of Delaware Expected to Collapse Soon. See Earthfiles report.

“The iceberg is likely to break free within the next few months”
as one of biggest icebergs ever recorded.

- Adrian Luckman, Ph.D., MIDAS Project, Swansea Univ., Wales, U. K.

The crack in Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf has been growing in length
by about 1,500 feet each day since December 2016. When the crack depicted in red
above reaches the other end of Larsen C, “The iceberg is likely to break free within
the next few months,” says Prof. Adrian Luckman of Swansea Univ. in
Wales, U. K., who is leading a research team called MIDAS Project. That will be one
of the biggest icebergs on record. Larsen C has been on the water, so it won't
cause sea level rise. But its collapse will open up a path for ice on land behind
it to start moving toward the ocean. That will cause sea level rise.
Graphic by Microsoft Earthstar Geographics.



February 6, 2017 - Green Fireball Over Lake Michigan
February 6th and Strange Sounds and Lights In Eastern Quebec.
Click for report with police video and other images.

Red circles show where large, Kelly green fireball descended over
Lake Michigan near 1:30 AM Central early Monday morning, February 6, 2017.
Also the Google pointer is at Baie des Chaleurs, Quebec, Canada, in the mouth
of the St. Lawrence River where from January 27, 2017, to February 4, 2017,
citizens have heard loud booming sounds associated with unexplained flashes of light.



February 2, 2017 - Mysteries of Parallel Dimensions.
Click for Real X-Files Parts 1-18.

Not all moving lights are hard physical objects,
and in a sense your contact is right in stating that some
non-human entities (NHEs) have come into this dimension from another.” 

- Whistleblower T.W.

Parallel dimensions © by DJ Spyros.



January 31, 2017 - More Than 150 Persistent, Unexplained Aerial Light

Flashes and Booms in New Orleans, LA, Since December and Ongoing.
Other Recent Booms in San Diego and Alhambra, CA, Also Unexplained.

“How is it nobody has seen anything other than the flashes and heard the booms?
It's more than just curiosity — is something going on? I did hear them on Friday
(Jan. 27, 2017) around 9-9:30 p.m., I think? And this was the loudest one I've ever heard.”

- Tori Godbey, New Orleans resident

A New Orleans resident, who wants to remain anonymous,
is marking the mysterious boom sounds on a map. He has 150 reports
now since the end of December 2016, and keeps updating on his
site as the flashes of light and very loud booms keep being reported. Another
New Orleans resident, Karen Chustz, told Channel 4,
“There's no sound like it. All of a sudden it's this huge explosion
and you have to do a double take, and like, my dog freaks out completely.”

In San Diego, California, since January 24, 2017, military and airport officials have denied being responsible for the several very loud, ground-shaking booms that people have been reporting. Resident Laura Reynolds who was in Imperial Beach told Fox 5-TV News: “I automatically thought it was an earthquake as my car started moving back and forth in Imperial Beach!” Other residents have reported hearing repeating thunderous “bangs.” Northwest by 125 miles in Alhambra, CA, NBC4 reports that in 2016 into January 2017, there have been more than 100 calls about loud, house-shaking booms from residents to the Alhambra Police Department and 911. Like New Orleans, one female resident said she heard a loud blasting sound and saw a flash of light. A male, who wants to remain anonymous, pleaded, “They've (authorities) have got to figure out what this is. This has got to be escalated (in investigation) at this point.”

Please see these recent Earthfiles reports:

• 01/19/2017 — Unexplained, Loud, House-Shaking Boom Reported

by Dozens to TV News and Mt. Holly, N.C. Police Night of Jan. 17th
• 12/18/2016 — Update - Part 2: Eerie Metallic Sounds in Spokane, WA, and Booms in Spearfish, SD, and San Jose, CA
• 12/15/2016 — Strange Boom and Eerie Metallic Sounds Are Back in Washington and Pennsylvania
• 11/20/2016 — Update: Viewer Feedback On San Jose Booms and Lake Ontario Mysteries
• 10/20/2016 — New Mysterious Loud, Rumbling Booms in Idaho and California
• 03/16/2016 — Unexplained Booms in Alhambra, California


January 29, 2017 - “Alien Head” On 100-Million-Year-Old
Unique, Extinct Insect.

“The strangest thing about this insect is that the head looked so much like
the way aliens are often portrayed. With its long neck, big eyes and strange oblong

(triangular) head, I thought it resembled E.T.   ...I had never really seen anything
like it. This (ancient) insect has a number of features that don't match
those of any other insect species that I know. ”

- George Poinar, Jr, Prof. Emeritus of Entomology, Oregon State Univ., Corvallis

Left: Unique to the known insect world is this 100-million-year-old triangular head with bulging
eyes and one triangle vertex going into the neck giving this small species the ability to see 180 degrees
by turning its head sideways. Found preserved in amber at the Hukawng Valley amber mines of
Myanmar (Burma), its uniqueness earned its own singular order of Aethiocarenodea in the species
Aethiocarenusburmanicus. Image by Prof. Poinar, OSU. Right: Tall insect entity encountered by
human abductee David Huggins on Georgia farm when he was 8-years-old in 1951. Source:
Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses ©1989 by Linda Moulton Howe.
See Earthfiles Shop.



January 27, 2017 -

— Search Ongoing for 9th Planet, So Massive
It Tilts Solar System 6 Degrees. Click for report.

“My first guess is that it'll be kind of like Neptune,

but I don't know what it's going to look like.”

- Michael Brown, Ph.D., Prof. of Planetary Astronomy, Caltech

Our sun is the yellow sphere. Planet orbits are depicted as
gravitationally interacting rings where Orbit 9 depicts the great elliptical
path of what the astronomers think is a gaseous 9th planet in the Oort cloud
that is 10-20 times the mass of our Earth. Why such a huge planet would have such
an elliptical orbit is still unknown. Speculation is that a passing star at
the time the solar system formed might have pulled Planet 9 into the
strange orbit. Graphic by Michael Brown & Konstantin Batygin 2016.

— Are Color-Modulated Rapid Pulses from 234 Stars E.T. Signals?
Click for report.

“The light pulses are separated by exactly the same time, like turning a flashlight
on and off, and the time separation is exactly the same — billions of times a second.”

- Ermanno Borra, Ph.D., Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Laval, Quebec City, Canada

2.5 million star spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
were analyzed, but only 234 yellow stars had the peculiar
color-modulated, billions of pulses a second.

— Cheetahs and Giraffes Are Facing Extinction This Century.
Report on Cheetahs. Report on Giraffes.

Left: Cheetah are the fastest land animal on Earth, reaching speeds of 75 mph. Only 7,000
are left struggling to survive against the onslaughts of shrinking habitats. Right: Also in severe
decline are giraffes, the tallest animal in the world, reaching 18 feet. In only 40 years,
95% of giraffes in some regions are gone. Images by livescience.


January 23, 2017 - Loud Booms, Some with “Pinkish Light,”
Reported in Uptown, New Orleans. Windsor, Calif.
Social Media Reports Mystery Booms. would like to hear from earwitnesses. Please email:
[email protected]

— “There was some kind of flash and a boom. It was like a pinkish flash.”

- Cindy Stein, New Orleans resident.

— “Deep boom was so loud it made you come outside to see
if something blew up. Didn't see a thing.”

- Neal Royer, New Orleans resident.

The neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans, LA, includes
the Carrollton Historic District farthest up river from the French Quarter.



January 19, 2017 - Unexplained, Loud, House-Shaking Boom Reported by

Dozens to TV News and Mt. Holly, N.C. Police Night of Jan. 17th.

Click for report.

Channel 9-WSOTV news report, Mt. Holly, North Carolina,
on Tuesday night, January 17, 2017, four nights after another loud
boom was reported on Saturday, January 14, 2017. City and
county authorities still have no answers. Mt. Holly is only about
12 miles east of Gastonia, NC, where one of the most shocking horse
mutilations occurred in February 1980, described in this Earthfiles report.



January 18, 2017 - Antarctica's “Halloween Crack” Forces

British Antarctic Survey Scientists to Move.

U.K.'s Halley VI Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica is the
world's first relocatable research center. Image by Hugh Broughton Architects.

Brunt Ice Shelf is across the Weddell Sea from the
Antarctic Peninsula's huge Larsen Ice Shelf. See more in Earthfiles Report.

Two and a half months ago on October 31, 2016, a 25-mile-long new ice crack was discovered on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica where the U. K.'s Halley VI Research Station for the British Antarctic ice survey has been. Today it was announced that the world's first relocatable research center and its scientific staff are now moving some 14 miles (23 km) to a new site as a “precautionary measure" because of the unpredictability about when the 25-mile-long crack will get larger and might threaten the station. It's now Antarctica summer, January through February. Then winter begins in March 2017. So better to move the station now.

Aerial drone photograph of huge 25-mile-long ice crack
in Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf since October 31, 2016.



January 17, 2017 - Update: High Strangeness in U. K. Cat

and Fox Deaths and Oregon Cow Mutilation. Click for Real X-File.

— “We started our (cat, fox and small animal mutilation)
investigation in September 2015. Since then we’ve collected
about 180 bodies, all with similar wounds — their head or tail cut off, or both;
some have had their front paws or back paws cut off; some have literally been cut in half.”

- Tony Jenkins, Co-Founder, U. K. South Norwood
Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), January 13, 2017


— “The cow's milk bag (udder) was taken off in a big, round cut.
And the uterus was taken out through the removed udder hole
in the abdomen. It was just a weird deal.”

- Farmer after cow mutilated between John Day
and Prairie City, Oregon, Nov. 2016



Updated Breaking News January 13, 2017 - Two Mysterious Explosions Today Heard in Marseille, France, But Source Unknown.

“We heard the explosions, too, but its origin is mysterious.”

- Marseille Fire Brigade spokesperson

@sebaofotograf FB: “The explosion was felt on the wall [of house]
and the window trembled. The explosion was heard in the 8th arrondissement.
What is this madness, my windows are shaking?”

Marseille, on France's south coast, is the country's second largest
city, after Paris, with a population of about 855,000. The Marseille Naval Fire
Battalion is the fire and rescue service for the city of Marseille. 37 miles southeast
of Marseille is the Toulon Naval Base, the second-largest naval port in France.

Today at 1 PM local time (5 AM Mtn) in Marseille, France, two large explosions have rattled windows and set off alarms, but the source is unknown. A city fire brigade official told, “We heard the explosions too, but its origin is mysterious.” According to La Provence, there were no French Naval aircraft over Marseille at the time of the two reported large explosions, which is the oppositve of a BFMTV report by “official sources,” who stated the explosions were caused by an aircraft breaking the sound barrier. Oddly, the police and city fire brigade say there were no emergency calls for help. See

Also see:

• 12/18/2016 — Update - Part 2: Eerie Metallic Sounds in Spokane, WA, and Booms in Spearfish, SD, and San Jose, CA
• 12/15/2016 — Part 1: Strange Boom and Eerie Metallic Sounds Are Back in Washington and Pennsylvania
• 11/20/2016 — Update: Viewer Feedback On San Jose Booms and Lake Ontario Mysteries


January 9, 2017 - Chile Military Releases UFO Video of Nov. 11, 2014.

Click for report and videotape of high strangeness aerial objects.

The Chilean government's CEFAA recently released videotape of a naval helicopter carrying out a routine daylight coastal patrol on November 11, 2014, when the camera operator noticed an unidentified flying object ahead. Yet, radar could not “see” the UFO and its highly strange emissions.

Twice during the 10-minute infrared and visible light video recording,
the UFO ejected an unknown material into the air which grew into a long cylinder
that was only visible in the infrared (IR) spectrum. In the visible light frequency
and naked eye, the objects were nearly invisible and did not show up on radar.
The substance the UFO emitted disappeared straight into the clouds where the
UFO also vanished. Nov. 11, 2014, video frame by Chilean CEFAA.



January 8, 2017 - Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf Could Soon
Split Off 2,000 Square Miles of Ice. Click for report.

“When it calves, the Larsen C ice shelf will lose more than 10% of its area
to leave the ice front at its most retreated position ever recorded.
This event will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula.”

- U. K. MIDAS Project Report, January 5, 2017

The Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen C 1,000-foot-wide
and over 50 miles long ice crack on November 10, 2016.
Aerial image courtesy NASA and John Sonntag.



January 5, 2017 - “Fast Radio Bursts” of Intense Radiation
from Galaxy Far, Far Away. Click for report.

“They definitely know, for this one case anyway, that the radio burst is not
cataclysmic (referring to 9 fast radio bursts over 6 months in 2016.”

- Shami Chatterjee, Ph.D., Astronomer, Cornell University

he 8-meter Gemini telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
Illustration of measuring the redshift of the Auriga Constellation dwarf
galaxy from where the mysterious FRB121102 fast radio bursts
have originated. Illustration by Danielle Futselaar



January 4, 2017 - A Comet and Large Mystery Object Start the New Year.

“The (mystery) object illustrates that the boundary between asteroids and comets
is a blurry one. Perhaps over time this object has lost the majority of the volatiles
that linger on or just under its surface.”

- James Bauer, Ph.D., JPL Dep. Principal Investigator, Pasadena

Newly discovered Comet C/2016 U1 NEOWISE could be visible
with binoculars between now and January 14, 2017, when it will reach
inside the orbit of Mercury before heading back out of our solar system.
The closest the comet will be to Earth is 66 million miles (106 million km).
Sky map by

A second object, 2016 WF9, is calculated to be about a half-mile
wide (.5 to 1 km) and is expected to pass Earth at a distance of 32 million
miles (51 million km) on February 25, 2017. But NASA doesn't know if it's
an asteroid or comet. It's dark, not reflecting much light like some comets,
but there is no dust and gas cloud normally found around comets.
Illustration by NASA/JPL-Caltech.



January 3, 2017 - More Unexplained Booms — Yesterday in Connecticut.

At 10:30 AM Eastern on Monday, January 2, 2017, in Connecticut towns Southington, Cheshire, Waterbury and Wolcott southwest of Hartford, many residents called police about a loud, booming, explosion-type sound that shook houses and the Mt. Southington ski slopes. But fire, police and local energy companies could not find the origin. The Weston Observatory's New England Real-Time Earthquake monitor at Boston College did not show any earthquake activity. See: More Recent Unexplained Booms and Strange Sounds.

Southington, Connecticut, is 21 miles southwest of Hartford;
Waterbury is 30 miles. Earthfiles would like to hear from boom and
strange sound experiencers by email to: [email protected]



December 21, 2016 -

— First Ever Dinosaur Tail Tissue Found Covered with Feathers.
Click for report.

“The more we see these feathered dinosaurs and how widespread
the feathers are, things like a scaly velociraptor seem less and less likely
and they've become a lot more bird-like in the overall view.”

- Ryan McKellar, Ph.D., Paleontologist, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Canada

Feathers on actual tail tissue of a young coelurosaurian dinosaur
trapped in amber 99 million years ago, reinforces the mind-bending
evidence that dinosaurs had feathers instead of reptilian scales.
Images by Royal Saskatchewan Museum/R. C. McKellar.

— Is the Praying Mantis In Human Abductions A Cosmic “Arbiter?”

Insights from U.K. experiencer Simon Parkes.

“I’m looking straight into the eyes of what we would now call a mantis.
... they make telepathic connections through the eyes ... through your
retina and the optic nerve to your brain.”

- Simon Parkes, former Councilor for London Borough of Hackney, 1994-1999;
Councillor of Whitby Town Council 2011-2015, North Yorkshire, U. K.

2011 illustration of very tall praying mantis entity
by abductee "Joshua Rhinehall."


— Part 1: Is Our Universe “Someone Else's” Computer Simulation?
Click for report.

“He (Other Universe Voice) told me that they were trying to understand
their place within their universe and that what they had discovered is that they
were inside of someone else’s universe just like we were inside of theirs.”

- Jerry Wills, Contactee Experiencer, Phoenix, AZ

Since this Scientific American February 14, 2014, headline about
“high-profile physicists and philosophers gathered to debate whether
we are real or virtual,” the simulation question persists. Elon Musk
told a May 30, 2016, Recode Code Conference audience,
“There's a one in billions chance we're in base reality," meaning that
Musk is convinced that a very advanced artificial intelligence
created the universe as we know it.


— Part 2: Is Our Universe “Someone Else's” Computer Simulation?

Click for report.

“This doorway (Aramu Muru, Peru) that I had gone through was something that
this Other Universe Intelligence had put in place. They had these doorways throughout
our universe in various places (because this universe had been their experiment).”

- Jerry Wills, Contactee Experiencer, Phoenix, AZ

December 18, 2016 - Update - Part 2: Eerie Metallic Sounds
in Spokane, WA, and Booms in Spearfish, SD, and San Jose, CA.
Click for report.

“The sound would send chills up your back. It was so intense —
like something was in pain. It was very eerie.”
- Kathy Schlenker, 64, retired mental health
counselor, Spokane Valley, WA

“In Spearfish, it was like 'the sound of about 8 shotguns going off at once.'”

- Brad Scott, Spearfish, SD, resident



December 15, 2016 - Part 1: Strange Booms and Eerie Metallic Sounds
Are Back in Washington and Pennsylvania. Click for report.

“Seems to be coming from the sky and moves around.
A few times it felt as if it was charging fast back towards
my house after becoming somewhat distant. Enjoy the lovely
sounds of orcas dying in the sky!”

- Amanda Rhodes, FB post with video/audio, Spokane Valley, WA

Photo on KHQ Facebook page December 14, 2016, of two
vertical whitish beams that appeared above the foreground house at
the same time that eerie, metallic sounds were being recorded on an
iPhone by a Spokane Valley, Washington, resident on the night of
Dec. 13-14, 2016, and posted at the KHQ Facebook.



December 14, 2016 - No Earth Human Defense for Surprise
Asteroid or Comet Headed Toward Earth, Says NASA Scientist.

“The biggest problem, basically, is there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about
it at the moment. ... it takes five years to launch a (deflecting/destroying) spacecraft.”

- Joseph Nuth, Ph.D., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
speaking at AGU Fall Meeting, Dec. 12-16, San Francisco

NASA recently created a planetary defense office
and on Monday, Dec. 12, 2016, Joseph Nuth, Ph.D., from NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, reported in a press conference
entitled "Defending the Home Planet," that NASA should build an interceptor
rocket that could be kept ready to deflect or destroy an incoming extinction-level object.
Source: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Dec. 12-16, 2016, in San Francisco, CA.

See NASA Asteroid Watch and Redirect Mission.




December 11, 2016 - Mysterious Praying Mantis Beings: Friend Or Foe?

Click on 3-Part Earthfiles.

From 8 feet down to 4 feet, these mysterious praying mantis beings
have interacted with many humans on Earth leaving people with mixed reactions from
ancient, wise and benevolent life seeders to ancient, very advanced, manipulative
with negative agendas. Illustration by Toronto, Canada, abductee.



December 8, 2016 - More Dinosaur Feather Evidence Trapped in Amber.

“The more we see these feathered dinosaurs and how widespread the feathers are,
things like a scaly velociraptor seem less and less likely and they've become a lot more bird like in the overall view. They're not quite the Godzilla-style scaly monsters we once thought.”

- Ryan McKellar, Ph.D., Paleontologist, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Canada

This feathery tail of a young coelurosaurian dinosaur that was about the size
of a sparrow 99 million years ago when it got trapped in this amber, reinforcing
the mind-bending evidence that dinosaurs had feathers instead of reptilian scales.
Images by Royal Saskatchewan Museum/R. C. McKellar.



December 8, 2016 - “Silent Extinction” of Giraffes.

“In these war torn areas, in northern Kenya, Somalia,
and Ethiopia in the border area with South Sudan, essentially the giraffes
are war fodder, a large animal, extremely curious that can feed a lot of people.”

- Julian Fennessy, Ph.D., Co-chair,
IUCN Giraffe & Okapi Specialist Group

Steep drop from 155,000 giraffes in 1985 to only 97,000 in 2015, according
to the Int'l. Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Julian Fennessy, Ph.D., Co-chair,
IUCN Giraffe & Okapi Specialist Group says, “When you come up through
East Africa, those numbers have plummeted some by up to 95% of the population in the
case of the Nubian giraffe, in the last three decades alone.” Image © Nat'l. Geographic.

Also see: “Latest World Wildlife Report Shows Steep Declines — World's Vertebrate Populations Half of What They Were In 1970.”


Update December 5, 2016 - Unexplained Herring Deaths Spread to Cornwall, U. K., While Nova Scotia Lab Tests Come Up Zero On Cause.

Western Nova Scotia to Cornwall, U. K., is some 2,700 miles
across the North Atlantic Ocean. Is there something happening in the
ocean that is causing massive herring die-offs in both locations
between mid-November to Sunday, December 5, 2016?

Cornwall authorities do not know the cause of this weekend's massive herring and mackerel die-off. Further, the first lab results from the Nova Scotia Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans effort to find disease anomalies in the huge herring die-off there all came back negative. The DFO began investigating November 22, 2016, after thousands of dead and dying herring washed up at the eastern end of St. Mary's Bay in western Nova Scotia. See December 3 headline below.

Sunday morning, December 4, 2016, residents in Cornwall, U. K.,
found thousands of dead herring and mackerel washed up on the shore as residents in
western Nova Scotia in headline immediately below. Image by UK Yahoo News.



December 3, 2016 - What Is Killing Tens of Thousands of Herring
On Nova Scotia's Western Coastline?

“If there was a toxin getting into these fish and being passed on the scavengers, you would

expect that someone, somewhere would find some dead gulls, but no such reports.”

- Shawn Craik, Ph.D., Ornithologist, Sainte-Anne University, Nova Scotia

Since mid-November 2016, tens of thousands of dead herring have
washed ashore Nova Scotia's western coastline without explanation. First location
was the eastern edge of St. Marys Bay and now includes the Annapolis Basin,
Bear River and Smiths Cove near Digby, N.S. Long-time fishermen
say they have never seen anything like this before.

Virus, pollution, parasites, poisonous algae bloom or unidentified ocean
predator? The Google pointer is Digby, N.S., and the red circle is St. Mary's Bay.
Lab tests are being done by the Atlantic Veterinary College in
Charlottetown, Canada, and results are expected in early December.
Image © Canadian Press Joan Comeau.



November 28, 2016 - Canadian Transportation Safety Board Says
Lake Ontario UFO in Near-Collision with Porter Airliner
Does Not Match Any Known Aerial Drone. Click for report.

Toronto, Canada, sets on the northwest of Lake Ontario,
one of the Great Lakes with a long history of unexplained aerial
phenomena over its waters. Map © by
Also see UFO interactions with terrestrial airplanes in:
Part 12: Inside Saucer Post ...3-0 Blue © 1957 by Leonard Stringfield.



November 28, 2016 - “Unprecedented November Heat” in Arctic.

“It's been about 20 C. warmer than normal over most of the Arctic Ocean ...
This is unprecedented for November.”

- Jennifer Francis, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, Rutgers Univ., NJ

Sea ice, which forms and melts each year, has declined more than 30%
in the past 25 years. This week it has been at the lowest extent ever recorded
for late November. According to the US government’s National Snow and
Ice Data Centre, (NSIDC), around 2 million square kilometres less ice has formed
since September than average. Image Arctic ice melt in 2016 by NASA.
Also see: Warming Arctic Driving Wavy Jet Stream and More Weather Extremes.



November 24, 2016 -

— Strange Pinging Sound on Arctic Seafloor Scaring Off Animals.
Click for report

“A sailboat notified us that their sonar had picked up these weird, loud PING
sounds at the bottom of the sea bed in Fury and Hecla Strait.”

- Nunavut Minister of Education and Colleges Paul Quassa,
Igloovik, Nunavut Territory, Canada

Fishing boat in Fury and Hecla Strait, Nunavut
Territory, Canada, where strange ping-hum sound has been
picked up on various boat sonars since the summer of 2016.

— New Ground-Level Ozone Alert. Click for report.

“The whole global ambient level of ground-level ozone has risen now to
50 parts per billion and that’s a lot for a gas so toxic to plants, animals and humans.”

- Jim Robbins, New York Times contributor and author

Even bristlecone pine trees over a thousand years old
growing on top of mountains from Colorado to California are now
threatened by rising ground-levels of ozone. Image USDA.

— Part 1: E.T. Retrieval Team and “Alien War” in Greenland.
Click for report.

“There was something about the reptilian ones.
Even though they were dead, he (father in USAF) would talk about
the overwhelming fear when they got near even the dead ones to cart them off. ”

- “Steve,” son of USAF retriever of dead alien bodies at crash sites from 1947 onward

Illustration by Heff.


Part 2: USAF  E.T. Retrieval Father's Young Son Abducted.
Click for report.

“I was constantly being visited by small Greys that sometimes used
to float me all the way downstairs ... my legs draped over
a table in front of an insectoid being.”

- “Steve,” young son of USAF father who retrieved dead E.T.s from crash sites



November 23, 2016 - “Thunderstorm Asthma” in Melbourne, Australia,

Killed Four and Caused Breathing Problems for Some 2,000 People.

Ambulance Victoria took at least 1,870 calls between 7 PM and midnight on Monday, November 21st, after a fierce thunderstorm. Authorities say spring rye pollen in amounts double normal pollen count was carried by the high winds.

“Unpredictable weather patterns and the impact on health I think
is a new emerging frontier for public health risks.”

- Jill Hennessy, Australia Health Minister

“It's quite rare and we've seen two incidents
of this kind this century in Melbourne.”

- Robin Ould, Asthma Foundation Victoria Chief


November 22, 2016 - 53rd Anniversary of the JFK Assassination.

See 5-Part Real X-Files Report.



November 20, 2016 - Update: Viewer Feedback On San Jose Booms
and Lake Ontario Mysteries. Click for report.

— “I heard the booms Nov. 15. There were distinctly two;
the second boom arriving just a few moments after the first,
with the second boom being louder and more concussive.”

- San Jose, California, resident

— “The UFO stopped in mid-air, reversed course horizontally.
At this point, I knew exactly what I was seeing and it shook me to my core.”

- Scarborough East resident on Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada



November 18, 2016 - Mayan Kukulkan Pyramid Now
Confirmed to Have Third Inner Pyramid.

“The new structure is not completely in the center of the Kukulkan pyramid.
It is in the direction where the cenote (underground water) is. This could either
confirm or hypothesize that the Mayans when they built this structure
knew of the existence of this (underground) cenote.”

- Rene Chavez Segura, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Inside this Mayan-Toltec Kukulkan limestone pyramid at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan
Peninsula of Mexico are two smaller pyramids. Built in 800 A.D., now a third most inner pyramid
has been discovered by noninvasive imaging technology called "tri-dimensional electric resistivity
tomography" used by researchers from the School of Engineering, National Autonomous
University of Mexico (UNAM).The outer large pyramid is 98 feet
(30 m) high and each base side is 181 feet (55.3 m).

The newly imaged most inner pyramid (brown above)
is 33 feet tall (10 m). The pyramid surrounding the inner one is
green in illustration and was discovered in the 1930s. The
underground water is the Cavidad illustrated as blue
triangle below Kukulkan. Illustration by UNAM.



November 16, 2016 - What Shook San Jose, CA, Yesterday Afternoon?
USGS Says It Wasn't an Earthquake.

“Windows rattled, definitely bigger than a truck.”

- Tweet from Ramblin' Explorer, Nov. 15, 2016

“Our duty seismologist did an extensive search and we did not see
any seismic activity in the South Bay. So it's not an earthquake,
whatever they're feeling — as far as we can tell.”

- Susan Garcia, Spokeswoman, U.S. Geological Survey reported Wednesday, November 16, 2016, that a mysterious
earthquake-like shake was felt by people from San Jose to the Santa Cruz area
on Nov. 15, 2016, around 2:45 PM Pacific. The USGS didn't record an earthquake
at the time and the source of the rumbling is still unknown. If any Earthfiles viewers
have more information, please email: [email protected]
All requests for confidentiality are honored.



November 15, 2016 - What Was Large “Balloon”-Shaped Aerial Object Over
Lake Ontario That Forced Pilots to Dive Below It On November 14th?

Click for report.

“We've got our work cut out trying to figure out what this unidentified flying
object was. What did the pilots encounter? It definitely wasn't a bird.
It was a fairly large (balloon-like) object.”

- Peter Rowntree, Canada's Sr. Regional Air Safety Board Investigator

Toronto, Canada, sets on the northwest of Lake Ontario,
one of the Great Lakes with a long history of unexplained aerial
phenomena over its waters. Map © by
Also see UFO interactions with terrestrial airplanes in:
Part 12: Inside Saucer Post ...3-0 Blue © 1957 by Leonard Stringfield.


November 15, 2016 - “Hottest Year On Record” — 2016.
Atmospheric CO2 on Nov. 14, 2016 = 402.61.

“Preliminary data for October 2016 indicate that global temperatures
are at a sufficiently high level for 2016 to remain on track for the title
of hottest year on record. This would mean that 16 of the 17 hottest years
on record have been this century (1998 also in 20th Century).”

- U. N. WMO press release, November 14, 2016

U. N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO),
press release, November 14, 2016.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently briefed United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on global warming data that indicates 2016's global temperatures are approximately 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Other 2016 record-breaking climate change indicators show concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere now at 402.61 parts per million continue to increase to new records. Arctic sea ice remains at low level and the Greenland ice sheet melted earlier and longer. Good news: Earth System Science Data (ESSD) reports slow down in CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry to a 0.2% increase in 2016. See: WMO. Also see: Daily CO2 and ESSD.



November 12, 2016 - Is Pluto Emitting X-rays?

“It's a very puzzling finding. I'm not fully convinced. It's a very low signal.”

- Konrad Dennerl, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, Max Planck
Inst. for Extraterrestrial Physics Garchin, Germany

Normally x-rays are generated when the solar wind from the sun encounters
neutral gas atoms or magnetic fields emitted from solar system bodies. But after the New Horizons flyby on July 14, 2015, scientists studying the New Horizons data confirmed that Pluto has no measurable magnetic field and only a very thin atmosphere. The Chandra X-ray telescope once in 2014 and three more times in 2015 detected seven photons streaming from Pluto over about two days of observing time. Even if a few photons are intermittently trailing from Pluto, what is producing the high-energy photons detectable as x-rays?

One possible source could be a long, thin trail of methane gas “hundreds
of times longer than Pluto's diameter,” but what is producing that?
Graphic by Chandra X-ray, NASA, JHUAPL. See Astrophysical Journal.



November 6, 2016 - Two Northern Mysteries — Strange, Persistent Ping from Arctic Seafloor and “UFO? or 1950 Bomb?” Northwest of Vancouver, B. C.
Click for report.

“Fury and Hecla Strait is one of the major hunting areas in the summer

and winter because it's an area of open water surrounded by ice that's abundant

with sea mammals. And this time around, this summer (2016), there were

hardly any (seals and whales). And this became a suspicious thing.”

- Paul Quassa, Legislative Assembly Member
for Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada

“It resembled a bagel cut in half, and then around the circle

of the bagel these bolts ... bigger than basketballs ... all molded into it,

like half spheres. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen.”

- Sean Smyrichinsky, Diver near Haida Gwaii,
an archipelago some 466 air miles NW of Vancouver, B. C.,
describing 12-foot-long, round, metallic object on seafloor



November 3, 2016 - Latest World Wildlife Report Shows Steep Declines —
World's Vertebrate Populations Half of What They Were In 1970.
Click for report.

“We're losing individuals of species and geographic ranges at a really rapid rate.
If you keep that up, extinction of lots of species is inevitable.”

- Anthony Barnosky, Ph. D., Jasper Ridge Biological
Preserve, Stanford University

Of the original nine subspecies of tigers, three have become extinct
in the last 80 years. It has been predicted all tigers may become
in the wild within the next decade. Image




“NSA Whistleblower Tells All”- NYT Op-Doc.

— Click here for June 9, 2013 Interview.

— Click here for July 2012 DEF CON Conf, Las Vegas

— Click here for 082312 whistleblower video.

Also see:   033012 Earthfiles - NSA Utah Data Center.

“We can call ourselves a democracy,
but that doesn't mean that we will stay that way.”

- William Binney, NSA Whistleblower, July 2012

William Binney, NSA whistleblower, says spy agency is
violating U. S. Constitution in gathering phone, email and other digital
information from Americans inside the United States. Binney
worked 32 years for NSA and was considered one of NSA's best
mathematicians and code breakers until he left the agency in protest
after 9/11 and its policy change under Pres. George Bush to spy inside
the U. S. without warrants. William Binney spoke at the 2012 DEF CON
Hacker's Conference, July 26-29, 2012, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Posthumous Testimony About “Alien Visitation Craft”
and Beyond-Black International Control of AVC Back-Engineering.
Click for video everyone should see.

William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations
and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security
technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview to
Steven Greer, M.D., in the year 2000 (stated by Mr. Pawelec during taping)
prior to a 2001 National Press Club Disclosure Project event and asked that
the videotaped interview not be released until after his death. William Pawelec
passed away on May 22, 2007, and the Disclosure Project received
permission to release videotaped interview in December 2010, now on YouTube.


January 8, 2007 - U. S. Navy Yeoman Sees Extraterrestrial Photos.

Click on Google or YouTube for links to Earthfile's video excerpt.

For more about Navy Yeoman, drawings of non-humans and documents:
Click on these important Earthfiles reports:

• 03/17/2006 -- Part 1: U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs.

• 03/23/2006 -- Part 2: U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs.

Special Real X-Files: Electronic Reprints

Inside Saucer Post ...3-0 Blue PLUS The Crash/Retrievals Status Reports,
I - VII © 1957-1994
by Leonard H. Stringfield.

The Cattle Mutilators © 1980 by John J. Dalton.

Chapter 18 excerpt:  “We are from a different dimension, a different plane of existence. We have no boundaries or limits, as you have. We are an anti-log of everything you see visually. We can travel in any dimension and occupy the same area as say, earth, but not the same time or space without being observed. The possibilities of existence are infinite.”

The Unthinkable Truth © 1976 by Fredrick Smith.

Mystery Stalks the Prairie © 1976 by Roberta Donovan and Cascade County, Montana Sheriff's Deputy Keith Wolverton.

The first book by an American deputy sheriff about his firsthand investigations of animal mutilations and associated high strangeness around Great Falls, Montana in the 1970s. Out of print since 1979, see this important classic.



04/28/2017 — Western Pennsylvania Is Haunted by Eerie Creatures
04/28/2017 — Sasquatch That Can't Be Killed with Bullets and Disappear in A Flash of Light
04/28/2017 — Disappearing Pregnancy in Human Abduction Syndrome: Update with Debbie Jordan Kauble.
04/28/2017 — First Time Nicotine-Based Pesticides Found in Tap Water While A Colorado Honey Beekeeper Loses 100% of His Colonies
04/07/2017 — Extraterrestrial Materialized Entities, EMEs
03/30/2017 — Part 5: Dina Napier Encounters with Live Reptilian Humanoid and Frightening Cloaked Figure
03/30/2017 — 93% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef Suffering Coral Bleaching
03/30/2017 — Repeating Fast Radio Bursts 2.5 Billion Light-Years from Earth — Alien Intelligence?
03/30/2017 — Part 4 - Audio Interview with Alaska Dark Pyramid Remote Viewer Dina Napier
03/24/2017 — Part 3: More Mystery About Alaska Underground Dark Pyramid
03/15/2017 — Part 2: More Mystery About Alaska Underground Dark Pyramid
03/01/2017 — Part 1: More Mystery About Alaska Underground Dark Pyramid
02/24/2017 — Part 2: Keys to the Cosmos: Fractal Math, Frequencies and Wave Patterns
02/24/2017 — Part 1: Is Our Universe Also A 3-D Hologram?
02/24/2017 — Part 2: In A Simulated Universe, Why Avatars and Reincarnation?
02/24/2017 — Part 1: A Physicist Thinks Our Universe Is Simulated
02/16/2017 — WWII UFO and RAF Plane Encounter Covered Up by Churchill and Eisenhower, MoD Documents Reveal
02/06/2017 — Green Fireball Over Lake Michigan Early Feb. 6, 2017, While Other Lights with Loud Booms Puzzle Eastern Quebec
01/27/2017 — Disturbing 40% Decline in Earth's Giraffes Since 1987 — Another 21st Century Extinction?
01/27/2017 — Only 7,000 Cheetahs Left In World — 21st Century Extinction?
01/27/2017 — Are Color-Modulated Rapid Pulses from 234 Stars E.T. Signals?
01/27/2017 — Search Ongoing for 9th Planet, So Massive It Tilts Solar System Planets 6 Degrees
01/19/2017 — Unexplained, Loud, House-Shaking Boom Reported by Dozens to TV News and Mt. Holly, N.C. Police Night of Jan. 17th
01/17/2017 — Update: High Strangeness in U. K. Cat and Fox Deaths and Oregon Cow Mutilation
01/09/2017 — Chile Military Declassifies UFO Video of Nov. 11, 2014
01/08/2017 — Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf Could Soon Split Off 2,000 Square Miles of Ice
01/05/2017 — “Fast Radio Bursts” of Intense Radiation from Galaxy Far, Far Away


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